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23-03-2010, 16:07
hello all, i've been out of the hobby for a year. I'm looking to return and have made a 1000 point brettonia list based on the battalion, and some left over bits from my box, just wanted to know what people think is it a viable list. I was planning to paint it up and style it around the Kivan Rus pre mongol invasion please let me know you think how could i make it a better list ect.

Lance of Artois
Virtue of confidence
Royal Pegasus


Battle standard
Virtue of duty
Barded warhorse

Total 114pts

Chalice malfleur

Total 100pts

Knights of the realm X9
Full command

Total 240pts

Knights errant X6
Full command
Errantry Banner

Total 161pts

Men at arms X15

Total 150

Peasant bowmen X10

Total 65pts

Grand Total 992


23-03-2010, 19:20
it looks quite formidable at the moment mate, however - i never take peasants in a bretonnian army unless it is skirmishing archers. this is because a bretonnian army is supposed to be constantly on the move and constantly outmanouevering his/her opponent. even if it is wood elves, the first charge is likely to simply obliterate them if timed well and to be honest the peasants would get butchered anyway!

i like your use of knights errant - but with only one dependable core choice i would seriously consider taking KoTR instead of knights errant. if possible stick two units of six KoTR with full command instead of the knights errant and two peasant units. also, in a 1000 pts game more units is better, so reduce the 9 strong KoTR unit to six. that way you have more points to play with without any nerfed units that will just get targeted by every bleeding missile your opponent has to spare.

personally, without any other pegasus knights your paladin is likely to be targeted even before he reaches enemy lines - i'm not saying it's not a good idea, it definitely is but he will not be anywhere near maximum effectiveness without at least three other pegasus knights.

your battle standard bearer is a very good, basic set-up, ideal for going in a KoTR unit! also, your damsel is a good choice though i personally would take one or two dispel scrolls instead, as opposed to bretonnian arcane items as i find many of them are useless. to be honest the chalice of malfleur is just too risky with your only magic user!

unfortunately, the bretonnian battalion doesn't give much in the way of sledgehammer hits gaming-wise, however i find the peasant models to be oddly interesting and some of the better infantry models out there!

hope this helps,


PS have you any units painted up? i'd love to see them!