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24-03-2010, 15:54
Hi, Thought I would log what I'm doing with my imperial guard army at the moment seen as they are getting the most attention out of all my armies!

To kick off, id like to show you all the Chimera Side skirts I've put together this week.

Here are two finshed images (dry assembled with blutac, but essentilly finished) of the side skirts.


I found these side skirts on the forge world website and really Liked them, but thought they seemed a rather simple design so I thought I would give it a try myself.
Went down to modelzone in newcastle and picked up some plasticard, They also had the card wit the square pattern on, great! made my life a hell of alot simpler!!
The whole cost of the skirts was around 6, 3+p&p cheaper than the forge world ones, and I still have enough plasticard for another four sets. (assuming i dont goon anything)

Paper template

I started off by measuring the sides of the chimera, and comparing this size (by eye) to the reference pictures i was essentially copying off on the forge world website, then drew the shape onto a piece of paper,

When I was happy with the shape on paper, I used this as a Template on the plasticard, using the measurements on the paper to replicate the shape on plasticard with a ruler, I didnt draw round the template, as It might have moved, and as I plan to do this a few times, and each set needs a pair which should be roughly identical, I decided to only use measurements and a ruler to draw from.

Once I had the outline drawn on the card, I then cut out the rough shape with a stanley knife and steel rule. (as you can see in the picture above)

Once I had this done I started to shape the plasticard using clippers to cut off the small corners, then a file to create the rounded shape.

The grooved card which creates the detail was made in the same way, with paper template, then cutting to size using measurement taken from the template. This was easier as the squares are all identical, so can be counted out, to make sure each piece is the same size.
dry assembled

Once the pieces were cut out and dry assembled (as above) I took an imperial symbol from my spares box (comes from the tank accessory sprue i believe?) and cut the shape out of the top layer of plasticard for it to sit into.

Once this was done its a simple case of glueing the pieces in the right place :)

Hope you guys find this of interest, and I intend to show more of my workings/painting as I go on in various logs (or one general one)

Comments greatly appreciated
Thanks people.


24-03-2010, 20:30
Aaargh! danger of the picture's huge insanity! :D

24-03-2010, 20:34
Please RESIZE the pictures, mate, so we can comment properly for you.

Just find the hard copy on your Drive, resize it to something like 500 width and then repost 'em.

Looking forward to more ;)

25-03-2010, 21:21
Please RESIZE the pictures, mate, so we can comment properly for you.

Just find the hard copy on your Drive, resize it to something like 500 width and then repost 'em.

Looking forward to more ;)

I dont know why Its done that, the photos are only 640x480px on photobucket?

edit: fixed. sorry about that, not my fault, twas photobucket being major fail. they display perfectly well on another forum they are posted on!

icecream boy
26-03-2010, 08:14
Nice work, I'm looking forward to what else you come up with :)
What else are you thinking of including in your force?