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24-03-2010, 22:05
Iīve been playing with this list with some success, thought i admit it was in a friendly environment without heavy magic or monster heavy armies. I would like to hear your input about it and what do you think could be improved. The goal of the army is to be a all around list which relies on selective shooting (enhanced with high magic if possible) and support magic to deal with the fast units of the enemy, then a center formed by a BSB with a CR unit, and a stubborn one. The speed of the list is given by the eagles and the units of dragon princes which iīve found are probably the best support unit the HE have: fast, deadly, resilient and not too expensive.

Here is the list and a few comments below on how each unit is meant to be used:

@Archmage [350 points]

Seerstaff, Ring of Fury, Dispel Scroll

I find magic generally unreliable and too random for what you pay for, but the high elves have the edge of having several items which helps to make the magic phase a lot more useful. He usually picks high magic, and combined with the standard of Saphery he can use 7PD at minimun each turn. This allows for one 3 dice spell, one 4 dice spell and the bound spell. The hope is to cast some nasty spells since the beginning, and burn the dispel scrolls of the enemy in the first turns. He goes with the white lions and is the general, giving Ld9 to those units that may need it.

@Noble BSB [168 points]
Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, Great Weapon

He is the typical BSB with the standard protective setup, but he is also useful to give some hitting power for the spearmen which really needs it. The spears and specially the white lions also benefit greatly from the reroll.

@24 Spearelves [251 points, BSB goes here]
Standard, Musician.

The unit is deployed 5 wide and 5 deep, and get a good static +6 CR most of the time. With the BSB inside the unit they are quite more decent that what spears are alone, and make a decent tarpit unit and anchor, while providing the rest of the army with some static combat resolution.

@ 10 Archers [110]

Included to fill the core requirement, but iīve found they are quite decent combined with the RBTs for a solid shooting phase. Their longbows are useful for striking the enemy from the first turn.

@ 12 White lions [245 points, Archmage goes here]
Lion Standard
Full Command: champion with the Gem of Courage.

This is one unit i really like. It is generally deployed 7 wide and 2 deep to maximise the number of attacks. Ranks are not needed because the unit is stubborn. With the BSB nearby and the lion standard, i can have some safe feeling that this unit will hold on on whatever the enemy throw at it. The Gem of Courage is there in the case there is a situation when i need badly to pass that Ld8 stubborn test, and as long as the champion if alive the unit will be more reliable. If the enemy decides to kill the champion he is not killing any trooper, so i still win, plus hopefully a reroll of Ld8 will be enough for them. As a bonus, the unit moves freely throught woods which is a big bonus and make the unit more useful for guarding the flanks of the board where woods tend to be. Lastly they are more survivable to missiles than swordmasters, and i prefer their S6 hits over the S5 of the swordmasters.

@ 5 Dragon Princes [275 points]
Banner of Saphery
Full Command: champion with the Dragonhorn

This unit carries the banner of saphery which is badly need for my magic phase to work at all. Iīve chosen them to carry it because they are the most resilient and the ones i think can carry it without suffering less drawbacks, i would have liked to give them the ellyrion banner instead, but alas i badly need the extra power dices to be able to have a decent magic phase. The champion carries the dragonhorn, a nice cheap items which helps a lot to offset the fact that my highest leadership is 9, and give a reroll on that critical turn when you need it. The most important thing in my mind is that if affects the whole army, and it last for your whole turn and the whole turn of the rival.

@ 5 Dragon Princes [150 points]
@ 5 Dragon Princes [150 points]

These are support units which iīve grow very fond of, as they combine the resilience and speed of cavalry with the hitting power of swordmasters. They are capable to give hitting power to any part of the battlefield that needs it, plus they are not so easy to get rid of for the rival as other support units, and, even with only 3 miniaures, they still can negate ranks.

@ Giant Eagle [50 points]
@ Giant Eagle [50 points]

These units always find a place in my lists, as they are so incredible useful considering how cheap they are. The best march blockers, redirectors, warmachine hunter etc. I always field two of them, and are gold in an expensive army like the HE.

@ Repeater Bolt Throwers [100 points]
@ Repeater Bolt Throwers [100 points]

I like to go with the balanced setup of 2 eagles and 2 bolt throwers, because i have problems defending the bolt throwers when i take too many. Also i donīt think they are the solution to everything and i want to have other things beside shooting power, just carrying enough to do the work i need.

Total: 1999
PD: 6+1D3, bound spell
DD: 4 + dispel scroll, +1 to dispel

My main gripe with the army are a lack of magic defense, which i usually try to make up with picking high magic (as i pick it very often anyway) and casting dispel magic. Anyway i see magic in my list as a support more than anything else so i donīt care much if i end up protecting my army from enemy magic using dispel magic and not casting myself, as i canīt afford to lose the other units to enemy magic.

I have spent 400 points in magic, and 310 in shooting, and if some of them (or both) donīt work in a game, i still have chances to make it up with the combat power of the rest of the army.

The other problem of the army is leadership and the reliance on the dragonhorn to save the day, when facing undead i have problems but in general i think Ld9 is enough good. A lot better than Ld10 and no magic if you ask me, as using Teclis is out of the question for me no matter how awesome he is.

What i like about the army is that it is the best iīve got so far to a balanced list with HE, something very hard to do with the current book. I like how there is not any obvious targets for enemy fire (spearmen have bodies, white lions 3+ save, dragon princes 2+. The only vulnerable unit are archers and BTs) and no unit is awfully expensive so that if one dies (even the 275 points dragon princes) it is not the end of the game for me. The same applies to magic or shooting, the army is not based around them, but it have enough to do some damage specially if enhanced with the curse of arrows.