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25-03-2010, 03:13
Gunna have some money to pick up another ork box this week and wondering what I should get. I bought the megaforce, black reach, and a box of nobz, so my army so far; 60 boyz (30 of each shoota and choppa), 10 nobz, 9 biker nobz, 4 lootas, 3 burnas, 1 mek, a trukk, 3 deff koptas, and a warboss.

Next I'm planning on picking up a vehicle most likely. I'm debating between the killa kan box, deff dred or battle wagon. I like them all lot so I'm having a hard time deciding, but I've come up with some pros and cons for each.

Kanz Pros: They're awesom, provide alot of vehicles for cheap so I don't have a lone vehicle on the table, I love the models.
Cons: I want some more bitz available so i can more easily build grotzookas, also having magnets wouldn't be bad for the ranged weapon arm.

Deff dred pros: Love the model, love it. It's pretty nifty on the table. I can use left over bitz to make a wargh blargh because I have an unbuilt carnifex.
Cons: It would become a prime target as it (and potentially the trukk) are the only vehicles I have to field. I'd really like magnets again.

Battle wagon pros: Uhm, it's a battle wagon, so yeah, it does everything. Provides transport for my nobz, or a unit of 20 choppa boyz, can have a ton of dakka, VA 14 on the front, so even if it is the only vehicle it's still hard to take down. Love the model.
Cons: Gunna have to build a deff rolla (not sure if that's really a con as I have tons of free time), but that's about it.

I'm really leaning toward the battle wagon right now, is this a good choice?

25-03-2010, 04:07
Killa Kan box. Amazing models, cheap numerous and effective walkers.

I would wait till you have more armor before getting a "shoot the only vehicle he has" battlewagon.

Gray Hunter
25-03-2010, 06:11
Killa Kans all the way. Take a unit of three and they're more survivable than a Deff Dread. Plus, you should always be looking for ways to get more power klaws in your army.

Added to that, people tend to look at AV11 to the front and think "only 11, that will be easy to kill" - and then don't bother shooting them at all. They may only have AV11 to the front, but your opponent will never penetrate it if he never shoots at it.

Players underestimate Kans because they're not proper dreadnoughts. With the release of the new kit there's never been a better time to get some. I have three of the old metal ones and they're the first optional unit (after mission requirements) that I always take. It's just a no brainer.

25-03-2010, 08:02
Lootaz. The most usefull unit, imho. Never leave home without a unit of at least 8, better 9 (then they need 3 kills for their first morale test). Better yet, take two units.

I would also
- add a battlewagon, to transport your nobz in
- add a Bigmek with KFF.
- get/convert a doc and waaghbanna for your nobz

Then you can
- add more trukks, so that you can fast-transport two or three small units (12 or 11 with Waaghboss) for target saturation. It makes sure some get through.
- add kans - more target saturation that the opponent cannot ignore. As others stated, asome in cc, too. Build them cheap for cc, give them grotzookas for infantry hunting or bazookas for tank hunting. Or build one of each. They also greatly add to the survivability of trukks
- get a Deff. The model is ORKINESS incarnated. Even if you never field it you should have one in your collection. If you have a Bigmek (and you almost always should have one) it fits into the standards on top of your kans.
- get one units of grotz - you can either make another vehicle scoring for those 40 pts of grotz, or let them linger behind to take care of your objective. Or send them ahead and just let them die for the amusement of your main army.
- Megaguns. The only problem they have are that they block support slots for the kans, but they are cost effective like hell. For 69 pts you get the equivalent of three 36" missile launchers with a reroll for the first three misses. They are the bane of enemy transports. Lobbas and Zzap guns are very effective in their own way, too. If you need some change from the kan-wall, grot artillery is the way to go.

- Convert one of your koptaz to have a cc-weapon. Its expensive, but if you have first round you often can take out an enemy vehicle. It often can work all by itself. If you buy yourselff the Kans or Deff you get some good biz to built it.
- how did you come by nob-bikers? The waaghbikes are just boys, and fielding them as nobz is a bit meh, unless they are heavily converted upwards. Sorry, just my opinion, of course.
- I have quite good success with my unit of 5 tankhunters including two hammers in a looted tank. At best the opponent ignores them for other targets and finds 6 S10 hits knocking on one of his precious tanks. Or he shoots them and lets some of the trukks come through. Doublewin - unless you play killpoints.
- Burnas are imho not needed, just field some more nobz and give them a gitbrenna-kombi (convert one, the weapon coming with the nob-box is too large - I use those two handed weapons for posaz)

25-03-2010, 10:28
The deff dread is pure win. Just the best model and as said above orkiness embodied. I stood it next to my Wraithlord and marine dreadnought and i looks awesome.

So I vote for dredd and kans. Great kits, loads of modelling variety and great in games. The fear the deffdread generates just when you put such an awesome model on the board is worth it. IMHO. :D

25-03-2010, 11:00
Get a Basilisk and "kustomize" it into a Looted Wagon with Boom Gun. Also, I would suggest that you get a second truk and a battlewagon. The faster you get your boyz into the enemies lines, the faster you can krump them.

If I had to choose between Deff Dreads and Killa Kans, I would say Kans. Why? Deff Dreads are awesome, but Killa Kans are much more versatile on the battlefield. Grotzukas are the weapon to have. They deal out huge amounts of pain.

25-03-2010, 11:01
killa kans they're only armour 11 but they take a lot of fire power to kill a full mob

25-03-2010, 12:16
you have way to little armor, get two trukk kits or the kan kit if u absolut want armor, if not armor, get more boys and a gaskhul

25-03-2010, 15:16
I'd say go for the battlewagon because you can do a lot with it and if you don't have a lot of armor to worry about you can concentrate on not getting it blown up in a spectacular fashion or if you wanted to charge it into the enemies lines in true ork fashion and just let it wreak havoc that fine to. not to mention when i look at what you've got now you have a fairly mobile force so i would ad to that

25-03-2010, 16:26
Axel, the ork megaforce comes with 7 ork nob bodies. I bought a box of ork nobz and the kit bash began. All my ork biker nobz are proper nobz, they're not just boyz that I'm saying "those are nobz." But man it was a pain getting the arms to fit on the body of a nob and a bike at the same time. I still need 2 more for the full conversion, ones gunna be a painboy, the other PK and waagh banner, til then though the people I game with don't mind me just telling them "this is the painboy, he has the waaagh banner."

25-03-2010, 16:29
I am doing the same this month, my decision was to buy the Deffdred first then next month get the Killa Kans.

The Deffdred has loads of extra bits to add to the current bitzbox for the time the Kans come round :)

25-03-2010, 17:34
The Deffdred has loads of extra bits to add to the current bitzbox for the time the Kans come round :)

This is an excellent point, the spare parts left at the end are superb. :)

25-03-2010, 18:07
My regular ork opponent uses 2 waves - first 3+ truk mobs (one usually mega nobz now they dropped the points) followed up by 1-2 big units of shoota boyz and a couple of walkers (maybe a dread, or a unit of kans). It's nasty. If you don't get first turn, with a waaaargh he can charge you second turn, and then get the second wave in around turn 3-4, and the mega nobz simply munch everything I throw at them. Thus far only managed to deal with them by using chaos lord with a daemon weapon charging in (10 st5 power weapon attacks? Yes please!).

Get trukks then walkers. And always remember: give them too many targets so he splits his fire or lets you through. Either way he's gonna be hurting afterwards.

25-03-2010, 19:18
My recommendation are...

Kans - wonderful kit and great to use on the table. You can also use other guns and tell your opponents that they count-as grotzookas, it saves hunter ebay for the FW ones that sometimes can be hard to find.

Lootas - 4 is okay, 8 is fine, 2 mobs of 9 is wonderful. Field that and you have alot of fun.

Trukks - add 2 as flanking vehicles to protect your battlewagon. The BW may be AV14 at the front, but AV12/10 is not so hot (eve if 12 is better than the side armour on alot of other tanks in the game).

As for the painboy with waaagh! banner, is that even legal? A Nob may be upgraded to take a waaagh! banner, but the painboy is not a Nob...

28-03-2010, 09:58
Axel, the ork megaforce comes with 7 ork nob bodies. ... '
I see, a true Ork player :-)
But use the Nobbikers sparingly, for they can be so devastating that others may loose their fun in friendly games.

I am doing the same this month, my decision was to buy the Deffdred first then next month get the Killa Kans.
The Deffdred has loads of extra bits to add to the current bitzbox for the time the Kans come round :)

I found that the drill, coming with the kans, looks especially good as secondary (lower arm) weapon on the Dread - while some of the deff biz can be used to make the kans looking more interesting. My advise is to buy both sets at the same time, for the best combination results. Looking from efficiency, however, the kans take precedence.

29-03-2010, 07:22
top tip from the forge world open day at lenton....