View Full Version : 2250 what would you change?

Deacon Bane
25-03-2010, 17:00
Lv4 Sorcerer, Disc,MOT, Sp fam., En Shield, Gld Eye, Con Hom and 2x Power sts.(Gateway Lord)
Lv1 w/puppet,
LV1 scroll caddy

5xhounds, 5x hounds
10x Mar w/MOS
10x Mar w/MOK and GW
20x Mar w/MOS, shields and FC
(2)6x Horsemen w/MOK and Flails, L.Arm
5x Horsemen w/MOS, Shields+spears, Th.Axes and Musc.

8x Knights w/MOS, St and Musc, Warbanner
5x Knights w/MOK, Lances( I know, I know but they look cool!)
3x Dr Ogres w/ GW

I'm thinking of dropping the caddy and one power stone and adding a scroll to my Lord, that gives me about 135 points to maybe add a MOS chariot.

25-03-2010, 17:13
If your level 1's are unmarked, see if you can save some points to get them MoT, Flickering Fire with +1 to cast is very easy to get off, means they only need to use 1 Pd each and saves the two pool PD for the lord.

Other than that, drop 3 Knights from the unit of 8 and see if you can find more points to make another unit of 5...