View Full Version : Bretonnian 2000pts pilgramige army

13-02-2006, 20:31
Right this is my first attempt at doing a bretonnian list for a very long while so its probably awful, it has two sections one is the monastry and the other is the patrons or guards. It will depending on the pressence of knights be either a monastry or pilgramige army.

Section A

LvL 4 priest
Potion of sacre
LvL 2 priest
Sacrement (double power dice but not being able to cast thing)
LvL 1 priest
Chalice of malfleur

12 skirmishing bowmen (using the old squire models converted abit more monk like)
10 bowmen (using the old plastics but converted abit so they don't all look the same, representing the well equiped and uniformed gaurds)
Grail relieque (sp?) and 14 pilgrims (Monks carying some sort of sacred thing)
5 yeomen (converted a lil more like monks)
5 yeomen
5 Grail Knights with a standard

Section B

BSB on a barded warhorse with the warbanner.
20 men at arms champion and standard
15 bowmen with a standard
1 trebuchet
5 knights of the realm with a standard
5 knights errant with a standard
5 questing knights with a standard

The Priests will be in the bowmen units and one in the men at arms unit and the bsb will be in one of the knights units. I don't think many people will like this list, i am not sure if the questing knights will stay i am not too sure how good they are. I think i have 10 points left over to spend on something but im not sure what. There aren't really any uber hit hard units except maybe the grail knights.

The Idea in the magic phase is that the level two can use the sacrement allowing the LvL 4 and 1 to have extra dice, the LvL 4 can use the potion of sacre to get out of some tight spots with things like miscasts ect or to make irrisitable force. I like the idea of the lore of beasts first spell and this will probably be given to the LvL 1 as for the others i am not sure.

i have
Power dice: 9 (11)
Dispel dice: 6 (7) aswel as the magic resistance the priests add.
So i guess it can be a very powerful magic force.