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The space hulk drifted across time and space with its glemaing black body shining in the starlight like a beetle shell.
Its haunting silence was disturbing and its darkness maddening, it was a dead leviathan of steel and iron.
Pieces broke from its hull like crumbling chunks and great serrated holes were punctured across its once prestine surface.
"Triumph" was written in titanic letters acoss its hull chipped and faded after its long journey through space.

And so the silence continued.

Suddenly a low hum broke the silence, a small carrier transport drifted to the Space Hulk with gathering speed. The compariably small craft zipped around the broken chunks of space hulk and made their way to the hulks surface.

***Space Hulk Triumph*** this is transport craft Little Wonder***if there are any survivors please make contact***I repeat**make contact***

The intercom echoed through the ship carcass, only the silence could hear the ships foolish request.
The barren halls echoed with static and as the transport landed on the ships outer surface a hollow crash traveled through the empty rooms and the great mess halls.

The Intercom crackled over the overhanging speakers across the walkways.

**Prepare to be forcibly boarded****this is captain Daraham of the transport vessel Little Wonder, if there are any survivors please make ****gurkh.....*** the transmission suddenly cut out.

***Thankyou Captain Daraham you have been most helpful***there are no survivors and this heap of junk is ours now*** attention empty hulk I am Captain Morius Orktooth pillager of these here space territories.

Captain Morius cleared his throat and in the background the cheers of his men could be heard roaring their approval.

***I and the Black Brigade are the scourge of the twelve galaxies, the fiends of Porium 13 and the pillagers of Poriumdom.
By entering my waters you are by hear my property till I see fit to release you*****

A screaming tearing noise echoed through the ship as the pirates began to cut through the hulk.
Inside their cramp craft the smell of old sweat, blood and brew was eyes wateringly rank. Orktooth stood at the head of the ship, he was a tall man and an angry man. His face seemed stuck in an intense scowl. His grimy face was scarred and leathery hiding two beady black eyes.
His greying beard slunk over his vox caster implanted within his throat.

Two bulky ogryns were using the cutters to slice through the hulks armour and the crew gathered with anticipation. What loot would be found they thought, food, weapons, gold or even those shiny bolters.

"Come on rats, we want to start our lootin" cried Figgle Goldeye whose nervous eye twitched in its socket while his artificial gold one sat still.

One of the ogryns gave him a snarl and pointed the cutter at the weedy rouge smiling at the nervous mans quivering yelp.

"Goldeyes right boys, Im a bit eager myself" barked Orktooth in his maniacle way. He began to fiddle with his knecklace which slunk around his limp shoulders. They were the teeth of Orks, he claimed they were the teeth of warlords but his crew knew better.

"C'mon Urch you stinkin Eldar lover this stinking Imperial craft is too darn small, wish we was back on Ol Heart Ripper" the rasping voice of Rolth echoed inside the cockpit, their trusty pilot.

The buzzing of the cutters ciesed and Urch gave a triumphant howl, "look boss, we finished, we cans go lootin now" the big oath cheered.

Urch raised one heavy foot and brought it down hard on the clean cut circle braking through and revealing a dark hole. A horrid smell sweapt through the cabin, even fouler then the stench of the pirates themselves.

Orktooth pushed through the ranks and simply dropped through the hole without a moments pause drawing his roaring chainsword. He landed softly on the deck of what appeared to be the central control room.
Soft light pierced into the darkness from the gleaming stars outside the long window running across the viewing deck.

Several hard thuds signalled his crew who immediately ran rampant through the halls searching for treasures.
The captian cared little for the chaotic spree, if a few of his boys were foolish enough to get lost inside the Hulk, it would simply mean less loot to go around.

Urch shoved past one of his fellow pirates knocking the man flat on his face and began to rummage through a food storage bay on the far left hand side.
All matter of food stuffs poured from the storage tubs from grox meat to spoilt milk. His gleeful chomps and snorts made the captain roar with laughter.

Old Rolth hobbled down the hole with help of his servitor Ratchet and stood beside his captain.
He was frail and thin, most of his body had been replaced with bionics and loose wires hung from all corners of his crimson robe. He had been a member of the Adeptus Mechanicum, a priest of the machine god but he had learnt terrible things. He would not speak of them but the captain saw in his haunted eyes it was truly terrible. Perhaps something a sea dog like himself could not take.

"Tis an excellent find captain" the old man croaked.

"Aye, that it is Rolth, Im hoping to find a new blade, this ones been through hell" the captain motioned to the blades ragged chain and offal clogged joints.

The old man looked around the enormous room and even his weary eyes could see the blood splashes and the corpses ripped to shreds upon the floor.

He went to speak and the captain stopped him.

"I dont think the boys have noticed the blood yet, not in this light, Im wondering myself whats done it" he spoke softly motioning for the old man to keep quiet.

Urch came to the captian, his face caked in food and drool.
In his loaf sized fists he was clutching pounds of grox meat, dripping with blood and smelling of age.

"Look, boss, food" he laughed.

The captian smiled and shooed the ogryn away, "good job me boy Urch, get as much as you can, were gonna need it once were through, and take some for yourself, captains orders".

The Ogryn wagged his head grinning and bellowed with laughter returning to his food box.

Rolph let out a dry coughing laughter "well, captain I suppose I should do my share, I might poke around the control panel for parts, the Ol Heart Rippers a bit in need of repairs".

The captain nodded and turned once more to the blood which dripped from the ceiling, the boys hadnt noticed it and he doubted they cared. Their was the prospect of treasure and nothing got in the way of a pirate and his loot.

But still, whatever it had been may well still be dwelling in the ships far ends, or even closer then they think.

He strolled forth and down the hall to the kitchens across the south rooms keeping his eyes to the ceiling and the foreboding darkness.

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This will be a 5 part series on Captain Orktooth and the Space Hulk, comments would be great and part 2 is on its way.

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I quite like this

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That's brilliant Tokugawa100. I'm really interested to see where the next chapter takes us!! :D

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It's not so much a story as an impossible stream of consciousness...

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It's not so much a story as an impossible stream of consciousness...

Im not sure was that a compliment:confused:

But thankyou if it is:D

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That's brilliant Tokugawa100. I'm really interested to see where the next chapter takes us!! :D

Thanks Darste, I was actually pretty close to just letting it die with the rest of my un-commented stories. I cant learn if no one comments.

Thanks too ahriman:D

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Orktooth strolled along a long corridor leading to the food storage bays and eateries. Propped towering against the narrow walls were great relics, monuments to the heroes of the Imperium. Some were priests, some were generals and some were the fabled saints, Orktooth paid them no heed. To him they were an unnecesary distraction from his main goal, treasure and lots of it.

He entered the great mess hall, a hundred great, long tables were propped in neat lines and ladden with old food. Great metal chairs were scattered upon the iron floor boards, their legs scraped against the screeching metal floor.

A small huddle of men Orktooth remembered as his Vostroyan deserters were gathered on the far side of the mess hall half hidden in darkness. A small lantern was propped upon the centre casting an orange light upon their joyous faces.
Before them were platters of cakes and dried meats, placed beside these fine foods was a dusty teapot boiling upon a small auto element. Enjoying tea time, perhaps an old custom of their people.

Something was missing however, the raunchous sounds of his men tearing apart the kitchens was evidently missing. Nothing but whispers could be heard escaping the open door.
Orktooth moved with haste, he had not forgotten the blood.

"Never have I seen anything like it" he heard one mutter under their breathe.

"By the Emperor" another grunted in disgust.

Orktooth burst through teh door to see sveral of his men standing side by side gaping at the walls of the darkened kitchen.
More blood he thought with a sigh, just blood.

He admited however it was a terrifying amount, the walls were almost crimson and corpses riddled the room propped high on counters or ripped apart on the floor. Blood pooled from the dripping ceiling into the great puddles creeping from the shadows and glinting malicously in the dim light.

"Men, leave here, find something else to loot" Orktooth snarled in his usual stern temperment.
The men jumped at the sudden loud barking of their captain jumping in fright before scurrying from the room like imaptient children.

As they passed the hobbling figure of Rolth shuffled in, his red robed frame dragging along the pooling blood which had slimed the iron surface.
His grey eyes looked slowly around almost no chalantly "well, more blood my captain, whatever wiped out the crew is certainly a vicous killer".

Orktooth sighed deeply, his vox fizzling at his wheexing breathe and wiped the perspiration from his brow. The back up generators of the blood splattered mess hall had turned the place into a sauna.

"Captain, if I may give my advice" th old man grinned "perhaps it is not wise to place ourselves on a craft with a creature which has wiped out an entie Guard company".

The captain turned to Rolth and gave him a look of amusement "afraid my old friend".
"Who is to say what ever has done this butcherin is still onboard, and who is to say it is a beast anyway, perhaps the crew went mad with visions of Khorne while trasversing the warp".

The oldman looked mockingly at his captain and let out a dry cackle "yes my captain, men of the Imperium can rip their fellows in half and plaster their blood upon the ceiling".

The captain sighed once more and beckoned for his pilot to follow him out of the mess hall. He spoke softly, just in range of the pilots withered, wire strewn ear. "Did you see the tears upon the ships hull" he whispered.

The oldman closed his eyes for a moment and then nodded.

"I have seen marks like that on ships returning from battling Tyranids, I believe their talons do the job" he spoke softly, beckoning they take a seat far away from the laughing Vostroyans and their tea.

The two of them sat silently staring intently at one anther.
"Tell me captain what is on your mind, do you believe this is the work of Tyranids" Rolth whispered.

The captain told Rolth of a tale, in a time before he was known as the great Captain Orktooth, a time when he was but a simple guard in a sea of millions.

He had been stationed to guard a refuelling station upon his planet moon with the duty of keeping the foreign guardsmen under control if things got out of hand.
He told the old pilot of the time he met Gorith Halek, naval pilot of the Crescents Hammer Fleet. The man was tall, strong and a veteran of several crusades but his eyes were haunted, cold and stone like.
Orktooth had asked him of his frightened eyes and he was told the tale of the Night Terror.

The Crescents Hammer Fleet had been on route to the planet Ferellius to aid the native governent against a growing Eldar issue threatening the mineral rich world.
However there had been issues. Violent issues.

They had collided with not one but thousands of creatures gliding through space, their skin was the colour of the abyss of space and speckled with glittering star like spots. Later autopsies would prove the creatures had been Tyranids but at that point it was a far more frightening creature of the universe.
Ship after ship dissapeared into the darkness engulfed with millions of bodies, it seemed this particular fleet specialised in space assults leaving the consumed ships as dry, cold husks of shell.

Gorith had panicked and fled the battle abandoning at least half of the fleet to its demise, a beast of titanic size had clipped his craft leaving a jagged scar ripped from the front to the back of the hull.
They had fought creatures which they could not see in the darkness of space and barely survived.
What had drove many of his men insane however was the news they were given by memeber of their fleet. Many space shuttles on the return home found creatures impregnated on board their crafts, hostile massacres ensued and thousands were culled like slaughtered cattle.

Many were killed to the last man, their ships left to drift for eternity.

The man had shown him the craft and he was accurate in his description, the scar was enormous like an enormous metal flesh wound and it had made Orktooth gasp in surprise.

Rolth narrowed his eys at the tales completion, "my captain, are you saying perhaps we are in one of the crafts of which your haunted man described".

"Of course not" the captain scoffed "they were simple military craft, this is an ancient space hulk, a monument of time, this has been around for many more years then the Hammers Fleet:"

Rolth looked at the man questionably "then perhaps you wish to explain why the blood upon this forsaken ship is still as fresh as the day it was spilt".

The captain sat back in his chair staring up at the foul blood splattered upon the ceiling, a drop felt and dripped upon his nose. A dull thud ensued.

"Perhaps my friend, it is because the murders have only just happened".

Rolth stared at the captain and spoke "what, how can you explain this"?

The captain shrugged "perhaps Rolth my friend this craft was assaulted by the very creatures which had been so named the Night Terror, in their panic perhaps they had attempted to flee through warp travel".

"Theymay have been slaughtered before their return to the material universe, forced to drift through that hellish realm, perhap it has only now returned".
"They say time does not exist in that realm, the murders would not have advanced at all, possibly even for thousands of years"

Rolf sighed deeply this time scratching his head with a mettalic claw, "well captain, if that is indeed what has happened could it be spossible that perhaps this is the work of daemons".

Orktooth stood up abruptly shrugging, "Rolth, I havnt the faintest clue what has happened, perhaps we should just wait and see".

A the captain marched from the mess hall the old man slowly rose, keeping his own eyes upon the dark shadows.

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I really like your use of adjectives.

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same. not too many and all the right ones. creates a great mental picture without bogging down the pace of the main plot.

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Goldeye creeped away from the rabble of the rest of the crew wh continued to binge on ancient food and search the nooks and crannies of the Ships labrinyth like confides.
His stringy hair slopped across his balding skull in hideous fashion as he quickened his pace.
The hulk was dead silent in this small area, it appeared to be some kind of long passage way stretching far into the darkness.

He had noticed the blood himself, he cared llittle, it was just a little bit less work to do. And Goldeye loved not working for his treasure.
He hurried down the hall groping into the darkness making sure his bony finger's didnt leave the cold embrace of the iron walls.

He gasped as his hand came into contact with a grimy, sticky substance and withdrew his hand. He cursed himself for being so shocked, it was blood most likely. His single eye darted around in the darkness and he flung his hands to the wall, to his horror he could not remember which way he had been moving.

Cold sweat dripped down his back and he began to breathe heavily shaking with fright, he was lost.
He ran in one direction for many paces and found no light, he turned a corner and shrieked in despair as he met only darkness up ahead.
All he could hear were his frantic thoughts and his terrified heart pumping loudly in his ears.

Everything silenced, even his heart as suddenly a perculiar sound broke his train of thought.

It was low, droning and needless to say horrifying.
In that hiss the frantic man could hear an animalistic malevolence, it sounded almost like laughter to his ears.
The man began to scream running with wild abandon for his direction, he cared little, he only wished to escape that madness ringing in his ears.

An echoing roar somewhere off in the darkness was the last straw, Goldeyes puny mind was swept away in a sea of madness leaving him a screaming wreck.
His boot came hard down upon a slimy clump foul smelling to the senses, the sudden intense smell made Goldeye's single eye water, not only with tears.
Another step upon this slime sent him sprawling to the hard floor clanging his skull down upon its iron surface. Pain shot through his skull and down his shoulders, a mixture of panic, discomfort and pain caused the man to flail insanely amongst the bad smelling muck.

A deep growl silenced him and Goldeye felt a thousand teeth slam into his torso crushing his ribs instantly, he felt blood squeeze up his throat and into his head flooding through his body.
Th creatures jaws chomped down once more and Goldeye silently felt his organs rupture in the beasts tight grip, its foul breathe searing his nostrils.

Goldeye weakly gave a slow slap to the creatures smooth surface, it felt hot and smooth to the touch. One of the beasts talons came crashing down upon his skull severing his neck from his shoulders ending the tale of Figgle Goldeye.

For a minute or so piece by piece Goldeye was devoured into the cavernous jaws of his killer, the beast took time to recognise the filthy smell of his prey. It was different to his former prey, this kind was unclean, filthy yet meaty.

The beast desired more of this meaty flesh.

With a terrifying speed which did not match a creature of its size the beast began to follow the foul prey's scent, hoping for fresher meats.
Moving like an ethereal wind as silent as the hulk itself the creature moved through the darkness with the vision of an owl but the agility of a cat moving from ceiling to wall with relative ease.

The scent was close, its senses told it so, now to calculate the situation and for such an intelligent predator it would not have to wait long.

The creature moved into the dull lamplight, skin flaps shaded its sensitive eyes until they adjusted to the change of lighting.
It moved with incredible pace moving for a dark corner of the ceiling, crawling with its jagged talons.
Saliva dripped from its cavernous maw trickling to the iron floor and it began to search its surroundings.

Like a map log within its skull the creature could tell it was on the Control Centre region of the cavernous hulk, two mess halls, fifty sleeping quarters, recreation rooms and drawing rooms. Ten storage bays and two kitchens.

At least thirty six life forms roamed the area of varying species and size, a smorgasborg of delights. The heat signals of the lifeforms roamed around its inner map system like small flickers of light bouncing from wall to wall, some slow some fast.
The creature noticed that to the left hall a passage to the East Mess Hall would lead to seven lifeforms isolated at least three rooms from the rest of their kind.
The map blinked from its mind and the creatures senses returned to reality, its hunger grew and saliva trickled along as it sped off to the East Mess hall and to its fresh meal.