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26-03-2010, 13:53
Should I be annoyed if I was up against WoC with all 4 character slots as special characters? I was running a balanced O&G list with no SCs.

The list was something like:


2x20 marauders
1x15 Nurgle warriors
4 trolls

Needless to say (since I'm bitching about it) I got absolutely crushed, and this is despite Wulfrik's unit never even getting into combat. It did scare me into taking a sub-optimal deployment though.

Are these characters unbalanced or did I lose fair and square?

26-03-2010, 14:00
Valkia is not OP.
Throgg is only crazy if he also max out trolls or you have a lot of armor for his super puke
Wilfrik is meh.
Festus can make those nurgle warriors a weak deathstar but isn't OP.

His army was small and given a balanced list you should have heavy out numbered him. Warmachines should have been all blasting at the nurgle warriors, and once Valkia dedicated herself to a combat you would have controlled the movement phase pretty easily.

What was your actual list?

26-03-2010, 14:10
I took something like:

Black Orc Warboss on boar
Black Orc BSB on boar w/shaga's
Orc Level 2, itty ring
NG level 2, staff

25 2x Choppa boyz (BSB)
35 NG spearmen
10 Arrer boyz
20 NG archers w/ 2 fanatics
25 NGs w/ hand weapons
5 wolves
5 spiders

5 savage boar boy big'uns
2 chukkas

2 pump wagons

Looking back think it was a very weak list (I took kostly painted stuff instead of what would have worked best) ... I suppose I shouldn't be complaining.

26-03-2010, 14:16
I would say it was weak... given the army you were facing a lot of those things could have come in handy:

-Those pump wagons would have been great for guarding your rear from Wulfrik.
-Shagas on the BSB would have made him fairly tough
-Magic could have done well with the opponent having no magic defence
-Arrer boyz could have easy killed 1 model from units to remove a rank bonus
-He had nothing to bait the savage orcs

So basically I don't think the special characters put the battle in his favour, and if you play him again I figure you should do a lot better.

Last thing you want is for him to drop some of the more expensive ones and start filling in his list with knights like most other WoC lists ;)

26-03-2010, 14:38
Okay, those are some good points to think about. I think I was more ranting about terrible luck and a few bad decisions on my part.

I sent the pump wagons right up the center to combo-charge. One got run down by some marauders and the other was 1" off charging with the 2x choppa orcs- needless to say the orcs did maybe 1 wound and then broke.

Shaga's did work pretty well- against this particular opponent his characters start spread out, but then when I kill everything besides the nigh-invincible warrior block there are 2-3 clumped it it at the end of the game.

On paper magic would have worked well, but I think it ended up killing 4 enemy models.

He didn't need to bait the savage orcs- on his turn 1 he charged them with valkia, challenged and overkilled my lord and then the unit broke. Stupid move on my part not having a champion but I would have lost the combat anyways.

As for the knights I don't find them as awful as a lot of people seem to- I can usually knock off 1-2 with fanatics and shooting and the remainder can't break SCR on my ranked up guys.

26-03-2010, 14:52
How did he charge the savages first turn? You must have gone first and put them in range.

Next time you face him either run the SBB down a flank or have a unit of wolves in front to redirect possible flying charges (that SC isn't a large target).