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31-03-2010, 01:59
extreme newb question.
when an rule book it reads that (for a magic missle) it does a certain amount of hits at a certain strength, are all hits only hiting one model or a unit. (example: if i target a unit of dwarf warriors with a magic missle that ends up getting two wounds would it only kill one dwarf or two?):confused:

31-03-2010, 02:05
The hits are distributed just like shooting attacks. So if you're targeting a unit with 5+ rank and file models, only the rank and file can be killed. If there are fewer than5 rank and file, you have to randomize the attacks between regular guys and characters (including unit champs) as described on BRB p.74, the section "Characters Inside Units."

31-03-2010, 02:08
thanks for clearing that up for me^