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31-03-2010, 07:22
Hi warseer.

Playing against Daemons tomorrow with my empire.

2500 point game... his army will consist of a greater daemon. ton of blood letters, some blood crushers and some of those dog things.

I haven't finished my army list yet but it looks like this:


Arch Lector - Great Weapon, Heavy armour, barded warhorse, van spectuium (to use against the greater daemon) and a holy relic = 233pts


Captain - barded warhorse, lance, full plate, long bow, wyrmslayers sword = 101pts

Enginneer - Reapeter handgun, pigeon bombs = 105pts

Warrior priest - second warhammer, armour of meteoric iron - 119pts

x 2 hellblasters - 220pts

5 outriders - champ with granade launcher - 121pts

15 greatswords with full command - 180pts

Great cannon - 100pts

8 knightly order - inner circle, full command, war banner (the warrior priest and captain will both be in this unit). - 271pts

6 knights of the white wolf (i only have 6) - 138pts

20 spearmen - full command, war banner = 145pts

DET 10 halberds - 50pts

DET 10 handgunners - 80pts

20 handgunners - command, banner of duty - 190pts

DET 10 free company - 50pts

DET 10 handgunners - 80pts

OK so i make that 2183pts so i have a ton of points left but maxed every choice apart from core.

Looking to spend my points on more handgunners if i have enough models.

Would be great to hear peoples suggestions.

31-03-2010, 09:49
Well, I'd invest in a big unit of flagellants, while low ws and t, they'll do better than a lot of your troops in combat with the daemons thanks to hatred, frenzy, flails, and possible a re-roll to wound and bonus to combat res.

You could spend a few more points on kitting out your characters, for example giving the silver horn and bsb to the captain, icon of magnus for the priest, and the hammer of judgement for the arch lector? Maybe even the hochland long rifle for the engineer to take away heralds.

You've also got two war banners in the force, which is not allowed, i'd leave it on the knights for a total of +3 combat res (standard bearer, war banner, bsb captain) and because the spearmen can't have a banner, and neither can the handgunners.

More handgunners will probably be the most effective, but probably the most boring too, especially with all of his core choices m4 and the fact that you already have two helblasters!

Also just remember that he'll only have two dispell dice, as most of his army get magic resistance, you should be able to cast a lot of spells that ignore magic resistance (i.e target your own units), because of this, i'd consider a tooled up level 2 wizard using lore of beasts instead of the engineer. Bears anger, oxen stands and wolf hunts will all benefit your army, and cannot be dispelled by magic resistance, then after drawing out dispell dice, you can choose whatever boons you like for you units that benefit from priest spells, soulfire and hammer of sigmar would be best.

And you can still give the greatswords the banner of valor.

31-03-2010, 10:21
Hi Benjitodd86... thanks for all the info. I will look into the magic items over my lunch period.

Unfortunately i can only take 2 rare's and i only have 20 flagellants so hence i've gone for two hellblasters.

He does have a lot of fast moving models... the hounds... crushers and greater daemon. Also i do believe everything else is movement 5" so 10" charge.

The arch needs his two magic items to try and take out the greater daemon if i can't shoot at it.

I will keep the war banner with the knights as i maybe able to kill the greater daemon with combat res.

I'm looking to put the engineer with my hellblaster or great cannon to make it more effective but if he gets close i will move him out and then he can use his 3 shots to hopefully hurt something.

With regards to the Greatswords they are stubborn with LD 9 model so they should be ok when it comes to panic (i would hope)... just hope they don't get scared!

31-03-2010, 11:43
yep but you can have one becomeing core thanks to the presance of a priest

so a unit of flagents counts as an extra core and a very solid block, and due to the lack of magic and shooting in the khone army, they will see combat, just rember they are frenzyed so watch out for bait and flee

31-03-2010, 12:14
Very good point. some how i forgot. I may do that then and take 30 (using some marauder models to make up the numbers) so then i can sacrifice some models and atleast get them to attack (i hope). Just about to go to lunch so i will be making some ammends in 1 min time.

31-03-2010, 13:00
Yeah... sorry bout that, just checked, bloodletters are m5, so less time to shoot them, but at the same time i always thought they were t4. Them being t3 is great news for your gunline, the only thing i worry about with the greatswords is not having a fear immunity, although you can't with a banner, you can with the icon of magnus. Theres just a little something to think about, remember bloodletters will still cause you to auto flee if they beat you in combat and outnumber you.

31-03-2010, 14:26
Yeah, they wont outnumber me as he only uses squads of 10 - 12 so i hope not that many die.

I've made my list and will post

31-03-2010, 14:30
Army list:


Arch Lector - Great Weapon, Heavy armour, barded warhorse, van spectuium (to use against the greater daemon) and a holy relic = 233pts (attached to the knights)


Captain - barded warhorse, lance, full plate, long bow, sword of riteous steel = 115pts (attached to the knights)

Enginneer - Reapeter handgun, pigeon bombs = 105pts (will attach to a hellblaster)

Warrior priest - second warhammer, armour of meteoric iron - 119pts (attached to the spearmen)


6 knights of the white wolf

20 spearmen - full command

DET 10 halberdiers

DET 10 handgunners

20 handgunners - command

DET 10 - Free company

DET 10 handgunners

12 handgunners

DET 5 handgunners

20 flagellents - prophet of doom


5 outriders - champ

15 greatswords - command

8 knightly order - command, inner circle, warbanner

1 great cannon

2 hellblasters

31-03-2010, 22:42
outriders really aren't worth their points. pistoliers, on the other hand, are. replace them!

also, why are you taking 20 handgunners??

i assume they'll be in a block, since a single rank of 20 models isn't happening, so that means you'll only get 10 shots tops, if you're atop a hill. and why would you take command on them?? if the enemy gets to them, especially khorne daemons, they're done for.

31-03-2010, 23:45
Because of the huge amount of guns you have, I agree and think maybe pistoliers should be used to support the knights.

Also are you sure you don't want any cannons to help kill the bloodthirster? Are you certain you can get your AL in combat with it?

Lastly, have you thought about putting in some HLR to snipe out the heralds?

01-04-2010, 07:44
If the enginseer is attached to the helblaster, you are going to use his BS right? Doesn't that mean he can't fire his own weapons? Also, if the helblaster goes, the enginseer goes with it. Might want to be careful on that one.

You are not going to need a command in the handgunners. If they are in combat, they are dead. Take that out and use the extra points on more spearmen. And a hochland on the outriders and handgunners.

01-04-2010, 07:53
Yes the enginner will be attached so it's a waste of points with the hochland because he wont be able to fire unless he leaves the unit.

The reason for the command with those handgunners is all down to the combat res. Ultimately Daemons suffer when it comes down to combat res hence a lot of units have command and things to hopefully increase res points... the command atleast gives me +1 with the banner, musician in case of a draw and well a champ because it's nice to have one.

01-04-2010, 08:01
yes but even so, they will kill more than enough to get though your stacic combat res

best bet is to split them and have 2 marksmen with hocklands in them

01-04-2010, 08:04
Well as i said at the beginning i'm after feedback so i will replace with 2 marksmen with hochlands (just about have the models)

01-04-2010, 23:13
played my game and the hochlands did very well for themselves so it was a good call.

A catch tho... i played Dark Elves who have a level 4 and 2 level 2's.

I won tho... was losing big style at the beginning but the knights with the warrior priest and captain did the job.

01-04-2010, 23:18
Go for crossbows instead of handgunners. The extra movement over the armour piercing are much more effective vs Bloodletters.