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14-02-2006, 13:06
Well, i was thinking about start a arab army. My problem is that there arenīt enough arabs models to do a nice army.

What do you think? if i do it, what army list could be the best to use?

Thanks all

14-02-2006, 13:24
First off, Fantasy Tactics definitely isn't the right place for a post like this.

Second, as for the lack of suitable models, you need to look past what is available from GW - check out for example what Perry twins (when they are not sculpting for GW) at http://www.perry-miniatures.com/ - plenty of excellent Arab miniatures there.

Third, for the list to use, I guess a mixture of Empire, DoW and Kislev should give you a suitable mixture of different infantry and cavalry types.

14-02-2006, 14:26
I'd say DoW would be the best option. Nowadays (or soon, at least) there's the giant available, so it could represent a Djinn (some heavy converting is needed though... unless you buy a aladdin collectable figure somewhere).

They have light cavalry and heavy cavalry, different infantry (hmm... desert dwarves...) and different heroes. Few mages to be "the evil vizirs" a paymaster to act as a sultan and a general to be... well, an arabian general...

flying carpets or wooden horses are a problem though... no, wait, the birdmen of Cavzarra!

so, RoR's needed too...

14-02-2006, 20:13
Sorry if this isnīt the place for this topic :(
Feel free to move this topic when it should be

I donīt like to use DOW, mainly because of the paymaster, i just hate that guy..
The problem with empire is that donīt have any light cav with bow, and if i want to use archer on foot..well, they arenīt woth the price.
I canīt use kislevistes here anymore.

I though in bretonnia, well they have everything i need:
-Cheap archers on foot and infantry
-Good light cavalry
-Good heavy cavalry
(Of course iīll use only knights of the realm)

But what models i could use to represent these troops?
-Arab archers--> HE archers (with a few turbants)
-Nomads on horse--> Alk-muktar desert dogs/ other company minis
-Heavy cavalry--> Perry miniatures? no idea
-Levy Infantry??
-Heros--> I could use Suliman (heīs cool)/ other company minis

What about usinh some haradrim from LOTR?,
Iīm thinking about using some of them, maybe on rocks or something so they donīt look too small. I also could do the army entirely from LOTR so all the minies are the same size..

fightin gobbo
15-02-2006, 05:12
i have a unofficial army list for the arab armies would you like it?

15-02-2006, 15:57
I have a dwarf army converted into araby theme, and the only thing to do was putting turbants on them. Sometime I use a kislev allied contingent with 1 big regiment of winged lancers and 2 of ungol archers, both of them mounted on camels (toy models)

Is easy to convert, (or at least no so hard) and it looks great.

15-02-2006, 16:29
I would use Dogs of War rules rather than Bretonnian rules to be honest. Justifying the blessing and the lance formation for an Araby army would be very difficult fluff-wise, and the very limited infantry options don't really help with theming either... I can't really see an Araby army being primarily based around heavy cavalry.

Anyway, here is a thread with various army and painting and modelling ideas...


16-02-2006, 18:00
Yes fightin gobbo, i would like to see that list :)

Thanks for the link Drakemaster!
I have gathered a few ideas from there, i havenīt thought about the winged lancers..they could look arabic with a few turbants and a good color scheme

Well..i was thinking more about a peasant army with a few knights units, anyway you donīt have pray at the start of the battle if you donīt want, and you donīt have to use the lance formation.
The problem i see with bretonnia is (how you have pointed) the limited infantry, iīll have to use always a big levy force supported by some knights. So no elite infantry or others units.

Anyway, iīm going for nomads arabs, so i would like to use some units of light cav with a few heavy knight support. Then the infantry and archers on foot.
Do you think brettonia will be good for this theme?

16-02-2006, 19:40
I might be tempted to use LotR Hartadrim in this case, cos I'm lazy!

17-02-2006, 02:55
MY friend who is a Golden Demon Award Winnner is currently doing an Araby Based Empire army. most of his parts are from high elves archers(empire heads of coz). archer robes look similar to arabian ones but a lot of resculpting is needed for the beard,turban and when u adjust the hands to allow the holding of handguns.

19-03-2006, 22:58
There is many companies that purpose araby minis. I made an araby army and I can indicate you the way to follow.

First of all, the best minis, for me, are the Perry Miniatures one, like GriefBringer said : http://www.perry-miniatures.com/ There is light cavalery for cheaper than GW but also infantery. There is also some camels mounted by pygmes. White a bit of imagination, it should be good.
There is also Black Tree Design that purpose the best choice of araby minis. There is all to do an araby army at the exception of efrits, djins and elephants. http://www.black-tree-design.com/
There is also Artisan Design with a small catalog for arabians troups. The minis are special (we have to like type of sculpting). They do great archers, I think. [sorry, I did not found the link]
To finish, for the heros and lords and also for the djins/efrits, I recommand you Reaper that made the best ones ! http://www.reapermini.com/

The unit of the army that's the most difficult to found is the elephant. I recommand you an plastic toy elephant and you will convert it to do a great war elephant. I do for two and it looks good :)

In my army, there is minis with all of theses compagnies and I love its looking :D. I should post pictures here if you want.