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01-04-2010, 00:00
On my way to a game against WoC. I'm playing Beasts, 2250 points value.

Here's what I've got :

Doombull weapon of d3 attacks, armor of mr2, mark of mounts have -1 to hit
Gorebull, GW, BSB, Totem of Rust
2 lvl 2 shamans powerstone, dispel scroll
4 chariots
2 x 3 Minotaurs w/ GW
7 Harpies
2 Gorgons

This is pretty much a ridiculous list. I have never fielded anything like this. I am mainly a skaven player and being this free of blocks creeps me out. I don't know how else to get by his armor and msu's though. Beastmen infantry would get crushed.

He generally brings the mark of nurgle on everyone, but we could see tzeentch this game. I am expecting a lot of magic so alternately I will be brining the same except 6 harpies, casters with 2 scrolls and cygores replacing the gorgons. I'm deciding on the way. I can't guarantee I can stop his magic either way and i will be in combat so fast It shouldn't matter. We'll see how it goes. report as early as tomorrow.

01-04-2010, 01:09
I love it! 2 Ghorgons! (what are you using for models? I use an old Keeper of Secrets)

I hope you crush

BoC lists/tactics are in their infancy What lore(s) are you planning on using?

01-04-2010, 01:32
Looking forward to the results! You could always try one of each rare, but they might not have the same concentrated force you might be looking for.

01-04-2010, 06:27
Okay so please forgive me but it's 1:15 in the morning and I've just gotten home form the battle. It was fantastic, but the battle report may be a bit stream-of-thought. I kind of lost track of keeping notes once we got started as I really got into the battle. I want to get it written up while it's fresh but I am a bit tired so if there's any confusion I apologize in advance.

I ended up dropping the ghorgons for cygores, which was a mixed blessing. Sucked as my opponent ended up going all Khorne so my big magic fear and defense was for nothing.

He had:
3 x 10 warriors, xhw, fc, Khorne
5 knights, Khorne
lord with axe of khorne, mark of khorne on a manticore
exalted on juggy
exalted on foot (went with war2)

Terrain had no effect on the game at all. We had a ocuple hills in the corners, some scattered trees and walls around but we pretty much avoided everything. Set up was such:

Chaos Lord Giant Chariot War1 Knights war2, war 3

Cyg1 cha1 cha2 Mino1 harpies Mino2 cyg2 cha 3 cha4

Warriors got first turn.I;m finding my msu strategies are not conducive to gettting first turn. Oh well, got to pay a price somewhere. All his stuff pretty much inches up, with his general moving to my left flank but in range of the cygore1. He was smartly trying to avoid impact hits.The warshrine hit the knights, but made them stupid with a roll of 2.

On my first turn I charged the general with my cygore. I moved the harpies up to right of center, in charge arc of the knights, war2 and war3. My cyg2 and cha3,4 moved to catch a flank on the knights when they charged and voerran the harpies. Poor poor harpies! Lol Everything else kinda moved up to get some charges next turn. In magic I kicked some serious butt. I used Lore fo Beasts and got Crows and Oxen stands with 1 guy and Crows and Beast Cowers with the other. I threw Crows at the giant and did 2 wounds on 8 hits. My other shaman hit the manticore with Beasts cower, rolling a 9. my opponent faile dhis mr enhanced dispel with an 8. woohoo! My Cyg2 chucked a rock and took out a knight in shooting. In combat my cygore wrecked the snivelling manticore for 4 wounds. The general did 3 back, lost combat and ran! I completely forgot and only pursued with 2 dice so he got away but he was no way away from everything with a badly hurt manticore. Mission achieved.

Turn 2 saw the harpies charged by both warriors and the knights. His general rallied and the rest moved up again. In combat he destroyed my harpies and overran with his knights running straight horizontally across center, war2 coming straight forward and war3 going opposite the knights moving left instead of right. I am now thinking though they should all have gone in 1 direction – moving in whatever direction the highest US would have been. Not sure on that though so we voted they all moved straight ahead. Oh the warshrine now gave the warriors +1 attk. We werernt sure if they lost stupid, but since it says 'for the remainder of the game' we kept them dumb. Not that it mattered, but it made me feel better. lol

In my second turn all hell broke loose. the cyg1 again charged the general. My Cha1 and 2 charged his chariot, Mino1 with doombull charged war1. Mino2 charged war 2 right up the middle. My cygore2 came in on the side of those same warriors while my chariots 3,4 charged the flank of the knights.

Magic saw me throw 2 magic missles at the giant but I only got 1 wound this time on like 14 hits total.

In combat the most ridiculous thing happened. The cygore killed the manticore, as expected. However his general got to attack my monster (that had 3 wounds on him) with 7 gajillion attacks. Actually it was only 7, but it didn't matter as it was 1 roll of a 6 and 6 rolls of 1. He did wound the cygore though... even though he then autobroke and ran a whopping 2”. I of course ran him down, and off the table. That sucked but I had killed the general so I guess thats a wash, right?

In the chariot on chariot action I got 6 impact hits and only wounded once, which was saved. He proceeded to wreck my cha2 up good with 3 wounds. I did 2 and had numbers, so we stayed tight for the giant to come in next round. Wonderful... A win would have meant a pursuit directly into that stupid giant. I needed to win that. On the positive his general was dead and I had a lot of butt whipping to do still.

My doombull crushed his champion in a challenge and between impact hits and attacks I killed 8 of 10 warriors, breaking them and stockpiling attacks. Of course only having a d6 overrun moved me 3” and directly into the line of sight for a flank charge from war2. Mino2 and the cygore killed 9 of 10 warriors in their combat and broke them. I pursued with the minos, failign to catch them but getting the extra attack. The cygore stayed put as he was going straight across the center next turn to get a rear charge on the warriors who were eyeing my generals unit. The entire center had been a clusterbomb but was starting to clear out. My chariots on the knights killed 3 of 4 but got crushed by the exalted hero and I lost 1. I can't make armor saves to save my life. It's like this false hope I get every game and I always fall for it – that I will survive because of armor. Anyway I ended up passing my break check and all was good, if not great.

IN turn 3 the war2 charged the flank of my generals unit as expected and the warshrine somehow got enough move to come in to. I totally understimated this piece of crap thing.... the giant charged into the combat with the chariots. His fleeing units moved out of my charge range with Mino2 so that was very good.

Combat saw the giant try to thump my chariot but an amazing feat of driving and I didged the club. Of course the warriors then shattered my chariot1 and cha2 broke. It did not get run down however! Right of center we had the big combat with my generals minotaur unit, the shrine and war2. He challenged and did a couple wounds. I crushed his exalted champion for 5 wounds back though. I rolled 2 extra on my weapon, plue 6 attacks plus 1 for previous win so there wasn't a lot he was going to do. Best 35 pt weapon in the game in my opinion. His warshrine did 2 wounds and my minos did 4 back. I won combat and he rolled a damn insane courage with his war shrine and the warriors passed their break check. In hindsight I out numbered him ( 4 minos to 9 warriors) so he probably should have autobroke, but his total combined us with the shrine and warriors was higher, which is what we went off of. His exalted on the juggernaut killed the chariot 4. They were going to be problematic. 1 hero and 1 knight had the potential to devstate my army.

On my turn my cyg1 came back on and began to hoof it back to the battle. I failed to rally my cha1 and it ran with a couple inches of the table edge. 1 shaman moved to march block the giant while the other just moved out of the way. Cyg2 charged the back of the war2 fighting my general in the middle. My mino2 moved up and turned to the right to go after the knights who would be turning around next turn.

Magic saw an IF beast cowers on the chariot and succesful oxen stands on the chariot. I had tought this to be a completely uselss spell but it actually worked wonderfully.

The big combat saw my cygore miss or fail to wound on all 5 attacks. WS 2 sucks btw. I was missing my ghorgons. My general was unspectacular and combat ended tied, but of course he had a musician. I lost and broke – even with my bsb right there. Dam it! He ran me down with the warshrine and I almost gave it up there. But my opponent had been very gracious and played thorugh some really bad luck and losing his general, so if he was going to win then so be it. It was a great game and he deserved it. My cygore is at least stubborn though, so he sticks around.

Turn 4 came and the knights as expected turned around, but they also moved back out of my charge range. I had missed my march block by like a quarter inch. Shoot..... The giant moved right to get after those minos in the middle and the warshrine charged my lone mage who ran away. His chariot moved up and to the right to try to catch my minos 2.

His warriors tore apart my cygore in combat, ending up doing 4 wounds and killing it off. That was it for his turn 4.

For me I moved my minos back away from the charge range of the knights and prepared to get charged by the giant. my current co-mvp the Beast Cowering-having shaman rallied from running away from the warshrine My cyg1 was almost back into things now though so it wasn't all grim..It had 4 wounds on him but you deal with what you've got. It ended up being moot as once again I IF a beast cowers and stuck his giant to the spot – saving my minos from a bad charge and leaving the giant open to take it in the rear from a cygore. Now that's a ppv event... My lately rallied and only remaining chariot charged the warshrine, getting 6 impact hits and 4 wounds, killing it off. Whew....

On to 5 and his knights charged my chariot, who fled. His warriors turned around to take it from the minos and the chariot was still sloshing around doing god knows what but it basically got set up to be overrunned into if I beat the warriors with my minotaurs.

Here I charged his remaining warriors with both the chariot and the minotaurs. They crushed them, with the minos pursuing into the chariot and destroying it the next turn. My cygore charged the knights and got killed by the exalted hero that same turn (6). Who know juggernauts weren't demons anymore!? Not me! I had counted on those rerolls... I also got another IF beast cowers off, this time on the knightss. Didn't matter though. Lol

Overall it was one heckuva bloody, back and forth battle. I'll try to add some comments later – after I've had some sleep. But Kudos to my opponent who played an awesome game, had a great list and never gave up. He's only been playing fantasy a little over a year now and if a year ago he had lost his general turn 2 he really would have up and quit. This time though he calmly packed up his dice (while I laughed my butt off) and got out a new set. So good for him for being a great sport about it.

Hope you enjoyed. Comments and questions always welcome!

01-04-2010, 06:29
I love it! 2 Ghorgons! (what are you using for models? I use an old Keeper of Secrets)

I hope you crush

BoC lists/tactics are in their infancy What lore(s) are you planning on using?

I actually have some old confrontation mondels I use for all my beasts. it's a Kelt army. they were northern barbarians who had minotaurs and centaurs as troops. so it's an entire proxy army for my ghorgons/cygores I have these big cyclops troll things. they're pretty cool actually.

01-04-2010, 13:33
Okay so some wrap up.

Beasts ended up with a solid, possible massacre. Basically he had a knight and a half dead hero. So I got full points for the rest of his army and half for them. I lost my general and 3 chariots and both cygores but still had a full untouched mino unit and a chariot with only 1 wound. I also had 3 table edges and 3 banners.

mvp for me is a toss up. my cygore killed his damn general and manticore but without the 3 IF Beasts Cowers that wouldnt have hapened and i would have been crushed. so co-stars were shaman and cygore and lucky rolling to a. get the spell and b. get it off.

I'm going to nominate the war shrine for my opponent. that thing was way better then either of us expected.

loser of the game was once again Lore of the Wild. This is my 6th game with Beasts and my 4th time going in with the intention of trying it only to decide that the other lores were way more useful. of the couple times I've tried it it's never done anything. If this is the standard of 8th I'm not looking forward to it.

I also have to give an acknowledgement to MT Dew code red without whoms assistance I could not have made it.

01-04-2010, 13:41
That was a crazy list you were using :)

Actually I thought he was going to give you a thrashing but you fought through it.

Very enjoyable read :)

01-04-2010, 14:27
That was a crazy list you were using :)

Actually I thought he was going to give you a thrashing but you fought through it.

Very enjoyable read :)

Thanks Mal!

I think I kind of approach Beastmen like you do orcs. With my skaven or lizardmen I actually expect to win the vast majority of the time. With my Beasts I just like them and want to have fun. But where most people only look at what they can't do I try to focus on what they can do well. I knew my minos would not run anyone down, and thats why they never charged on their own. I get the killy power of the minotaurs and the 3d6 pursuit of chariots or cygores. Beasts, like orcs can be challenging but they can also be very effective.

I have to say also that in all honesty rolling helped quite a bit. from spell 'selection' to insane damage on impact hits i just got it when i really needed it. The only real issue was losing my general to a damn musician. hehe

01-04-2010, 14:49
Grats on the win :). Always good to see Beastmen sticking it to ppl.
Need to start getting more agressive with my big things...of course the Cygore sitting in the middle of the table hurling boulders everywhere is quite fun:p.

02-04-2010, 00:56
Cygore for the win! thats awesome that he killed the general and the mantocore.

Thxs for a great read!

Lore of the wild is sort of looking real weak at the moment in my estimation too. I certainly hope that the casting value and effectiveness of spells in the beasts book is not reflective of where the magic phase is going for 8th edition.

02-04-2010, 06:38
Thanks for the report. I too thought that he would give you a thrashing, but I'm glad to see that it didn't happen that way. The dice do seem to have favored you this game, but all around great game from you. Keep up the great work!

I have to say that this is really encouraging as I keep debating a third army after I get my WoC going, and Beasts seems so natural since both my wife and I love the models (she even likes the pumbagors b/c The Lion King is her favorite movie), and we love the fluff for them too and we have a decent selection since I used to be able to use them with my Chaos Warriors back in HoC.