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01-04-2010, 12:52
LOL- Should be backwards for Skavens sake.. But I like the idea of it.
And since they collect from the other clans they have the Cash to supply the greatest machines.


Lv2- Warlock Eng (not sure what to give him yet) -general

3 x 30 Storm Vermin FC/sheilds (2 warplock pistols)(one magic banner probably the terror causer))

2x4 rat swarms

12 Jezzails (2x6)

2 Doom Wheels

Close to 2250 , left over points go to equipment for Warlock and possibly weapon teams.

Could this work or would I get crushed?
Thank You.

01-04-2010, 14:56
With so few bodies on the field (for a Skaven army) I don't think the list will be too great. This is the type of list where you'll definitely want a storm banner, too, so that's the first change I'd suggest. The VL and the Doomwheels just won't be able to weather too much fire with so few threats on the field, so Storm Banner will really be necessary. With only 6 levels of magic (8 dice) at 2250 don't expect to get many spells off. My 2000 pt Skaven list has 2 units with MR, 2 level 2's and a level 4, for 6 dispell dice, and 2 scrolls, so I wouldn't worry about your magic phase.

If you want to stick with this theme and yet get more bodies, I'd suggest dropping 2 jezzails from each squad and taking 2 units of 20 slaves. That'll up your body count a little and provide you with good redirectors. Drop a unit of Rat Swarms and pick up a Plague Priest to have as your general...you might even be able to squeeze him up to a level 2. If you need extra points, drop two units of Stormvermin to 25, and that saves you $50 from having to buy another box of stormvermin! Stormvermin are a bit harder vs. shooting than clanrats, so they'll be okay with less ranks. Put the Plague Priest in the unit of 30 stormvermin, to make them the biggest target. Don't put the two doomwheels together, or near the VL, because one bad roll will toast either.

02-04-2010, 01:46
Drop the rat swarms, drop the warlock and get yourself a lvl 2 priest with a flail. You absolutley need some slaves in this list. Two Doomwheels is overkill I recomend a Doomwheel and a WLC or Plagueclaw.