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01-04-2010, 14:26
The harsh, bellowing of the massive reptiles echoed through the forest, all but drowning out the brays of Rakkashis own herd. Rakkashi snorted in amazement and a sense of impending dread. Four of the great lizards? Never had he seen so many in one place before. Clearly he had inadvertantly tread upon some sacred place.
No matter, they were in the forest and all forests belonged to the Cloven Ones. The heavy tread of the Cygor beside him was reassuring as the herd strung itself out into a rough semblance of a battleline. The great lizards could be heard but still not seen. With a great cacophony of hooting and screeching the Beastmen charged....

So for the first time in almost 2 months I packed my Beastmen up and headed out to cause some carnage. Hoped to face off against Malorian but sadly it wasnt meant to be. Instead I squared off against Lizardmen and an opponent I had never faced before.

Armies: 2,000/side
Beastlord-Rakkashi of course
Shaman (Beasts Lore)
2x7 Ungor Raiders
20 Gors
15 Gors
5 Hounds
3 Minotaurs w/2HW
3 Minotaurs w/GW
12 Bestigors

4 Skink Priests w/EotGs (yes 4...)
2x13 Skinks
12 Skinks
2x3 Terradons

Terrain and Setup:

Very basic setup with a mid sized forest in each table quarter and wide open center. Lizards set up was interesting with everything in the trees. Left side had 2 EoTGs, 1 Skink and 1 Terradon unit. The right was a mirror setup except with 2 Skink units.
I decided to mainly focus on the left flank and set up 2 blocks. First block was large Gor unit w/a Wargor and Shaman, HW Minos and a Chariot. Slightly left center went Raiders, GWMinos, Hounds, Bestigors w/Wargor and Beastlord, Chariot, Spawn and Cygor. On the far right went the smaller Gors and other Raider unit.

Pre Game Thoughts:

Holy Bleep!!! 4 EotGs....Basically set myself the personal goal of managing to take out 1 of them. If I could manage that then moral victory to me lol. I was hoping to use the fact that he was setup in forest to use my 2 right units as throwaways but play the baitgame and keep them occupied as long as possible.

Onto the battle.....

01-04-2010, 14:29
Beastmen get first turn. The right and left flanks each move up at full speed. The middle units move at a slower pace, trying to maintain a slightly curved battleline. Cygor moves to get LOS on the Skink General.
No magic (surprise, surprise) and Cygor undershoots with his stone.

The Lizards move agressively with the Skinks and Terradons but squeak out of cover with the EoTGs.
Magic phase sees a huge amount of spells the only 2 important ones (Comet of course) are both stopped, 1 by a scroll and the other with dice.
Shooting sees the skinks machinegun the poor 2HWMinos causing 5wounds. Oh how I hate Poison.

Left Flank again moves aggressively forward. Right flank moves about half pace to come to the edge of the forest. Middle force keeps their line together with the Spawn out in front and Hounds angled to the right.
Magic is again a bust but in the Shooting phase the Cygor hits bang on the General and kills 3 skink crew and causes a wound to the Stegadon.

Besides the Terradons the lizards just shuffle a bit. They try rock drops on the smaller Gor unit and the GWMinos but must have had defective rocks and only succeed in killing 3 Gors.
Magic is actually fairly dismal for him with the only decent spell is 1 Comet coming down in the middle of the center force.
Shooting sees 3 more wounds to the 2HWMinos and 2 Gors from the smaller unit taken down.

Comet thankfully doesnt land.
The lone surviving 2HWMino runs full bore to the edge of the forest where one EoTG is hiding. Chariot also maneuvers to get it in charge range. Spawn moves an impressive 11' and stops right in front of the Skink General. Middle battleline continues their creep forward.
The comet is dispelled and the shooting phase begins...
Cygor again hits bangon, killing the general (woot! 1 Comet spell gone) and causing 2 more wounds to the steg. Raiders kill 1 skink on the left and 1 on the right.

Lizardmen slowly come out of the trees on the right and the Terradons circle around the Cygor. Magic sees the explosion thingy take out the poor little 2HWMino but once again his dice rolls are not so great and I mange to block both comets with my last scroll and the dice.
Shooting phase sees 2 Gors going down and 1 wound caused to the left Chariot.

Chariot charges EoTG. Small Gor unit charges Skinks who stand and shoot.
Cygor hurls at another Stegadon and guesses near perfect again but, sadly, scatters away.
Combat sees the chariot kill all but the Skink priest and cause 2 wounds on the Stegadon. Sadly the Stegadon hits and wounds with all its attacks and kills the Chariot (doh!). The Gors lose 5 running into the Skinks but pass panic test and kill 4. Skinks run and are taken down.

Lizardmen finally start getting aggressive. 1 Steg charges the large Gor unit and the former Generals Steg charges the Spawn.
Magic phase is both evil and awesome. The explosion thing kills 7 Gors but for spells there's finally a miscast, on the Comet no less, and he rolls an 11, losing the spell, 1 wound, and a level. Shooting sees the right Gors reduced to 4 and Terradons get 3 wounds on the Cygor from Javelins.
In combat another 5 Gors die from impact hits but the Wargor declares a challenge which the foolish priest accepts. the Skink of course whiffs it and the Steagadon only manages 1 wound. The Wargor winds up and, thanks to Primal Fury, hits and wounds with all his attacks. The priest fails 2...splat! Sadly, brave Gors still fail their panic test dismally and are rundown.
The other Steg takes out the Spawn with impact hits and mows right into the Minos.

Beastmen Bestigors try to charge the Steg facing the Minos but are sadly barely an inch out. Chariot charges the other Steg that just wiped out the Gors and the remaining Gors charge another Skink unit. Hounds line up for a move on the 2 right Stegs and Ungors shuffle.
Cygor again hits a Steg but once more scatters off. Ungor shooting is as effective as always and manages squat.
In combat the Gors lose all but 1 who passes his panic test and takes out 2 skinks but is unfortunately killed...*sniff* brave goatboy...
Steg vs the Mino only manages 2 impact hits and the pretty much whiffs evrything but 1 attack resulting in a downed Minotaur. The other 2 wind up and proceed to carve it into little pieces...oh how I love S7.
The Chariot passes its Primal Fury, causing 4 wounds to the Steg and killing the last Skink. Steg fails its break test (triple 6) and is pursued off the board.

In the Lizardman phase one Steg charges the Hounds who promptly flee off the table and leave the Ste facing in the wrong direction and way out of place. Other Steg finally tries to move in on the action but it has a long way to go.
Magic is pretty much nil and Shooting sees 3 Ungors on the right going down and then failing their panic test. Sadly, the Cygor is finally put down by the terradons javelins...dang poison.

Turn 6
Ungors rally. Minotaurs and Bestigors pull away from the 2 remaining Stegs. Intact Ungor unit grabs a table quarter.

Lizardmen move as close to the Bestigor unit as they can and then go straight into the shooting phase holping to whittle it down enough to cause a panic test. Given the sheer amount of fire that pours into them they fare pretty well but, sadly, lose 8 putting them at just below half. Thankfully they pass the Panic Test.

Minor Victory to Lizardmen. If the Bestigors had stayed above half it would have been a draw.....doh!!!! Still, i'll take it lol.

Post Game Thoughts:
Well that went way better then expected! With 4 EotGs I went in fully expecting a massacre so a loss like this practically had me dancing with joy. Too bad most of the credit goes to his whacked setup, and the refusal to get his Engines anywhere near the Cygor...
Cygor was definitley MVP. Splatting the General, causing a ton of wounds, and his psychological impact drove the game.
Hoping to get at least a game or 2 in a week for a bit here. More to come soon!

01-04-2010, 14:50
Glad it went fairly well :)

His deployment was seriously flawed and I was happy to see you take advantage of it.

For the readers wondering, the opponent took the 4 EotG list as a 'gag list' not realizing just how powerful it could have been if focused together. I wouldn't expect to see this again (at least not for a while).

I've also challenged Rakkashi to a game with my ogres, so we'll see if his beastmen are brave enough to take on my ogre/gnoblar horde ;)

01-04-2010, 15:29
Nice! When I saw the LM list I was really hoping you'd crush him but I knew the chances were slim. I love the cygore. time and again mine has done some amazing things. I know there are benefits to the other monsters but I don't know if they outweigh the cygores.

couple quick questions...

what do you think of bestigors? I haven't taken any as in the scope of specials they seem to be just above the razorgor chariot for the least useful unit.

how do you arm your wargor? sorry not familiar enough with your set up to go by name alone. :)

01-04-2010, 16:31
Of course the Beasties will throw down against Ogres :).

I like the Bestigors, more theme wise then actual utility. This game they did not fare so well as the Lizardman player pretty much turtled 6' from his board edge. Makes for a rather long hike lol. However, they usually do quite well for me and are a very solid center.

As for the gear loadouts on my heroes.....
Beastlord had GW, HA, Gnarled Hide, and Ramhorn Helm
Wargor1 had HA, 2HW, and Uncanny Senses
Wargor2 had HA, Sh, and Many Limbed Fiend

Still experimenting with the new book as this is only the 3rd game i've played since its release lol.

02-04-2010, 06:31
Thanks for the report Seabo, and I'm glad to see Rakkashi back in action!

Great job against the quad-engine list too, a minor victory to him is pretty negligible compared to what could have gone down. I'll imagine that he was worried about deployment since he had almost all of his army down before you had placed much of anything and that's why he deployed so wierdly, but come on - with MV 6 on everything there at least, he should have picked somewhere and concentrated.

Anyway, I applaud you for playing him all game long and making him fight for the big "V".

02-04-2010, 17:45
That looked a fun Lizardman army, glad the Cygor kept them in check though :)

04-04-2010, 07:12
Phew, when I saw that he had 4(!) EOTG I figured that you were pretty screwed, especially since they were backed up by tonnes of fast poison units. Glad you did so well and that you used his mistakes. I'm hoping to see more of Rakkashi! :D

07-04-2010, 17:59
Rakkashi will be going up against the awesome fattish might of the Orgre Kingdoms tonight I believe ;).
Actually more concerned over the Gnoblars....*shudder*

07-04-2010, 18:59
What? There's gnoblars in my list? :confused::shifty::p

Bruiser w/ tenderiser, heavy armor, sword gnoblar
Butcher w/ bangstick
Butcher w/ scroll

20 gnoblars
20 gnoblars
20 gnoblars
20 gnoblars
20 gnoblars
20 gnoblars
3 bulls
3 bulls
3 bulls w/ extra hand weapons
3 bulls w/ extra hand weapons
3 bulls w/ extra hand weapons
3 bulls w/ extra hand weapons
3 ironguts
3 ironguts
3 ironguts


Total: 1999

07-04-2010, 22:06
Cool army. I cant wait to see how this goes.As I like both army alot.

08-04-2010, 14:21
List of the Cloven Ones. No points included as I don't have list handy lol. And I also posting by phone which sucks horribly :D

2 Shamans

18 Gors
10 Gors
2 Chariots
10 Ungors
2x7 Ungor Raiders
5 Hounds

3 Minotaurs w/GW
3 Minotaurs w/2HW
13 Bestigors


120 Bleepin Gnoblars!!! Curse you Malorian! To be outnumbered by the screening units.
Oh joy not good lol. Of course the flabby weak Ogres have never had to face the churning might of 400+pounds of bovine rage ;)
Batrep coming soon. And we had a guy taking pics....on Mals camera...post it..
Buahahahahaha :D

08-04-2010, 16:04
You have two accounts? Seabo? (er.. seabo_76) :confused:

Report will be up on the weekend.

09-04-2010, 16:31
well done against the engines of doom, and that cygor is a decent shot.

looking forward to you taking on the gnoblar tide

10-04-2010, 04:09
Apparently cellphone has another warseer account lol.
Never realized...its a conspiracy....:shifty:

10-04-2010, 05:11
Great batrep against those EOTG'S. I have been very impressed with what the cygor has been doing in batreps since the new book came out . Yours, in this particular batrep, most of all.

Looking forward to your upcoming match against Mal. Was this the player who put the massacre down on Mals OK's ?

10-04-2010, 14:13
Sorry guys, Alberta just went from so dry we were on fire ban to blizzard in 24 hours.

I'm stuck up North, 500 km away from my home computer (this is work) so I can't get the report up until next weekend.

10-04-2010, 22:40
Lol. Yeah got to love it. +18C to -6 and 2 feet of snow. Just shoveled car out today.

14-04-2010, 20:36
Sorry not going to be a battle this week as Malorian cant make it and I'm not feeling up to getting smashed by gouda lizardmen :p.
I thought I would post the highlights of the last battle against the awesomely flabby might of the Ogre Kingdoms but not actually say who won as that is just way more interesting to make people wait until Malorian finally gets back to civilization and posts a 'proper' batrep:evilgrin:.
He has pictures lol.

So...onto the highlights!!
I killed 110 out of 120 Gnoblars....go me!!!
6 Ungor Raiders machinegun some flabby boys and actually take down 2 of them....OMG they actually paid for themselves!!!
Never...ever...place your generals unit near a table edge when the enemy has Gorgers...nuff said.
It never ceases to amaze me how brutal Minotaurs w/GWs are! 3 of them mowed through a block of Gnoblars, Ironguts, Ogre Bulls and a Bruiser before finally getting taken down:D. Definitely going to start playing with more of these guys.

There you have it...I admit the highlights are more skewed in my favour. Well who wants to hear about boring fat, flabby Ogres anyways?
Anyways, stayed tuned to find out the winner!

14-04-2010, 20:39
Anyways, stayed tuned to find out the winner!

Which (assuming there isn't another 100 year blizzard) will be tomorrow :D

14-04-2010, 21:02
So looking forward to finding out :D

16-04-2010, 16:32
Report: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4580980#post4580980