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02-04-2010, 05:46
I had a game with my orcs against a great player in our gaming club, who brought over his tomb kings. I have never beaten this player with any of his army, but have been getting progressively better each and every time I face him.

I decided to bring my night goblins as main blocks for static combat rez, and brought small units of speared savage orcs in minimum size units to try and get them as flanker support. I also brought along a giant for good measure, and seeing as how I needed my general in the middle and couldn't just get a Wyvern Lord (goblins just can't be left by themselves...), I decided to fit him with the Battleaxe of the Last Waagh! I was also feigning fanatics, the army didn't contain a single fanatic, I was just hoping to bluff them into getting a few turns to position myself right, and protect my war machines.

Terrain was left open, with a hill on each side, and a forest on the far flanks. This made it easier for my deployment and lent itself to more of a brawl in the center than sneaky flank take-overs.


I was running this list:

Blorc Warboss, Pig, H-armour, Shield, Battleaxe
Blorc BSB, Pig, H-armour, Spirit Totem
N-gobbo Big Boss, Battlebrew, Sneaky Skewerer, Enchanted Shield
Goblin Shaman, Chariot, Scroll, Tricksy Trinket

2 X 20 N-gobbo archers
2 X 35 N-gobbo netters,
2 X 5 Wolf Riders, spears, bows, musician
5 Spiders, bows, Musician
2 X 10 Savage Orcs, spears

10 Hoppers
Wolf Chariot
2 X Spear Chukka
Rock Lobber

2 X Pump Wagons

My opponent had a list that looked a lot like this:

Tomb King, destroyer of eternities
Tomb Prince, jar
Hierophant 1
Hierophant 2

20 Skellies
20 Tomb Guards
10 Archers
2 X 4 Chariots
2 Tomb Swarms
Bone Giant
Screaming Skull Catapult


Pre-game Thoughts: Already regretting giving my General the battleaxe, seeing a unit full of killing blows opposite him. I was going to try and lock his chariots out of battle for a while with my fast cavalry. The rest of his army should be easy picking then with the sheer numbers and static combat resolution on my side. The screaming skull catapult did concern me, as well as army wide fear. Orcs and Goblins don't like fear. I did set up my squig hoppers to mostly protect my war machines though. I was feeling pretty confident with the magic as well.

An unlucky roll at the beginning of the game and my Night Goblin is stupid for the game...I can already feel this won't be my luckiest knight.

My opponent places the two markers around my war machines, ignoring the hopper-guards, and rolls to go first.

Tomb Kings – Turn 1

Tomb King carrions move up to see my war machines and get in range. Everything moves straight up pretty aggressively. I try and stop all the incantations, but during the first magic round my opponent is on fire, and manages to get his carrions to magically move into my rock lobber, and he gets to shoot out with his catapult in the magic phase, hitting my General's unit, and makes him flee, luckily not quite off the table (1 inch away though). In the shooting phase, the catapult only takes down a savage orc, who could care less. The carrions fail in close combat, and an entire carrion base gets owned by rock lobber servants (WTF?!....) .


Orcs and Goblins – Turn 1

My Night Goblin big boss, unable to use the general's leadership, fails stupidity. I send out all my fast cavalry to block out the units of chariots on the sides. My squig hopper do their job and flank those pesky carrions threatening my artillery. My General rallies (hurray!), and the other units move up cautiously, waiting for my general to play catch-up. In the magic phase, on the first spell, my Shaman miscasts into a 3, instantly dies, and the strength 10 hit destroys his chariot. Magic is not going to be easy this game. The hoppers completely destroy the carrions.


Tomb Kings – Turn 2

My baiting works, and his left chariots and his Tomb Guards charge my left wolves and my spiders, who both decide to flee. The wolves get caught by the chariots, but this puts them right where I want them, in front of my hoppers who are ready to dismantle the left flank! The spiders get away from the Guards. His Bone Giant also charges a pump wagon, and his scorpion who crawled out from below, decides to charge up the right-most spear chukka. Magic is not so bad and this time, I manage to stop all the incantations that count. Shooting also has very little effect. The bone giant pulverizes the pump wagon, which is to be expected, and over runs into my savage orcs, in perfect position for the second pump wagon to get his revenge. The crew of the chukka surprisingly survives a fluff from the scorpion, and the result is a tie. Sweet!


Orcs and Goblins – Turn 2

The squig hoppers who are suppose to take out the chariots this turn decide to fight amongst themselves instead. On with plan B, I send my block of Night Goblin archers on the flank of his left-most chariots. With the general backing up my night goblin squig hopper, the hopper manages to pass his stupidity and hit the rear of the scorpion. The remaining pump wagon easily makes it to the flank of the giant. Shooting fails again, hitting but not wounding. In close combat, my pump wagon scores 12 impact hits. This is it, the great giant will fall, is what i'm thinking, but of those 12 hits, only 3 wound, and after the saves are through, all that was for only 1 wound. The Bone Giant then procedes to wipe out 4 boys, who can't wound back, and everyone flees. The Pump Wagon gets away, but the boyz aren't so lucky, and the giant steam rolls over them. The Night Goblin Big Boss on Squig also has a poor phase, and puts a few wounds on the scorpion, but the scorpion kills the crew and evens the combat out. The Night Goblin Archers on the left have a good fight though, and they manage to wipe out a chariot and a half after combat rez.


Tomb Kings – Turn 3

Carrions come out and charge the fighting hoppers. The Tomb Guards use their banner to reform, and head up towards the flank of the archers on the left. His right flank shuffles backwards as we have a stale-mate situation going on on that flank. I don't want to get hit with chariots and risk losing a block, and he doesn't want to give me the charge with my giant and remaining chariot. In the magic phase, he manages to magically shuffle his Tomb Guards into the flank of my archers who are just owning those chariots on the flank, rolling very good on his spells, and heals up his scorpion 1 wound. In combat he destroys my archers, who flee and are easily caught. The chariots get stuck on their unit of Tomb Swarms though. The Tomb Swarm also doesn't strike very hard, and only gets rid of 1 hopper, and the remaining 9 completely destroy them. My Big Boss on Squig is not so luck though, and can't seem to get through the scorpion, who takes out a wound off him.


Orcs and Goblins – Turn 3

I decide it's now or never to end this stand off, and call on my WAAAAGH!! My general, needing a few more inches to flank his Tomb Guards, rolls a 2 for inches forward, and my remaining Savage Orcs don't WAAAAGH! This turn. To add to all this, my BSB's unit gets to WAAAAGH!, but only 1 inch forward. It doesn't end the stand off on the right, but my general's unit just barely makes that flank charge. The hoppers make it into those chariots, and the pump wagon rallies. Shooting once again hits, but does not wound. Close combat is a little disappointing for my night goblin big boss, who dies at the hands of the scorpion, and the Great Cave Squig flees, regardless of being next to my general. My Black Orc warboss also has an under-average phase, scoring only 2 wounds from the 7 ws 7 str 8 attacks, which get transferred to the tomb guards. He does manage to avoid harm though. The goblins don't kill anything, but the static combat rez makes up for that, and 6 more guards melt away. The squig hoppers on the other hand violently destroy the chariots, and stay there to avoid straying too far.


Tomb Kings – Turn 4

He declares a charge with his Scorpion on my hoppers. He then sets up his bone giant for a flank charge on my generals unit, and sets his right chariots up for a charge on my units. His magic phase is insane, and i'm not able to stop anything with my 5 die, rolling too low on his bound spells 6. The chariots make it on my BSBs night goblin bunker, the warriors make it on my savage orc unit, and his bone giant flanks my General in battle flanking his Generals unit. The Bone Giant devastated my block of Night Goblins with his unstoppable rule, crushing 7 tiny green skins. My General rolls well in battle, causing the average of 4 wounds, and his king transferred 2 to his guards, taking two, and returned 1 wound, but it was not enough to make up the bone giant's handy work, and the General's valiant night goblins unit fled, only to be swiftly caught by both his units. The Scorpion killed 2 hoppers, who then brought down the beast to 1 life point. The chariots rolled badly for impact hits, and lost 1 and a half chariots to the BSB's night goblins unit. The Savage Orcs next to them, were not so luck, and fled, but got away.


Orcs andGoblins – Turn 4

The store was closing so we didn't complete this turn, but in the end the Pump Wagon was about to charge the Tomb Guards, the Giant and chariot were about to charge the chariots.


End Result

In the end, had the turn ended statistically, the chariots unit and scorpion would probably have gone down, as well as my suicidal pump wagon. I would probably have had a hard time pulling this game back in my favour, with a chunk of my killy units down and his magic ready to heal back his dead. I still had most of my hoppers and my giant though, and had breached his right flank while he had destroyed my left flank. Hard to say how the rest of the game would have won.

He scored around 1500-1550 points over all with the captured banner and the killed general.
I have no idea how much I took out of his army, but i'd guess probably a minor to solid victory for the Tomb Kings.


Final Thoughts: Very fun and entertaining battle. It was incredibly intricate with the amount of flank charging going on. I had a VERY bad first turn, having almost lost the heart of my army, and losing the extra power dice that could have made a real difference. I wasn't lucky dispelling or in combat, but he had his phases of bad close combat too.

Animosity didn't play a big role in this game. We'll show em only made a difference once, and then my units only squabbled once, evening things out more or less.

The star on the Goblins side of the table is the Squig Hoppers, who ate entire units in a single round of combat, and the war machine crew, who couldn't kill a thing from far away, but who completely rocked in close combat. Never seen a war machine crew take so many rounds of close combat

The star on the Tomb King side of the table was definitely the bone giant. I really under-estimated him. The armour he carries makes him very hard to kill when the war machines are clogged up and refuse to hit. The screaming catapult also did a number on the first turn.

02-04-2010, 06:46
Thanks for the report!

I've never played against TK so I didn't really know what to expect but it seems like it was a hard fought battle for both sides. I'm sad that the store closed early - I would have liked to see what happened in the final phases. His magic seemed really powerful, and that was even worse for you that you lost that Dispel Dice early.

Overall it looks like it was fun with wonky results when you roll the dice (what the ... warmachine crews destroying Carrion!?) but nothing too ridiculous. Kudos for giving the shambling dead a fight they will remember next time they get raised up.

Finally, I loved watching your squig hoppers in action. Is this indicative of how they normally work for you?

Idle Scholar
02-04-2010, 09:49
It seems to me the turning point was early on when your Shaman exploded, letting through even more of his magic.

02-04-2010, 13:30
Thanks for all the comments, it was a very good fight for both of us :D

As for the squig hoppers, they always perform very well, but they were even better than usual this game, getting the initiative jump on those dead guys and having some large frontage to get in a maximum of attacks. They drop like flies when you target them, but each one of those cheap balls is essentially 2 attacks that hit most things on 3s and wound on 2s, that move through cover, and can charge at 360 degrees. One of the best and funnest units in the book!

Imperial Vampire
02-04-2010, 14:33
Thanks for the report Kaubin!

I was the Tomb King player! Just some commentaries:
1) Tomb King had Destroyer of eternities and collar of Shapesh
2) Prince had Vambraces of the sun and armor of the ages (+1 Wo)
3) Hierophant had 4+ Ward
4) Liche priest had dispel scroll and Jar
5) Skeletons had banner of Undying legion
6) Tomb guard had the ubiquitous Banner of "reforming"

03-04-2010, 00:26
The ladz did purty good gainst those dead gits:D. The dice gods seemed to be pretty harsh on both of you lol.

03-04-2010, 10:26
Nice battle and too bad you couldn't finish it.

04-04-2010, 07:25
Very nice battle, I was glad to see the bone giant performing well for once, whenever I use him he performs horrible.

To bad about the store closing early, I would have loved to see what happened in the final stage.

warlord hack'a
05-04-2010, 20:48
yep nice batrep again, still working on finishing your battles before the time runs out I read ;-). Too bad you let your giant be kept busy on the right flank, he should have been a key player (being the only one who can reliably charge anything) in the middle and left of the field.. It is good when you block your opponents hitting units from hitting you, but in this case it seems like you tied up too much of your own force in doing this..