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14-02-2006, 18:19
greetings all.

I need to get my tau army finished and thus a weight off my shoulders (and time to start working on my wolves).

During the last three years I've been amassing a battlesuit heavy force. The fluff is that they're a travelling Earth caste cadre with a small contingent of elite Fire caste Battlesuit Pilots. These are under the command of a Shas'o and his bodyguard. So, I don't use any tanks at all. Just lots of foot troops, battlesuits and drones.

With the upcoming Tau Empire Codex, I want the army to be ready to incorporate a few new sniper drones, at least a full HS slot. That way the army would be pretty much complete.

Up to now, it looks a bit like this:


Those are the two "Manta" that carry the army around the galaxy.



The list up to now looks something like this:

Shas'o+2 bodyguard+2 shield drones
Shas'o+1 bodyguard+2 shield drones
1x3 crisis including team leader
2x5 Xv-15s
2x10 FW including 1 shas'ui w'markerlight
2x8 FW including 3 carbines and 1 shas'ui w'drone controller and 2 gundrones
2x8 Gue'la including 1 Gue've'sa'ui w'markerlight
2x8 gundrones
2x1 Broadside

not everything is built and only some are painted. most firewarriors are basecoated but I've only just started on the Gue'la.

I Have to concentrate my efforts. Stealth teams are next, including two brand new out of the blister that need to get fusionblasters for easter. ;)

14-02-2006, 18:44
The "finished" stealth team:


Shas'o and his goons:


This pic is very representative of the state of the army. Some parts are highlighted and others are just basecoated. some are almost assembled and nothing is based-

14-02-2006, 20:40
I like the flying crisis suits!

Imperial Fist Commander
15-02-2006, 04:10
Nice. I like the paint scheme, especially on the stealth suits.

17-02-2006, 05:40
Ok.. not really an update.. though I have been painting not much and really slow, but painting nonetheless.

First off thanks to FearFrost and IFC for their comments!

the army in it's current state:


the scheme for firewarriors:


I really wanted them to have a very organized, almost antlike quality. So two squads of firewarriors are a combination of half and half kneeling and standing figures. (5 each)

17-02-2006, 09:09
Where did you get all them kneeling legs? Also, whats that huge drone with twin-linked rail gun count as? A broadside?


17-02-2006, 14:46
yeah that's the broaddrone.. traded kneeling legs for.. um random bits really.

I have to cast that big shiled bit so I an make more of those broaddrones though.

Imperial Fist Commander
17-02-2006, 19:09
Wow the white on the Firewarriors makes them stand out from the rest of the army. Nice job. Seems its a popular trend to do white on tau lately. I was considering a white/purple paint scheme for mine.

11-09-2007, 20:48
I like the flying crisis suits!

yeah... so do I. I did a battlesuit landing on a space marine... that was bloody difficult... great looking TE army though. I haven't played tau in a bit... thrashed them, yes, but not played...

floyd pinkerton
11-09-2007, 22:24
cool, nice flying tau!