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02-04-2010, 14:10
This is my first try at a vamp list since I only recently started collecting the army.

Vampire lord riding a Nightmare
+1 magic level
-Red fury
-Master of the black arts
-The accursed armour
------->460 pts

-Dark acolyte
-Lord of the dead
-Power stone x2 ---->180 pts

-Infinitive hatred
-Sword of might
-Crown of the damned
----------------->200 pts

Necromancer on a Corpse cart
+1 Necromancy spell (Vanhel's)
-Book of Arkhan
---------------> 180 pts

10 Crypt ghouls
-----> 80 pts

20 skeleton warriors
FC, Banner of the endless nightmare
------> 205 pts

20 skeleton warriors
--------> 180 pts

3 fel bats
-------> 60 pts

10 grave guard
FC, GW, Royal standard of Strigos


5 Cairn wraiths

15 zombies
--------------->60 pts

Here's the plan:
The vampire lord starts on the ghoul unit which will make a march move thanks to ghoulkin placing him in charge range of the unsuspected enemy units.I will make sure there is a juicy target that will surely break from his attacks and charge him in.
The one of the vampires is tasked with raising the skeleton units to 25-30 models and keeping them high.
The other is more close combat oriented and will try to support in the magic phase by drawing off the dispel die of the enemy.
The necromancer on corpsecart stays behind the graveguard as shown bellow

SSSSS GGGGG SSSSS S=skeletons, V=vampire on foot
SSSSS CC SSSSS G= grave guard C=corpse cart

The ghouls after sending off the general will threaten may-be flankers.
Tha bats either go for warmachine hunting, march blocking or generally messing with the enemy.
The right flank belongs to the Varghulf and the wraiths, my flanking units.
The unit of zombies is pretty much gonna stay on the weaker left flank and lock up units trying to reach my lord.

Feedback if you may :)

EDIT:The second skeleton unit is kinda messed up but you get the idea...

02-04-2010, 19:17
10 ghouls and ghoulkin power....either use full ghoul list or dont use the power.
Also charging your Lord round one is not a good idea without any form of support. He will get ganged, shoot to death or anything really.

imo loose the zombies (if i remember they go 20+ as well, so 15 is illegal), and use a second unit of fell bats, u will need them.
Theres always war machines to hunt, solo characters to lock in combat, even march block.

If u want ghoulkin, make all the skellies to ghoul units, 2x 20 at least, u have points since you wont pay for commant, only champ to take challenges off the vamps.
10 GG are not enough, u will either spent your magic raising them or loose them in one round if your opponent wants to. Use 14 of them 7x7 to get more attacks.

Now, your lord has +2 PD for what? either make him a combat vamp or a caster vamp, middle way doesnt cut it in this edition. If u go the combat way make your other 2 casters focused on ghoul power. If u go the caster way make your 2 vamps combat types, 1 Vamp Lord can handle all the magic phase solo.

So, to sum up a bit.
3x15 or 20 ghouls with champs
2x3 fell bats
14 GG+

and make your vamps dedicated, either casting or cc.

02-04-2010, 19:24
I don't really like the ghoul models so I will just have to drop them all together I suppose.
If I go with a CC lord will my magic phase be fine with the 2 caster vamps and necromancer?

02-04-2010, 21:51
Yes. The difference in using a casty lord vs a melee lord is that it changes how you fight. Casty lords are defensive, melee lords are offensive. Give your melee lord either dread knight or avatar + lycni or flight. I have a fondness for flying my avatar vampires out of my infantry units... that's me though.

Everything else I would say has already been said: with ghouls either go for broke or not at all, all infantry blocks need to be 20 minimum (I run mine at 25) even with a casty lord or you'll lose them first turn against a gunline and never get the chance to raise beyond starting. Personally, I don't like GG. I just have an aversion to elite infantry units. However, I cannot disagree that you want that unit to be bigger so it can absorb punishment both on the way in and once it gets there.

Either way, GL. Just remember that focus is the key to winning with vampires. Hybrid vamps are wasting points somewhere.

02-04-2010, 22:00
Well I already have the 10 grave guard models and that is the only reason I use them.The list pretty much is built around what I have (or will have soon) available.
A full on ghouls list is out of the question simply because the new models are horrible :P
I will try and find a better use of my vampires and figure out something for that zombie unit.

Thanks for the help.

03-04-2010, 12:58
A full on ghouls list is out of the question simply because the new models are horrible :P

I use these ones


03-04-2010, 12:59
They are nice but ghouls lost their meaning for me when they lost their skirmish.Should have noted that too.

03-04-2010, 13:46
They're still a very effective unit, and certainly one people shouldn't ignore in favour of Skeletons or the like. T4 and 2 attacks each is something to be admired when they're unbreakable and healable; so if anything, I'd say find an alternative, and up the unit size to give your ghoulkin a shot. This will give your list a certain suddeness about it, alongside the fellbats and the Varghulf.

I'd decrease some of your other unit sizes to allow for this expansion, the skeletons needn't be 20 starting when you've a relatively good magic base with which to raise them - of course, you'll need Lord of the Dead for that, which is easily added.

So far I'd drop 5 from each skeleton unit minimum, and add an extra unit of 10 ghouls.

Then I'd do something with the graveguard, perhaps 14 strong, to allow for any sudden spell damage to wipe you out or to a point where raising the unit will be too much of an investment. I'd drop the Wraith unit by one model, perhaps two, to the standard Banshee + 2 Wraiths; this is risky, by all means, but at 4 strong they retain combat, and 3 they retain skirmish impact and scream + terror is a trophy in itself.

I'm not sure your lord needs to be on a Nightmare (for any other reason than the armour boost) and I'd be tempted to keep him on foot and use the points elsewhere, or as someone suggested before, give him flying, or just a standard horse.

It's a nice, balanced, workable list as is though, nice work.

03-04-2010, 18:39
I don't really like the ghoul models so I will just have to drop them all together I suppose.
If I go with a CC lord will my magic phase be fine with the 2 caster vamps and necromancer?

well, vamps magic phase is based around healing your army, charging them and sometimes (really rare) doing another spell.

So basically, 2 spells, preffered casting invocation with 1 die to push your opponent to loose scrolls and dispel die early on, so u can raise the ones u actually need.
Build your Lord and heroes around that with any combination that fits your style.
Having Vanhels on necro+book makes your opponent think twice on what to dispel , making u free to raise whatever u need.

For example my Lord is based around raising ghouls and healing other units if needed, 1 vamp to increase fell bat size and 1 combat with Lychni.

You dont need more than 9-10 PD and book.

as Nocculum said, best counting core unit that can do decent in cc is ghouls.
Zombies should be out of the question, only use for them is to raise a unit either to threat a war machine, destroy a unit if it flees or take a quorter at the end of the battle.
Skellies have the major problem of WS2 and T3, their armor does not save them in any way.

Since thats what u got from models, and nowdays GW prices are too high, try to build up your list around that.
and always remember the undead way...heads,arms, toombstones make great raised models :P make the best out of it.