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The Peed Piper
14-02-2006, 17:30
Ok, this is my first Fantasy list. I'm using a Dogs of War army including Regiments of Reknown. It's quite an exotic list so some of the units' rules may be confusing.

The Dogs of War


Paymaster - Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Sword of Battle (+1 A), Enchanted Shield (+5 Sv) (Attached to Paymaster's Bodyguard), Counts as carrying a Battle Standard - 94 pts

Hireling Wizard - Level 1 Wizard, Dispel Scroll - 85 pts

Hireling Wizard - Level 1 Wizard - 60 pts

Core Units

Pirazzo's Lost Legion - 12 Pikemen w/ Pikes and Light Armour
- 5 Crossbowmen w/ Crossbows and Light Armour
- Includes Standard Bearer and Musician
Pirazzo (Human Hero-like stats)- 2x CCWs, Crossbow and Light Armour
= 239 pts

8x Duelists - Swords, Pistols, Musician Upgrade, Skirmishers - 82 pts

Special Units

10x Paymaster's Bodyguard - Halberds, Heavy Armour, Champion.
Magic Standard Bearer (+2 to Combat res.), Stubborn while Paymaster attached = 145 pts

Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks - Skirmishers -6x Halflings - Bow, CCW, Musician
- Ned the Champion & Standard Bearer
-Lumpin Croop (Heroic Halfling stats )- Bow, CCW, Light Armour
=104 pts

Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz - 5 Hobgoblins - CCW, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer, Spear, Bow, Light Armour
- Oglah Khan (Heroic stats) - CCW, Shield, Spear, Light Armour, Bow, Pelt of Wulfag (Pursue always at +D6" )
All mounted on Giant Wolves - Fast Cavalry
= 190 pts

Total 999 pts

I think this is a pretty balanced army, (Coming from no Fantasy experience) I've got the Cavalry stopping power, the shootyness, the skirmishers, Heroes, mages and a Strong Cavalry charge. For those that don't know, Pirazzo's legion has a front rank of crossbowmen, and furthur ranks of pikemen (pikes can fight in 4 ranks!). I've no idea which lores to take for my mages, probably just one with a nice easy missle attack. All the rules for this army can be found on the GW site. So what do you guys think?

16-02-2006, 14:54

Why not upgrade the level on the wizards? If you're taking two anyhow... Either ditch one and buy 2 scrolls on the other, or boost their magic levels.

Secondly, why so many dogs of war "named" legions? I think you are greatly missing out on the real strength of the dogs of war army (cheap troops suited for any combat role). My personal favorite is light cavalry, and of course cannons. Im not saying buy a horde army, but utilize the strength of the army instead of buying stuff any other army can have as dogs of war.

The Peed Piper
17-02-2006, 12:09
For a 1000 pts game I figured to extra magic missles and dispel dice would help more than a single mage. After all lv 4 mages shouldn't be too prevalent in 1000 pts, so the dispel scrolls are needed less.

The Regiments of Reknown all have distinct advantages in my list. Pirazzo's Legion allows me a stand and shoot reaction as well an incentive for the enemy to come to me. The Wolf Boyz I feel are worth their points as they come so heavily armed. It's also a good way to get a powerful hero on the charge without paying for a Mercenary Captain. They're also much faster than normal cavalry with a M9 and extra pursuit dice. Finally the halfings are skirmishers as opposed to their generic equivilants, which gives me some defence against flyers, no wasted shots because of ranks and a degree of defense against ranged weapons. I think they're all pretty justified and I don't think I have too little troops. Also remember that Dogs of War get RoR as different choices to other armies, while normally they'd always be Rare choices, I get to take them as Core or Specials. So I am using an army-specific advantage by using them.

As for cannons, I want them in my list but feel that at this point level, they're not really required. Thanks for the feedback