View Full Version : Bretonnian 2000 Take-all-comers

03-04-2010, 14:43

Getting back into the game after several years away, and looking ot put otgether a 2000 point take all comers list. something I can build toward, learn with, and take to the occasional local tournament without worrying that I'm playing with a "beat me" sign on my forehead. I have the core of my list worked out, but still have a few points kicking around. Hoping for some insight.

Brettonian 2000 points

General: Lord, Quest Vow, BWH, V of Confidence, Birthsword, Ench Shield, Glove, Mantle = 243

Kitted out for challenges and survival - preserve his leadership, and hopefully add to combat resolution.

BSB: Paladin, Virtue of Purity, Gromril Helm, BWH = 124

Kitted out for survival.

Damsel, BW, Dispel Scroll = 105
Damsel, Bw, dispel Scroll = 105

Basic defensive magic complement. From what I gather, the local meta has plenty of elves and vampires, so I figure two girls are a good bet.

Core 1: 8 KE, full command = 181
Core 2: 8 KotR, full command = 212
Core 3: 8 KotR, full command = 212

Pretty standard here.

Special 1: 8 QKn, full command = 251.

Hitty core. Yes, I know about the 7th ed. nerf.

Special 2: 5 PKn, musician = 285

Spoliers, march blockers, warmachine hunters, etc.

Special 3: 6 MY, shields, musician = 103

Spoliers, rank robbers, expendables.

Totals 1821, leaving 179 points. General idea is to put a character in each Knight unit, and use the Peggies and Yeomen to screen, harrass, and giv eme manouvring room. Try to set up an opportunity for simulatenous double team on two enemy units, and hopefully break right through them.

So, the real question is what's missing? I've got a solid core of knights, some utility, magic defence, and a reasonably killy general. I can pick up some peasants, a small unit of knights, or add another character and some doo-dads. What capacities am I overlooking? What do I still need to be able to do? Any insight much appreciated.