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03-04-2010, 17:48
Hey all,

Just experimenting here, I've tried a very elite(if there is such a thing) Orcs and Goblins army with a giant, bigunz etc. Now I'm trying the opposite. I will be using this list mostly against Dark elfs and Lizardmen, so please let me know what you think!


Black orc Big boss: Ulag's akkrit axe, shield, heavy armour, nibbla's itty ring. (134)
Black orc BSB: Martog's best basha, Ironback boar, heavy armour. (164)
Orc Shaman: Lv.2 wizard, 2 dispel scrolls. (150)

Core Units:

25 orc boyz: shields, musician, boss. (170)
25 orc boyz: shields, musician, boss. (170)
25 orc boyz: shields, musician, boss. (170)
25 night goblins: Musician, boss, netters, 3 fanatics. (197)
5 goblin wolf riders: spears, short bows, musician. (76)
5 goblin wolf riders: spears, short bows, musician. (76)
10 orc arrer boyz: (60)

Special units:

14 Black orcs: Shields, musician, standard bearer, gork's waaagh banner. (239)
Orc boar chariot: (80)
2 goblin spear chukkas: 2 orc bullies. (80)

Rara Units:

2 snotling pump wagons: (80)

The idea is to beat up the black guard with all the impact hits/magic as possible, and give away as few victory points via banners(our last game my opponent got 4 banners)

Feedback greatly appreciated!



03-04-2010, 20:11
Doesn't look bad, but may I just say against the blackguard as you mention them don't cast magic into them normally. As from what I've seen they will harbour the ring of hotek. Also you may want another mage as your current magic phase isn't exactly strong, so consider another shaman, or building a stronger defence with morks spirit totem.
Otherwise it looks pretty solid for taking out dark elves. With lizards just make sure you get flank attacks on the saurus blocks with a frontal charge otherwise you will not break them. Unless both pump wagons and the chariot get a charge together.

04-04-2010, 05:42
Dark elves often don't go for a great deal of magic attack. Their defense is so cheap and effective (RoHotek and a couple of scrolls does the goods) that they often don't try too hard. Fair enough, they CAN put on a decent magic phase with their lore and special lores, it's just they are better on cheap defense. Fortunately, so are you.

I'm not sure what I'd recommend to change though. Dropping the level 2 on the shaman and the 'itty ring perhaps (leaving you magic-less in attack), but what to sub in for the points? I'm not a big fan of Black Orcs either, but that's just my thoughts. They're quite good with a called Waaaaaggghhh! and the banner.

Maybe stick the Big Bosses on boars (and the shaman), drop the boss from the NG and up the unit's size a bit. If you can meddle with points a little more, get another Wolf Rider unit. Kit them like the rest for the versatility but realize that at least one unit is there to die. A unit with "hate" as a rule can't choose to not to pursue/over-run, so that extra unit will be your "splatter-ladz". Just to draw the Black Guard in a little, or to the side, if you want. It's cruel, but dead wolves are sometimes the most useful wolves you can buy. You could "vanilla" them to save a few points too.

I'm also a fan of 21 strong NG unit with bows instead of Orc Arrers. Cheap fast cav and harpies have a hard time with them and the threat of fanatics often mess up your opponent's moves too.

04-04-2010, 21:58
itty ring is wasted with just an unsupported level 2 - make the boss better with something else to spend his 25pts on!
drop the level 2, also wasted!
if your after a anti-dark elf try out a savage orc shaman on boar with skull wand of kaloth & collar of zorga - he'll get 2 attacks, ITP, and use him to go monster hunting (Or anything with low ld). If one of his 2 attacks DO land,....bad times for the stupid hydra!
not so keen on the BSB - either make him hard hitting and drop him in a boar chariot so he'll auto waaagh and then charge, or make him anti-magic with his spirit totem bannor
not also keen on the black orcs - you got solid units of boyz, drop these dudes and grab another special slot - more warmachines or squig hoppers. with the points saved grab more fast cav or snottlings!
then you have more distraction units, more hard hitting units, and better spend of your points!