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03-04-2010, 23:14
I'm not sure if this question has been asked an answered but I couldn't find it. What weapon effects and attacks in the Skaven book stop attacks back? I'm fairly sure I remember that impact hits do, even though they are distributed as shooting. Now the FAQ seems to say that The Banner of Dripping Death will as well, how about fog from Plague Censors and The Furnace, and what about attacks from the A-bomb? Again sorry if it seems obvious, been away from fantasy for a little while.

Ultimate Life Form
03-04-2010, 23:18
Casualties in Close Combat are removed from the fighting rank and result in the number of fallen not striking back at the attacker.

03-04-2010, 23:32
That I know, but a lot of skaven weapons have additional effects that kill models in close combat but count as shooting, like HPA attacks, and the toughness test from censors and the furnace, those special attacks are the ones i'm curious about.

Ultimate Life Form
03-04-2010, 23:45
None of these count as shooting. :confused:

They're distributed as per shooting, but they're still Close Combat wounds. The rest is detailed in the Close Combat section of the BRB. That is also exactly the reason why impact hits stop striking back. That is the confusion as far as I understand it. Basically it means Champions and Characters won't die. The Plague Censers force everything in base contact to make a Toughness test, so in that case I'm entirely in the dark as to what you're on to.

Nurgling Chieftain
03-04-2010, 23:58
If it happens in the close combat phase, any casualties reduce the number of models subsequently striking back from that unit in the same phase.

04-04-2010, 00:00
Ok cool. I guess the confusion I'm having is that it says "as per shooting", shooting attacks are against the entire unit, not just the fighting rank, therefore are not removed from the the fighting rank. I totally agree with you that all it means is that they can not be directed against characters and champions, but I'm having an argument with some of my gaming group that's on the other side, as they usually are lol. They say that it counts as a shooting attack, just done in the close combat phase, to the point where you use your shooting armour save, Sea Dragon Cloaks etc.

Ultimate Life Form
04-04-2010, 00:07

They count close combat as shooting???

Okay... I knew there were some weird people abound... but this is too much.

Advice: Tell them to show you where it says 'count as', and recommend to look up the meaning of 'as per' in the dictionary. There would be no reason to state they're distributed as per shooting if they were shooting to begin with.