View Full Version : 2250 Woodies vs New Beasties

04-04-2010, 10:16
Haveing a friendly game soon vs the new beasties, first time have played vs the 7th ed book , looking for some fun and not trying for a powergamer approach.

So yeah im playing without an Alter or HoDA or Treeman Ancient with AoN , but its a freindly and looking for some fun ( but at the same time try make it hard for him :) )

Havent tried a Weaver list with the Moonstone , should be fun , the plan will be to join either the WR or TK group and bounce out of a forest on his side of the table, trap sprung!

Its a very mobile list , the WHR will try for Hit and Run on his screening raiders, GR will swing around and annoy with marchblock, TM will surf up and Strangleroot

Have yet to try the Beffudlement spites , should drive him nuts , LD6 for ungor raiders ? if can get it off will drive him nuts, not expecting ambush as im sure he will try hoarde on me

The Weaver is going for Beasts lore , have two characters can cast bears anger on ( no you cant cast on champs ) and hope to get either beast covers (vs chariots or centigors)
or Wolf Hunts for the extra surprise move/charge !

Any pre-game advice welcome, havent seen the new Beasties book as yet so not sure what's coming at me :confused:

Glamourweave Spellweaver
Glamourweave, Lore of Beasts, Magic Level 4, Longbow, Wand of Wych Elm, Moonstone of the Hidden Ways mounted on a Unicorn

Branchwraith, Magic Level 1 , Cluster of Radiants, Befuddlement of Mischiefs

7 Wardancers , Wardancer Weapons; Musician

Wardancer Noble ,General, Wardancer, Wardancer Weapons ,Annoyance of Netlings

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

8 Dryads

8 Dryads

5 Glade Riders
Spear; Longbow; Musician, Elf Steed

3 Treekin

4 Warhawk Riders
Spear; Longbow ,Warhawk

4 Wild Riders , 1 Wild Hunter
Spear; Light Armour; Standard; Musician,War Banner ,Elf Steed

1 Treeman

Casting Pool: 7 + 2 Bound

Dispel Pool: 6 + Reroll

Models in Army: 65

Total Army Cost: 2245