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04-04-2010, 10:18
now at the moment my WOC seem to be very one-dimensional...i use a sorc lord+sorc+mounted BsB+2 10man khorne marauders W/flails+2X5 dogs + 13 nurgle warriors + 2X4 ogres W/Mos, chaos armour and great weapons + 2X5 nurgle knights + warshrine

now this is all fun, but i am finding that it has become rather one dimensional, i am looking to try and spice things up a litte, i have started to collect skaven simply because i dislike how my WOC is stagnating.

but the real problem is that when i come to write i list i cant think of any good lists that are not using copy and pasted units from the originonal list...

i was wondering what the good people of warseer thought of these basic ideas that i have come up with.

1:'full metal jacket'=all warriors+chosen, maybe some knights with mostly combat characters.

2:'its all fun till you miscast' = max out on wizards, not sure how to stop this turning into a cheese fest, but it possible.

3: 'what is armour??' = this one is a bit more expencive to do and isnt really a big option...but it would include lots of marauders with some help in the form of ogres and a giant.

4 'RAAAAAAAGH' = monster list, mostly ogres (caus i have a few models and trolls are expencive :() with a giant and some marauder cav as core.

so what do people think about these possible ideas? can any of them work?, and more importently would they add any more fun into the army?

also feel free to add any ideas you have for other fun lists (no throgg though, we dont allow SC at the club)

04-04-2010, 16:01

Monster list. No warriors or marauders allowed.

Valkia is a lot of fun.

Horde. 2 x 25 marauders + 2 x 10 marauders minimum.

Sorceror lord on dragon with Death Magic.

Infantry only (go heavy magic).

Daemon Prince.

Ld bomb. Dual hellcannon, doom totem, diabolic splendour on terror causer.



Also try spawns (Scyla!) and Forsaken.

If all else fails, leadbelchers or Manflayers as rare DoW.