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14-02-2006, 22:47

Thane Durnikk Great weapon, light armor
Master Rune of Gromril


Core Units

16 Warriors
Full command
Hand Weapons, great weapons, heavy armor 185

12 Thunderers
Standard bearer
Hand Weapons, light armor, shields 190

10 Thunderers Hand Weapons, light armor 140

Special Units

16 Ironbreakers
Ironbeard, standard bearer
Gromril armor, shields, hand weapons
Rune of Battle 257

Rare Units

Flame Cannon 140


14-02-2006, 23:57
Not really knowing dwarves, I'd say it looks pretty good. You've got two decent infantry units, backed by some nice supportive shooting. You might want to swap the Flame Cannon for something that is better able to deal with more powerful units though, such as a stonethrowers or a bolt thrower. I'm not too familiar with the Flame Cannon though, so maybe it can work.