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Son of Morkai
15-02-2006, 00:38
Original idea in 40k General. (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24833)

So, I'm thinking about making some old Marines, back from before the Emperor had truly launched the Great Crusade. As I'll be using Tyranid Warrior rules for the Marines (Imperial Army get to be the Gaunts and other small things), I really need to bulk up the Marines. Not only do I need this to justify the 2 wounds, but I really want them to be noticably larger than the standard humans. So, before I waste a Marine model, I want to see if anyone has any ideas as to how I should go about making my test model.

I was thinking what I would do is simply bulk up the torso buy using a standard Marine torso and adding plasticard, greenstuff, and guitar string over it to make it look like a Mk1, instead of actually enlarging the torso itself. If it works right, I may simply make a mold and try casting it, as none of the original pieces should be showing.

Seeing as the Mk 1 armor usually didn't have any leg armor, I thought I would reserve leg armor for the squad sergents and anyone with a 3+ save. So everyone else has to have pants. My Greenstuffing kung-fu isn't strong enough for me to sculpt the legs totally from scratch, so my test model will probably be a sgt using slightly lengthened Marine greaves, with a plastic rod as a basis for the upper legs. I'll try sculpting cloth over the tubing, so he'll be wearing partial leg armor. However, if someone can suggest a proper bit (keeping in mind that these will be noticably larger than your standard Marine), then I'll take a look at using it instead.

Arms probably won't be an issue, since the Mk1 armor looks quite different from the Mk 6 and 7. Same as the torso, I'll just build over the existing arm. Shoulder pads will probably get the same treatement.

For the gun, well... here I'm lost. The weapons used by the Emperor's forces back then looked quite different from the current weapons. Quite different from Pre-Heresy weapons, even. Basically, I need something that shouts "Bolter!" while simultaniously shouting "Flash Gorden!" What I might try is building up one of the old second edition bolters a bit, lenghten the barrel and put a bit of an edging around it (similar to that on a lasgun, only set much further back on the barrel).

As for the backpack, even though the Marines will be bigger, I feel that the backpack can stay the same size. After all, it only has to power the arms and cooling systems, not a whole suit plus auto senses, bio scanners, and additional secondary systems. I figure a second edition backpack will do fine with a little work and some additional power cables.

So, anyone have any suggestions before I try this out?

15-02-2006, 13:09
Check out the old bolters. Even better are the ones from Rogue Trader era but they are harder to get hold of. I have some pics of the older ones but not as old as the original plastic space marines if that helps you?

15-02-2006, 13:37
Use the new chaos warrior legs. Armoured to the knees, with boots leather below. Taller than marines, and fit well with marine torso's. Perfect.

Guns? You've got the right idea with lazgun/bolter mixes. I'd use the laz as the barrel allached to the back and magazine of the bolter. Also try moving the magazine around a bit. Put it on top, at the side, even right below the end of the barrel. Refrain from bullpups.

Brother-Captain De Angele
20-02-2008, 10:12
i saw doghouse do a guardsman that looks like its in thunders armour check out his logs and here is a reference photo http://oz.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.oz?do=Individual&code=99110101370&orignav=10 you might wanna buy this for a reference its available on all online stores.(and its awesome:D)