View Full Version : Impact hits and redressing the ranks

06-04-2010, 00:06
Well, a strange situation occurred in my friends' game recently. A unit of 4 Chaos Knights was in combat with a single Ogre, then flank charged by a 6-strong unit of Bulls. It looked something like this:


Where O = Ogre and C = Chaos Knight. The Bull Charge impact hits were resolved first, which killed a single Knight, and the model in contact with the 6 Bulls was removed (seperating them from combat).
Now, I thought it would be only natural for the Ogres to be moved up into combat, as mentioned in the rules for redressing the ranks. But technically, redressing doesn't happen until after the full round of combat, so because there was no rule to the contrary the Chaos player got away with only losing one Knight to the charge, which seems so wrong to me.
Any thoughts on how this situation should be resolved in the future?

06-04-2010, 00:41
Well, you're normally supposed to take casualties from the back ranks. In this case I think you should have taken the casualty from the back file, so the bulls stay in base contact with the knights.

I don't think taking casualties should ever cause a unit to suddenly exit combat in that way.

06-04-2010, 02:22
The Ogres that were in base contact at the start of the combat will get to attack, regardless of which model is removed as a casualty. The Ogres wouldn't actually move up until the end of the combat, though (assuming the Knights hold).

It works just like having a character in a unit during an ongoing combat: Even if the character wipes out the whole enemy front rank, his comrades still get to attack.