View Full Version : 2250 DoC nurgle/khorne list

06-04-2010, 00:19
ok so as the last list that i put up was a bit too nasty im looking at a more mixed approach,

GD of nurgle 620
Lv 4
trappings of nurgle

herald of nurgle 290
lv 1
standard of sundering
staff of nurgle

herald of khorne 175
firestorm axe

14 blood letteres 198
full command

14 blood letters 198
full command

19 plague bearers 258
full command

5 flesh hounds 175

5 flesh hounds 175

2 blood crushers 160

i was thinking of dropping one unit of flesh hounds and getting a few units of furies, just for a bit of a comp boost and some bait/ flee

so is this better or worse????



07-04-2010, 02:20
i played daemons the other day. there blood cruchers got smashed as i took vilitch and cast infernal gate way on them killing half of them then finished them off with some forsaken. i tried casting it two other times in other turns and miscast on both of them. but plague bearers are tops and a rediculously anoying to kill epecically as he took 2 big units of them.