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Agnar the Howler
06-04-2010, 04:54
1) Do the effects of Burning Alignment count as originating from the Priest or the Stegadon?
2) If it is from the Priest, can they be applied to a Bane Head effect from the same Priest? (So unsaved wounds from a BA will double)
3) Can Portent of Far be cast upon the Priest/Stegadon in order to re-roll any 1s from Burning Alignment?
4) Is it considered mean to Bane Head a Bloodthirster that is getting hit by a Burning Alignment attack from a Portent of Far'd Pirest/Stegadon (whichever the attack originates from and depending on whether you can do it)?

Okay, well 4) is a joke (because we all know it's not mean) but the others are genuine. Help would be very much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance.

06-04-2010, 05:25
1) ETOG is like a warmachine that only the priest operates. So the effects originate from the stegadon but require the priest to activate. So no bane head does not work.
2) Nope see above
3) I don't see why not
4) Not at all mean if its a bloodthirster if it was possible

06-04-2010, 05:26
all the engine abilities are described as being done by the engine, 'The engine of the gods can create one of the following effects' 'if you have multiple engines each must choose a different lore'

portent of far applies to a unit. so it wouldn't really matter which part of the unit is causing the hits/wounds they are still hits/wounds from the unit. However burning alignment, as with all engine abilities, is used at the start of the magic phase so it will be before you can cast portent of far. but if you could somehow cast it earlier in the turn yes it would work...just not sure how you would do that.

as for bane head it seems to me the wounds are caused by the engine and not the priest so i would say no you can't claim bane head on burning alignment.

as to 4 it would probably be considered cheating more than mean :D

Necromancy Black
06-04-2010, 08:39
1) From th2 EotG
2) No, the EotG doesn't benefit from banehead.
3) Won't work as EotG has to be used at the beginning of the magic phase.
4) Not even possible