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15-02-2006, 02:47
Here is my 2000 pt high elf army:

Commander 142
- barded steed, heavy armour, lance, shield, radiant gem of hoeth

Battle Standard Bearer 145
- armor of the gods, sword of might

Mage 175
- level 2, dispel scroll, channelor, jewel of the dusk, pure of heart

Mage 180
- level 2, dispel scroll, ring of fury

20 Spearmen 270
- full command, warbanner

19 Spearmen 227
- champion, musician

5 Silverhelms 136
- heavy armour, shields, barding, champion, musician

5 Dragon Princes 250
- full command, banner of sorcery, drakemaster with amulet of the purifying flame, talisman of protection

6 Shadow warriors 90

1 chariot 85

2 Great eagles 100

2 Repeater bolt throwers 200

Total - 2000

the talisman of protection is only there because i had 10 points spare. i wanted to add a second chariot but i couldnt find the points for it. thanks for any ideas.

15-02-2006, 03:10
Looks pretty good. You probably don't really need the BSB unless you want to put a magic banner on him or something - the joys of Elven leadership!

Tactically, you're going to want to take the middle of the board and hold it - use your boltthrowers and magic to force your opponent to advance. You might have some problems against gunlines - spears aren't at their best when they have to cross the board and then charge! - but then you've got ways to alleviate that problem in the eagles and shadow warriors.

Lord Anathir
15-02-2006, 03:21
try cutting down on some extra stuff to make room for another chariot. My honest suggestion, is the drakemaster, his magic item, the talisman and the musicien on the DP unit, and a shadow warrior. thats 67 points. Id drop the silverhelm champ and musicien as well. that will give you more then enough. Command on the support cav units isnt all that important, because when you are flanking spearelf units, you are looking to break through combat res, an extra attack isnt worth dropping the +1 combat res of a standard on the spears for example.

also, id drop one spear in the First among equals unit and with the left over point from the above change, you can get yourself a standard on the second spear unit.

i dont like your characters tbh, im assuming the BSB would go in your second spearelf unit. Thats a big no no. Its a 3+ armor, T3 character...not very strong for 145 points. The magic item section has been deemed the best by the folks at asur.org for bsbs on foot, but there isnt really a viable combination.

My suggestions are

1.to drop him completely for a lvl2, and merge the lvl2s you have there into a lvl4, and give him the blessed tome, so your spears might be able to get ld10.

2. take him out of a unit and put him inbetween. you dont want him to die, especially since so much of the battle plan is centred around him. Drop those items he has for the RGoH, and then drop the first commander for another mage OR, for differnet equipment all together, (eg, ring of corin, amulet)

good luck!

Lord Anathir
15-02-2006, 03:23
i think the BSB can be very usefull...survivabilty is the only major issue though. if you use him as a floater and give some magic items that help the army regardless of where he is....loremaster, one of the rings, etc he can be usefull. trying to equip him for combat isnt a good idea imo.

15-02-2006, 17:41
I would not charge you general idea of the army.
Looks like a nice list. Going strong magic I would advise to take one wizard and make him Seer. This will ensure you'll have a strong magic army