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06-04-2010, 23:25
Hello! So, I actually have yet to really play a bunch of games and get a feel for things, but I've almost got everything assembled and painted... One of those buy a new one when the last one's done kind of people. :(

As such I'm very new to the game and have loved painting up my brets. The peasants sure teach you some patience but I had fun with them.

So, this is the list I've cooked up... I believe it's legal and fairly straightforward, but is it any good?
Lord 229
Silver Lance of the Blessed
Cuirass of Fortune
Gauntlet of the Duel

Paladin BSB 129
Virtue of Duty
War Banner

Paladin 123
Questing Vow
Great Weapon
Virtue of Discipline
Gromril Great Helm

Damsel 120
D. Scroll x2

Damsel 130
Chalice of Malfleur
Ruby Goblet

KE x8 201
Errantry Banner

KotR x8 216

KotR x5 144

M@A x25 140

Archers x14 89

Archers x12 84

PKs x3 175

Grail Knights x5 220

Total: 2000 even
Questing paladin goes with the small unit of KotR, so that unit can't be outnumbered. Lord with the big KotR, BSB with the Errants.

I really like the grail reliquae unit but it's so expensive $$ wise. Are there any cheaper alternatives that still hold true to what the unit is?

07-04-2010, 00:53
Lord 234
Silver Lance of the Blessed
Cuirass of Fortune
Talisman of Protection

Drop the talisman, as you will already have a +6 ward from the Blessing (you should always pray), possibly in favor of Gauntlet of the Duel.

Paladin 133
Questing Vow
Great Weapon
Virtue of the Ideal
Gauntlet of the Duel

You may want to get rid of the Virtue of the Ideal, as while it does have some benefits, the -1 Ld either makes you want to place it away from other units (and out of the general's bubble) leaving you with a Ld 7 alone, or you have to take down a few other units' leadership to 8 inside the main formation.

A damsel is definitely necessary against magic, and you probably want to have two in all lists 2,000 pts and above. When you only take one, a good idea is to give her two dispel scrolls to burn against the worst spells, and with two, give the second either Holy Icon for some nice magic resistance in your Grail Knight block (biggest damage dealer) or Chalice of Mafleur for extra DD and The Ruby Goblet to help with the Grail Knights' squishy toughness (Goblet is also a fail-safe for if the Damsel takes a wound by rolling a one after using the Chalice, minimizing damage once you actually get into combat, by keeping wounding on a +3.)

In the Knight groups, keep the full command as they are useful, but in Men at Arm groups, I tend to not take champions as they are expensive and (in my experience) tend to get killed much easier if goaded into a challenge against other champions (save for goblins) and characters. Cutting down the size to something a bit more movement manageable (like 25) in a mostly cavalry army is a thought, thought having them as a hammer can work, too. The Grail Reliquae with its Stubborn rule and 3 extra pilgrims will be just about the same price as a 35 M@A unit and should be able to hold up a flank with a small, 10-man halberd equiped unit to flank the tarpitted unit and hopefully run the enemy off.

Also, drop the light armor from the Peasant Bowmen units. In a pinch, they can fight, but don't plan on them doing it regularly and keep them in their main role: shooting. Dropping the Villien may be considered as well, as the +1 BS doesn't do all that much when it is just a single core model, and in the lazy sense if you do not have a seperate colored die, you've got to roll one seperate or away from the main group's roll (yes, lazy I am).

Same with the Peasant Bowmen and fighting, dropping the Craftsman from the Trebuchet unit is another good idea. Just as well, dropping the unit altogether and using some of the points you've saved ( if you follow my advice ;) ) in investing in a Grail Knight unit (even if in the smaller range of 6) is a good idea as they are quite fearsome if they charge (especially on a flank).

I certainly hope this helps, and I wish you well in your future battles!