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Col. Dash
07-04-2010, 11:52
I have a tourney at the end of next month I am thinking of attending. How does this list sound?

WW Noble w Hunters Talon and Pageant of Shrikes
Wardancer Noble Blades of Loec
Spell Singer w 2 Dispell scrolls

Glade Guard x10
Glade Guard x10
Glade Riders x5
Glade Riders x5
War Dancers x8
Dryads x8
Wild Riders x5 FC with War Banner
Way Watchers x6

I have about 90% of the models. Enemies will be at the tourney are going to at least be Tomb Kingsx2, skavenx2, dwarves, Ogre kingdoms, and a marauder army.

Kinda torn on the Spell Singer because I feel like its a cop out to have a scroll caddy running around just as a throw in. What I would like would be an Alter Noble with an HOD. I think it would give me a few points too. How does the rest look? I was going for decentralized command, I have the glade guard there but they are more to bait the enemy out into the open while the rest runs around the edges out manuevering and annoying the enemy. The three CC units will work in tandem and support each other and maybe have GR support as well.

07-04-2010, 13:11
Drop the Waywatcher noble, he's really not worth the points, and the Hunter's talon is useless on him as he'll lose the killing blow special rule (basically half the reason why you're spending those additional points). Waywatchers are not there to march block and possibly war-machine/mage hunt; they can though be easily killed, so having a noble in their ranks means that a) your opponent is more likely to focus on killing them, and b) it will be more VPs that you have lost if he does so.

The rest of your list is fairly solid. Re: the spellslinger two scrolls shouldn't be considered too cheesy especially as woodies are more susceptible than most to magic missiles. I will often combine a scroll with the Deepwood Sphere, leave my spellslinger in a wood to lure the enemy in and decimate them. If the spellslinger is partnered with some kind of tarpit then it can really cause a lot of damage especially to elves.

With the points saved from the Waywatcher noble either get a noble, or bump your WR up to 6 and get another unit of dryads (I think you should have enough points). Personally I prefer the later, but then I've never been a fan of having too many heroes.

Good luck.

Col. Dash
07-04-2010, 13:38
I picked WW for the hero over scout for the additional -1 to hit him in cover. He was going to be moving on his own taking out mages while the WW unit did its own thing vs war machines. But i will look into the other option you gave.

I like the DS/Deepwood Sphere idea, it makes him have a little more use.

07-04-2010, 14:23
I would suggest the alter noble with helm hunt/hail of doom over the ww noble any day. Much more versatile and adds some serrious punch to the army with 5 stregnth 6 attacks.
The only other change I would make is dropping one unit of gladeriders and replacing them with another unit of dryads and beefing the wild riders up to 6. Against most of the armies listed the dryads will be more useful than the glade riders as the largeg number of attacks will be brilliant at taking down skeleton/clarant and marauder blocks.