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07-04-2010, 19:10
Hi, i've only recently converted to fantasy from 40k and am still trying to get a hang of the rules. Now that the excuse is in place...
This is probably a silly question and the answer very obvious but when charging, does the mount strike first aswell as the rider?

thankyou in advance :]

07-04-2010, 19:14
Indeed, as any model that counts as charging strikes before any model without the ASF rule or that is also charging. And welcome to WHFB.

07-04-2010, 20:00
I think something that will help the OP alot is this lil bit of mindset. The rules will most often refer to a model. A dude on a horse is all one model. In a few cases you see the rules refer to models of more than one part, or some statement to that effect. In thoses cases the rules should be straightforward. But it is GW. Hope the bit about a model helps with MOST rules questions you might have.

07-04-2010, 20:11
Thankyou, that is very much appreciated :)

And yes, that does help alot. It's just that the situation i am in, is that my gaming group are all switching to WHFB without an experienced person to guide us in the rules. So there are lots of little things like this that aren't so straightforward if you don't have a good base of how GW writes things and how they are to be interpreted. Hence why i'm here and reading as many threads as possible.

Thankyou again :)

07-04-2010, 20:17
Mass change over. Your group get tired of the power creep that is 40k?

Nurgling Chieftain
07-04-2010, 23:56
Heheh, 40K has power creep, WFB has power mountains and chasms.

giant stegadon
08-04-2010, 00:47
As a new player as well who has only played w/ equally new friends I've felt embarrassed to ask certain, seemingly basic, questions.

Actually I asked this one (in a different forum). I dont have a book w/ me but its in the calvary section. The Index is helpful, but its in no way exhaustive. If your experience is anything like mine has been, prepare for the first few games to be flipping through the book furiously when something you never thought about suddenly becomes an issue.

And from the little I understand about 40k, remember Line of Sight, Line of Sight, Line of Sight.