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08-04-2010, 03:16
Hi All!

Would really like as much input regarding this army both in term of playability and friendliness and fun to play as possible!
All comments bad and good much appreciated. :)

I have made a balanced Army with good magic, shooting and melee.
This is for a tournament 2500 pts.
The deployment can differ depending on opponent and terrain
but basicly it consists of three main battlegroups
with a strong support of magic and missil.

A strong magic phase with 8PD + sacrificial dagger
(the big warrior unit is there for fuel the sacrificial dagger counting 2-3 sacrificies per magic phase)
and ev extra power from succesfull spell of darkness spell.
Dispel is 6dices and 2 dispel scrolls.

Also a strong supporting missil phase with
two units of 10RepCrossbowmen, and 2 RBT
and some stray shoots from the 2 chariots and 5dark riders
and ev Breath from Hydra.
Around 70 arrows in the air at start.

Three battlegroups that support each other as well as can link together when need be.
A BsB on horse solo, a Knight unit and a Chariot.
A Knight unit + warbanner, Darkriders and a Chariot.
A Assassin with Warriors and a Hydra.
If the warrior unit need to fight the Sorceror can easily go into either a darkelfcrossbowmen unit or one of the bolt thrower crew.

The Harpies and dark rider are mainly to disrupt, marchblock while
the BsB and Assassin with cloak of twilight also can go enemy character hunting or warmachine hunting.

Druchii Army of Hag Graef 2500 pts

1 Sorceress Lv4 (With Warriors )
Pearl of Infinite Bleakness
Sacrifical Dagger
Dispel Scroll X 2

1 Sorceress Lv2 (With RCB 1st)
Seal of Ghrond
Power Stone

1 Master BsB
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Dark Steed
5 Harpys

5 Dark Riders + Repeater Crossbows

31 Warrior Spears + Shields
FC + Banner of Murder
1 Assassin
Rune of Khaine
Hand of Khaine
Cloak of Twilight

10 Dark Elf + Repeater Crossbows

10 Dark Elf + Repeater Crossbows

1 Cold One Chariot + Repeater Crossbows

1 Cold One Chariot + Repeater Crossbows

6 Cold One Knights 1st
FC + Warbanner

6 Cold One Knights 2nd

1 War Hydra
2 Beastmasters

2Crew/ 1 Rep Bolt Thrower

2Crew/ 1 Rep Bolt Thrower

Modells: 86 Wounds: 101 TotalPoints:2500

P.S I Personally would have loved a scout unit of Shades in there but I feel the chariot is more needed as it is.

08-04-2010, 21:35
No ideas of improvment or something I have missed out?
Dont be shy now :)
I could need some of your good advice on this one since it is the army I plan to play in next tournament

09-04-2010, 02:27
Looks like an excellent and well balanced list. And no Black Guard!

09-04-2010, 08:13
thanks for your time and praise :)

I have noted that in nearly all battles the warriors do as good as the BG
and they free a special slot as well not to mention are a lot cheaper.
They have worked very well for me.

I am glad for the praise but surerly there must be things that can be improved or maybe not working as I intend.

I am worried about
No shades
only 1 unit harpies
only 1 unit dark riders
No wardsave om Lv4sorceror
Is there some way to incorporate that in the army in a good way without taking away the balance? Come now I am sure you veterans out there can come up with good solution :)

14-04-2010, 06:22
"bump" Surerly there must be people with good ideas around

Lets try out if we have some kind veterans that can give me some tasty insights in the world of druchii and come with some improvments.
All insights thankfull tho. :)