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brother slaughterer
08-04-2010, 08:43
Greetings one and all.
I have been challenged to a series of games by an enthusiastic GW staff member who has a new Night Goblin army he wants to try out.

So far he has played 2 games with his gobbos (both against Ogres) and is 1:1.
So I will be using my 3 armies against his gobbos and he will be bringing out his other 2 armies to make a series of battles between our 6 lists.

I will try to post battle Reports for the games and post pics (if I can) and will try to make them as fun and interesting as possible.

The first game will be on Tuesday and will be his gobbo scum against my Dwarf Slayer list (Storm of Chaos).

My other armies I will be using will be:

Daemons (mono Khorne) and possibly Khorne/Tzeentch (tourny preparation list)
Dwarves (gunline) - no lord or anything too nasty (1 cannon, 1 organ gun, loads of thunderers and quarrellers, 3 thanes)

His armies (I think) - Night Goblins, Lizardmen, Dwarves

Hopefully you will enjoy.


08-04-2010, 13:42
Looking forward to

09-04-2010, 04:03
the battle reports

brother slaughterer
12-04-2010, 08:49
Well, the first big games is tomorrow (all being well) and is a classic match up between the 2 hated foes.......greasy stinking gobbos and the honoured or dishonoured ginger stunties.

I will try to post some fluff later today (work permitting) along with my list.

I dont believe in creating lists for specific games, this is my list and it wont change, no matter who Im playing (well, apart from taking a MR banner against a heavy magic list, but thats it) and my deployment will be standard, no matter how he deploys.

Laters :)

My list:

155 DRAGON SLAYER - Wards of Grimnir, Skavenslayer.
165 DRAGON SLAYER - BSB - Master Rune of Valaya
95 DRAGON SLAYER - Wards of Grimnir.
95 DRAGON SLAYER - Wards of Grimnir.

247 TROLL SLAYERS (20) - Giant Slayer + Standard
247 TROLL SLAYERS (20) - Giant Slayer + Standard
247 TROLL SLAYERS (20) - Giant Slayer + Standard


TOTAL 2001 pts

I will hopefully find out roughly what he will be fielding today but my general deployment will be from left to right:

10 slayers - 20 slayers - 3 doomies - fear causing slayers - 3 doomies - 20 slayers - 10 slayers

The GH will go on whatever side looks best preferably with a hill.

Fluff and background will come a little later.


brother slaughterer
13-04-2010, 07:32
Dang it!!! The game has been moved to Thursday so it gives me a bit more time for fluff and background.

Also, the cheeky chappy has told me that he made a little mistake and his list is no longer "no magic", but now consists of a Level 4 mage and 2 Level 2 mages!!!

Now that aint too much of a problem as the slayers are particularly MR with 5 basic DD.

The question is:

a) Leave everything as it is.
b) Remove the CC runes leaving basic Dragon Slayers and add Wards of Grimnir instead (MR1) to each unit.
c) Change BSB from Fear causing to +2 casting DD

Im not too concerned as I still think it will be a fun game with many comedy moments but should I tweak....not sure.


13-04-2010, 16:13
Might add a couple MR runes to your Slayers but would keep as much fear as possible. Fear is god vs puny gobbos lol.

brother slaughterer
13-04-2010, 20:06
Might add a couple MR runes to your Slayers but would keep as much fear as possible. Fear is god vs puny gobbos lol.

mmmmm ideas ideas :)

13-04-2010, 20:53
Take the magic banner just like you said you would against magic heavy armies.

How many points is that list? Seems small for 2k...

brother slaughterer
14-04-2010, 09:43
[I] It was the largest gathering of the grim brotherhood seen in these hills for many a generation...but there was not a sound to be heard from the dour slayers.
No fires were lit, no stories were being told, no jousting, ribbing or boasting from these dishonoured dwarves.
This was not the time for laughter or tales. The slayers expected to meet their dooms and they welcomed it.

Aside from the main throng sat a small group of 4 slayers...the Dragon Slayers, sharing the last of the cask of ale, sitting in contemplative silence, staring down at the silent valley below.

Skar Skarsson broke the silence without glancing up from the valley below "I 'ear they've got a giant. That's mine, you 'ear me!"

"Just filthy stinky gobbo scum for the rest of us, eh?" snorted another, slightly smaller but no less scarred Dragon Slayer.

"What you find to bring yer doom is not my concern, I'm avin that giant!" growled Skarsson.

The slayers fell in to silence once again, watching the valley, waiting for dawn, waiting for the time when they avenge their fallen brothers and meet their dooms with honour./I]

Pregame thoughts:

The plan for the game is to totally nullify his magic offensive with serious magic defense (5 DD, MR1 on every unit and the MR BSB +2 to dispel rolls) and to get in to combat on turn 2 (hopefully) preventing too much shooting coming my way. Hoping for good "Look Snorri Trolls" rolls and first turn.

3 large blocks of slayers with 4 Dragon Slayers and BSB hold the centre and tarpit him while 3 smaller blocks of slayers along with 6 individual Doomseekers flank charge his tarpitted units hopefully causing some break tests and fleeing gobbos.

Goblin Hewer will hopefully whittle down his larger units or annoy giant before combat starts (although usually does b****r all in my games!)

Ill post my amended list later on guys.


List updated guys

brother slaughterer
15-04-2010, 21:28
Well, that didnt go to plan!!

The Dice Gods conspired against me and the gobbos did what they dont normally do....SHOOT WELL, MAGIC WELL, MOVE WELL AND FIGHT WELL!

And we wont mention the pansy slayers not being able to dispel any magic or hit any goblins..losing most combats!!!

Ill try to write it up tomorrow after Ive sulked a bit :cries:

brother slaughterer
16-04-2010, 08:58
Game 1: Dwarf Slayers (SoC) v Night Goblins

Ive already posted my list, but my opponent took;

Level 4 Shamen
Level 2 Shamen
Level 2 Shamen

3 x 20 Night goblins with nets and spears and 6 fanatics
2 x 20 Night goblin archers
10 squigs with handlers
10 bouncy squig rider thingies
2 bolt throwers
5 wolf riders

Unfortunately due to time constraints (we started late and only had less than 2 hours) I wasnt able to write things down or take pics but Ill due my best.


Slayers: L-R

10 slayers - GH on hill - 20 slayers - 3 DS - BSB unit - 3 DS - 20 slayers - 10 slayers - 10 slayers

Goblins: facing me (my L-R_

Wolves - 20 NG - squigs - archers - 20 NG (3F) - 2 BT - 20 NG (3f) - RL+DD - squighoppers - archers - giant


My Look Snorri Trolls rolls were pants..max was 9 inches, the min was 2 inches...set the scene for the rest of the game really.
I thought my magic defense (5DD, MR1 on all units except 1 and +2 to cast) would sort his magic and I could just have fun pummeling him in to the ground....how wrong can one be????

Slayers Turn 1:

No charges (obviously) but all the units shuffled forward ready to charge on Turn 2. Right most unit of 10 turned to face giant.
Goblin Hewer slaughtered 5 pesky squigs.

Night Goblins Turn 1:

This is where it all went squig shaped.
Favourable animosity rolls meant 2 of my units were charged on the L and in centre, the squig riders bounced over the wood and charged my R flank.

Magic....OMG, I couldnt dispel anything despite my MR and plus 2!!! My General was unceremoniously plucked from the battlefield by Gork??? never to be seen again...not even reached combat :(
Mucho mucho damage to my BSB unit and 1 doomseeker with magic..not good.

Then shooting...OMG again. His lobba and doomdiver caused me big probs as did the bolt throwers and even the archers...evrything was hitting and killing my poor dwarves :(

Combat...well, I couldnt even hurt him, both sets of squigs mullered me and I couldnt even kill his spear gobbos on the L flank.

Oh and I forgot he released 6 fanatics in the centre which went through my BSB unit like a dose of salts.

Overall, not a good turn 1 for me :(

Slayers Turn 2:

Better: flank charged squig hoppers with 20 slayers and a DS on Right flank, charged block of NGs in centre, everything moved forward as best as could.
GH killed 3 wolves forcing the unit to flee off board.
Killed all the sqigs on R flank and over ran towards wood.
Couldnt do much to the unit of NGs in centre so was held.

NG Turn 2:

More pesky magic that I couldnt dispel lead to much damage to my units and another DS bit the dust.
His Level 4 miscasted and we read from the wrong miscast table (score 5) meaning he couldnt cast instead of the O+G table which could have probably wiped out his general....DRAT!!
His shooting did a lot of damage again.
His giant wiped out 1 DS then over ran in to a second on the R flank.
The centre was pretty much stagnant with fanatics hurting me and my slayers not being able to kill many greenies.

Slayers Turn 3:

Finally, the boys came good.
Charged his bolthrowers and wiped them off the board, charged his doomdiver, wiping it off the board, charged his block of 20 NGs in centre and causing them to flee after they lost combat.
GH didnt do much this turn.
DS against giant held causing 2 wounds.

NG Turn 3:

More charging from NG units in centre with favourable animosity.
Fanatics did their thing with 3 disappearing - only minimal damage done.
Magic - problematic but not too bad. My BSB managed to resist being removed by Gork??????
Shooting...well not too bad but my GH was removed by the Lobba...B****R!!
CC - I finally started to cause enough wounds to win combats and his units panicked but i didnt run them down...curse those stunty legs.
Giant killed my DS.

Slayer Turn 4:

Charged giant with DS plus 10 slayers.....and finished it off (falling backwards in to scenery.
Finished NG unit off on L flank and killed lobba.

The final few turns were a blur due to over running but his Ng units were wiped out leaving his pesky mages to pester me with magic and his archers to whittle down my VPs and finish off 2 of my remaining DSs.

The end result of the game was a draw in his favour by approx 120 VPs.

Post game conclusion:

A very rushed game with his first turn taking an inordinate length of time, but a very very enjoyable game...one of the most fun games Ive had for a while.

the dice gods were against me and losing my general on 1st turn was a major blow.
And since when did Goblins learn to shoot and fight????

So, on to round 2...his NGs against my Khornate Daemons, he wont find it so easy this time mooooohhhhhaaaaaaahhaaaaaa (evil laugh) :skull:

brother slaughterer
23-04-2010, 07:35
The second game in the series will be happening next Thursday hopefully, Night Goblins against Khorne daemons.

In the meantime, however, I will be playing an epic match on Sunday against an old foe of mine....curse his dice rolling, and i am determined to win this time.

We will be playing Dwarves versus Daemons at approx 4000 points (or whatever we can muster)

I will be playing Daemons (of course) and the list will be an amalgamation of Khorne and Tzeentch (predominantly Khorne).

He will be taking quite a heavy gunline with a fair few slayers thrown in to annoy me (I will be loaning him some of my dear dear stunties to help him out) so it should be quite a good game.......no pesky magic to worry about this time!
Time constraints not an issue this time so hopefully Ill be able to get a decent report written for your pleasure.

Ill try to post my provisional list today for you to peruse.


brother slaughterer
23-04-2010, 09:16
My provisional list for the epic duel is:

BLOODTHIRSTER - Obsidian Armour, Immortal Fury, Axe of khorne
SKULLTAKER - Juggernaut
HERALD OF KHORNE - Juggernaut, Armour of Khorne, Firestorm Blade
HERALD OF KHORNE - Juggernaut, BSB - Banner of Unholy Victory
HERALD OF TZZENTCH - Master of Sorcery
HERALD OF TZEENTCH - Master of Sorcery

BLOODLETTERS (16) - FC, Icon of Endless War
BLOODLETTERS (16) - FC, Icon of Endless War
BLOODLETTERS (16) - FC, Icon of Endless War
PINK HORRORS (16) - St - Icon of Sorcery
PINK HORRORS (16) - St - Icon of Sorcery
PINK HORRORS (16) - St - Icon of Sorcery

BLOODCRUSHERS (5) - FC, Icon of Endless War

The list appears to contain a fair amount of :cheese: but I am basically taking everything I own and I will be facing a large amount of angry dwarves with many many MANY guns so I need all the help I can get.

Hopefully I will be able to post the Dwarf list tomorrow

cheers :cool:

23-04-2010, 09:50
i gotta say that i dont really see too much daemon cheese in there, tho considering that they are daemons that isnt saying much :p

good luck :)

brother slaughterer
23-04-2010, 10:07
i gotta say that i dont really see too much daemon cheese in there, tho considering that they are daemons that isnt saying much :p

good luck :)


Usually when people see hounds, horrors and flamers there is a shriek and accusations of cheese.

Should be a good game and I may set up a scenario to make the game more thematic rather than just an all out kill fest.
Will have to see whether i have time.


23-04-2010, 10:30
woops...missed the flamers :p, although 2 units of hounds at this level really isnt too bad, and the dwarvs should be able to muster up enough deffence to stop your horros fairly well :)

but yeah, i thin my lack of experience in versing daemons might be showing through a little bit lol