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09-04-2010, 01:40
So after starting out cheesing my brains out with skaven armies such as "grey seer on bell with two HPA and assassins" or another favorite "4 PP on plague furnaces and a crap load of plague monks" I have decided to mellow down and try an army with less... cheese! So here it is...

Queek Headtaker- 215

Death Master Snikch- 270

Warlock Engineer - 120
lvl 2 wizard

Chieftain- 122
Storm Banner

25x Clanrats 137

25x Clanrats 137

25x Clanrats 137

25x Clanrats 137

25x Clanrats 137

30x Stormvermin- 295
Banner of Clan Superior

4xRat Ogres- 241
2x Packmasters
Shock Prod

8x Gutter Runners- 148

Doomwheel- 150

TOTAL PTS= 2259...

Right now just playing with some friends so the 9 pts over isnt a big deal, will just take out the Deathrunner from the Gutterunner unit. Im afraid that this army doesnt have much hitting power against heavily armored armies and relies heavily on the one wizard and stormbanner. Plus, no HPA =(...

09-04-2010, 01:48
One variation I was thinking about for some more hitting power is taking out one unit of clan rats and Snikch (even though he is my hero!) and replacing it with...

14 Plague Censor Bearers and and an Assassin with the Warpforged Blade for 394 pts..

So thoughts?

09-04-2010, 02:18
The 14 censor bearers will make you're life a lot easier. Sure, Snikch is great, but the censor bearers as flankers are a necessity, and you've got the other assassin in there for character kills

I don't like you're magic defense, sorry to say. Hopefully the Gutter Runners and Assassin can kill any mages he has lingering about in the second, or third turn, or else you're in for a world of hurt.

09-04-2010, 02:26
Needs slaves. But other then that looks decent.

09-04-2010, 02:47
I am worried about magice defense as well. I was thinking how to either fit another warlock in there or even remove queek for a grey seer. If I remove queek, then the army just isnt what I want it to be. So the only other option would be booting the assassin for another warlock or the BSB, but this armor relies heavily on the stormbanner, so Im thinking thats not a good idea.
So, is it the assassin, Queek, or BSB that gets the axe? Or is there something I havent thought of?

09-04-2010, 03:19
I think I have an idea to squeeze in some more magic defense:

Drop Gutter Runners to 7, drop Stormvermin to 25, drop 2 units of clanrats, and you have That gives you enough for a unit of 7 PCB, a Plague Priest, with a flail and 2 dispell scrolls (to accompany the PCB, or give LD), and two units of 21 slaves with musician. This way, you keep the body count high, you keep Snikch, you get the flankers and magic defense you need, and use all the models you currently have in your list, plus some PCB.

Win-win methinks

09-04-2010, 04:17
I do like the idea, but playing by army book rules and all, in a 2250pt game im only allowed 4 chrs. So your proposal would give me Queek, Snikch, the BSB, the warlock and a PP for a total of 5.

09-04-2010, 13:35
Err yeah, my bad. I didn't proofread the post...I didn't even edit the list! Lol.

I meant for you to drop the BSB as well. IMO magic defense and offense is more important than a reroll on a breaktest you most likely won't be making due to low ld anyway. It's great if you've got the Stormvermin as a cheap deathstar, but with Queek in there they probably won't be going anywhere anyway. This also gives you the points for a Warp Lightning Canon or a Plague Catapult

10-04-2010, 04:59
So I ended up playing a game with this army and took two units of clan rats, the BSB, and snikch out, replaced with 15 plague censor bearers and a lvl 2 PP and two units of 21 slaves. I played against a vampire counts army who had a vampire hero, Isabella and vlad, and a white king. The opponent had TWO wraith units and although my Doomwheel took care of one, the other wreaked havoc. The final deciscion came down to my SV with Queek(plus assassin) and the rat ogres charging his grave gaurd, two vampires and the white lord.

Well I killed all the characters but Vlad and all but 5 gravegaurd. . . then he got off a total power Undead horde and rolled a whopping 17 on the 3d6. . .

So then he got all his grave gaurd back and I lost by a lot on combat rez. . .

So it was good until the magic phases. . . The only weakness I can see is lack of shooting and magic resistance.

Any more helpful pointers???