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09-04-2010, 03:01
Hey Warseer, I've been collecting and painting Nurgle Themed WoC for the past year or so and have now decided maybe it's time to broaden my horizons with the Game aspect of WHFB. Here's a list of what i have currently:

2 Exalted Hero
3 Mage on Foot

20 Warhounds
12 Warriors (w/ Command)
5 Chosen (w/ Command)
5 Knights (w/ Command)
3 Dragon Ogre

32 Marauders
10 Older Metal Warhounds
5 Forsaken
1 Chariot (was considering Converting this into a Warshrine)
1 Character on Foot (Champion on Foot Blister... Many uses ;) )

I've been lurking a little on these forums for a month or so and whenever I see a WoC list pop up it seems to most commonly be a Cavalry List. Now while this looks interesting I'm not entirely sure this is something I'd want to play. I guess what I'm looking for here is if anyone has any advice on where to expand from here to have a fun, mostly casual list. Also if possible to keep it Nurgle Fluffed It's be appreciated but it's never out of the question to stray from the theme.

Thanks, Raikor.

09-04-2010, 07:05
well I'm just currently running a infantry nurgle army, and I can say festus rocks- if you allow SC in your games, not enough to be broken but is a help in keeping marrauders alive thanks to re-gen

other than that, I'm runnning this at 1500
level 2- puppet
exalted bsb with sword of power, and enchanted shield
20ish marrauders
20ish marrauders
5 marrauder cav
5 dogs
5 knights
3 drogers with GWs and out of the 7 games I played I've lost 2 (due to knights fleeing due to dead dogs one game, and the marrauder unit with festus and other wizzard in fleeing the other thanks to SSC) and won the rest (mostly SVs)

yep I get accused of caracter sniping but I'm people are now going more defencve in our club caracter wise, which good