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09-04-2010, 23:41
OK, I was playing against myself (and I won :D) with the BFSP set (whch I bought recently for my gobbo army)

Anyway the Dwarfs had a cannon way out on the flank, spider riders came round and 'flank' charged it, although obviously it has no flanks, the spiders were now facing down the width of the board, the rest of the dwarf line.

Spiders win combat and the crew flee towards the dwarf miners. However a cannon is in the way, as they are basically skirmishers they go around but,does the cannon stop the riders in their pursuit/overcharge into the miners?

I assumed no (but I'm not sure) so they overcharge into the miners who are in combat with a troll. This combat has not yet been worked out, no-one has attacked or anything like that. Do the riders get to attack and is their rank, flank and standard included in combat res.?

I assumed yes. They then won this combat and overcharged (including troll) into some Thunderers (deployed 1*10) 1 rider and the troll were in base contact. Does combat then begin with this unit? Possibly meaning they will win and then overcharge (again) into the next unit along the line??

At this point I just ended the combat phase and resolved the combat in the following phase as if the troll and riders had charged the Thunderers during the dwarf turn, was that right? What should I have done??

Nurgling Chieftain
09-04-2010, 23:58
I can't tell what happened from your post, so I'll just write some guidelines.

If you break and pursue a warmachine crew in HtH, the warmachine they were crewing is "spiked" and automatically destroyed; carry on the pursuit as if it were not there.

If you charge into an uncrewed warmachine (normally or via pursuit) you must fight it in HtH normally. Since it is US0 and doesn't fight, you will pretty much automatically win combat and automatically destroy it thereafter, but that can affect timing so you do go through with it.

If you pursue or overrun into an existing combat which has not yet been fought that phase, you can fight in that combat (counting as charging) but cannot pursue or overrun (so a single unit can potentially fight in two combats in the same phase this way, but not three!). Normally, though, when you pursue or overrun into an enemy unit, you'll fight them next turn, rather than later in the same phase.

10-04-2010, 03:30
Ok thanks, I this is mostly what I thought, although I thought that warmachines stayed alive but counted as being invisible or something as the crew could have rallied and returned to the cannon. But if you're sure, I believe you

Nurgling Chieftain
10-04-2010, 04:24
It's possible for a warmachine to lose its crew and later regain that crew, or even a different crew, but that sort of thing is more likely to happen from shooting or magic. If it's attacked in HtH and there are no crew left defending it (including cases where the crew fled or was wiped out trying), it's automatically destroyed at the end of the combat, leaving the attackers free to pursue or overrun if applicable. This is stated in the main rulebook on page 86, right column, last sentence of the first paragraph under "CLOSE COMBAT".

12-04-2010, 07:44
With regards to your "overcharging"
If a unit has won combat and pursues its foe or overruns (only if it wiped them out on the first combat after it charged) and runs into a combat that has not yet been resolved then the unit gets to fight in this combat. After they have fought this second round of combat they are too tired to pursue or overrun again. So if I followed your game correctly, The spider riders won on the charge and then overran into the miners who had already been charged by the trolls. When you fight this combat both the trolls and the spider riders can fight. If they win combat and break the miners, then the spider riders can not pursue but the trolls can. The Miners will flee from the larger of the two units, and the trolls can pursue. If this pursuit takes them into combat with a previously unengaged unit of Dwarve Thunderers, then the Trolls will count as charging in the next combat phase but not fight again in this one. If the unit of thunderers was engaged in combat already and hadn't fought yet then when they fought their combat the trolls could fight again. But they would not be able to pursue or overrun a second time.

I hope that makes sense