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15-02-2006, 17:18
Ok i've had a rather long hiatus from the painting side of the hobby, a rather nasty accident involving the index finger on my right hand...and a printing press. Now i've all but got the use of it back its time to crack on...

The Pireus 5th 'The Vaan-Guard'

Quick background = Under the command of Captain Vaandar The Pireus 5th is a motley crew made up from the remnants of the Pireus 3rd and the Landrian 14th. The Pireus 3rd were stationed on the planet Landra to help, when it became involved in a widespread chaos incursion.
Both the Pireus 3rd and the Landrian 14th suffered heavy losses and were formed together, after exterminatus was declared on Landra, to form the Pireus 5th who have been fighting together ever since.

(It doesnt sound right, would they become the Pireus 5th or stay as the Pireus 3rd?)

Basically its a roughly 50/50 split between Cadians and Bretonnian men at arms/cadian conversions with sprinklings of Steel Legion, Pretorians and Tallerns (already had the models and wanted to use them)

The distraction (finally got a decent PC that i can actually play games on! I wont...much)


Workstation before:


Workstation after:


The (almost) fully built army in formation


15-02-2006, 17:23
Captain Vaandar himself (or at least for the moment not quite sure if he looks to much like a commisar, i did use guant afterall. Also is the sword too big?)


These are two of the few i've 'finished' painting



Im still not sure I know I could paint them better (at the time I was going for a cartoony look, hence the quite harsh highlights) Im quite tempted to start from scratch but I dont know, any comments?

15-02-2006, 17:29
A Sneak peak at the style of one of my Vet squads.

Imperial Guard Knight Terminators :D




A gaming buddy plays Grey Knights so it had to be done, the rest of the squad wont be done for a while.
For the other vet squad I'm going to be using the new Vostyrians (sp?) to show the high / low tech devide.

Anvils Hammer
15-02-2006, 17:46
i like the scheme, but it doesnt have enough contrast, make the under garment darker or the armour lighter, id suggest a much lighter grey on the armour.

the commander is cool but he looks like hes leaning back, and the legs just arnt bulky enough, try adding more to the legs, or a cloack, and leaning the model forward slightly. the sword is awesome.

looking good so far.

15-02-2006, 18:34
They'd remain the 3rd until completely wiped out, when a new regiment would be formed.

I like the idea of the "guard knight" but am worried as to his use in game terms. A unit of guard with close combat weapons and laspistols are about as usefull as a chocolate plasmagun.

15-02-2006, 19:05
i agree maybe some white camo onto the grey?

15-02-2006, 19:48
Thanks guys...

I've darkened up the undergarments and made the armour a lighter gray, but my camera isnt wanting to take at least a half decent picture

Apologies for the crap photos by the way, I need a decent camera

That background bit was made up on the fly so i'll tweak with it later, I thought they might stay the 3rd.

Camo might be a nice touch...hmmm worth a try

*Edit* the one posted is going to be the vet sergeant so might be using a power wpn and pistol, the rest will have lasguns but will just look a lot more tech and blinged ala the Grey Knights...thats the plan

I'll update tommorow, cheers

15-02-2006, 21:18
try keeping the colour scheme through out the regiment, even if the colours are swapped between clothes and armour, it'll make it more unified. There's nothing wrong with making some of the colours lighter etc (for example, for paetorians try using the same colours but use a mix of grey/white for the hats)

16-02-2006, 11:20
Ok heres the new darker underneath / lighter on top scheme
1:http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e28/CallOfTheBeowolf/000_19332.jpg 2: http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e28/CallOfTheBeowolf/Guard000_19631.jpg

Here's a close up of the legs where i've added a bit of mud and grime


Once again sorry about the photos...

Plan for today is too convert up the vet sergeants with bolters and maybe put to gether the heavy weapon crews

Might also have a go at adding camo