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Anvils Hammer
24-05-2005, 21:03
some fluff i wrote for my army, hope you like it.


……Phineaus, captain of the Tetra guard, slammed the butt of his auto rifle into the jaw of the chaos scum standing before him, ripping the mutants face off in a shower of gore. Rolling under the viscous blade of another cultilist, Phineaus rose to his feet, slammed a fresh magazine into his gun and tearing the corridor apart in a hail of armour piecing bullets. Phineaus stepped over the body of one of his enemies, his boots sloshed through the gore and body parts littering the floor, he turned his back on the carnage, there were still heretics to kill….
While the emperor watched over him he would never die…

Sethra is a forge world located in the heart of the Imperium, the capital city, Sethra Prime, is home to almost 7 billion people and covers almost half the land mass of Sethra, the area outside this is a desert of ash and snow with few natural resources, and It is rare for anyone to venture outside the towering walls of the city.
Sethra is a caste based society, where the lowest class, the serfs, make up 40% of the population and are treated little better than animals.
The Tetra Grammaton, the highest caste, are seen as divine interpreters of the emperors will and command total obedience from all other classes, ruling with an Iron fist over one of the most theocratic and totalitarian societies in the Imperium.
The only part of Sethran society that is not controlled by the caste system is the military forces of the Sethra. The military will accept anyone who can pass the 1st trial of Fire. This is an extensive course of physical and metal conditioning, culminating in aspirants being paired up and fighting in gladiatorial style battles to the death to earn the right to join the Sethra 2nd, Sethra’s largest fighting unit.
After 4 years in the Sethra 2nd, a soldier earns the right to undertake the 2nd trial of Fire, an even tougher trial than the first, culminating in the recruit going unarmed into the Ash wastes to bring back the head of a Feral Ork.
Only a third of applicants return and earn the right to carry the shield of Sethra and Join the ranks of the elite Sethra 1st.
The Sethra 1st are lead into battle by the clerics of the Tetragrammaton, and assuming the soldier survives long enough, he will eventually be chosen to join the Tetra Guard, the body guards of the Tetragrammanton and the most experiences fighting force on Sethra.

The fighting forces of Sethra are well equipped with armoured vehicles, body armour and high tech weapons, and make excellent use of this equipment to strike the enemies of the Emperor hard and fast.
A typical assault involves waves of Infantry softening up the enemy, before elite units of Sethra 1st move in to destroy the enemy at close range, supported by the powerful siege tanks from the forges of Sethra. The Sethran's real expertise is in urban combat, where extensive drilling and powerful close range weapons can be used to full effect.
The disciplined relentless assaults of the Sethran Regiments have turned the tides in war zones all across the sector.

Phineaus laughed hysterically as he slashed left and right, cutting down the Ork’s heedless of the wounds they inflicted in return, the emperor was with him and he would never die!
All around him the Ork’s were falling back before the onslaught, heavy guns blasted great chunks out of theOork mobs as disciplined auto rifle fire ripped apart every counter attack, Several tanks has been destroyed and dozens of Sethran’s lay dead, but the tide of battle was turning against the greenskins.
Phineaus reached the top of the breech in the wall, shouting his challenge to the orks as the prepared for another attack.
.. for the First time, Phineaus became aware of the pain in his chest, he looked down and saw the blood running from scores of wounds in his flesh through the gashes in his battered armour.
Light head through the pain, he knew he was going to die… but not yet!
“Rally Sons of Sethra!, for Sethra, for the Emperor… Charge!!
As one, the elite of the Sethra armed forces leaped out of their cover and hurled themselves at the Ork’s…

Phineaus lay on the ground, he saw the lips of the medics move, they seemed to be shouting about somthing but he coulden’t hear their words.
Phineaus smiled as life slipped away from him, he had not failed in his Duty..

It is recorded in the Tetra Guard role of honour that Captain Phineaus slew 27 Orks at the battle of Atharan’s ridge and fought on valiantly despite his wounds , leading the Sethra 1st to victory before finally succumbing to his wounds.

25-05-2005, 03:23
First, editorial stuff.

I would change "he turned his back on the carnage, there were still heretics to kill….While the emperor watched over him he would never die…" to: "he turned his back on the carnage. There were still heretics to kill and while the emperor watched over him he would never die…". This 'works' better, also because you only finish with the triple dots and don't have triple dots before the end.

"Sethra is a caste based society": It's caste-based. What do you mean, anal? :p

"The only part of Sethran society that is not controlled by the caste system is the military forces of the Sethra. ": The first 'is' refers to 'part', the second to 'the military forces' so it should be "are the military forces" instead.

"the body guards of the Tetragrammanton and the most experiences fighting force on Sethra.": Must be experienced.

"The Sethran's real expertise is in urban combat": Should be Sethrans' .

"they seemed to be shouting about somthing but he coulden’t hear their words.": Obvious, eh?
_ _ _

I did like the story, though at first i thought it was about Space Marines (i read over the mention of the autorifle). Don't you think 27 Orks is a bit much for a puny human? I doubt even a Space Marine could get that kind of casualty count. ;)

I also wondered, who wields supreme power of the military and how does this relate to the Tetra Grammaton? And why are they named after some old Egyptian guy, anything to do with colour scheme or symbolism? Many occurances of 3's? One at least.

Rating: 3/5

Anvils Hammer
25-05-2005, 12:01
thanks alot for the quality feedback, its appreciated.

editorial changes-
made most of them, thanks. one I had already made after I posted it yesturday which confused me a bit.

Phinaeus was a Lord Marshal of the the tetra Guard, the title given to the longest serving captain of the tetra guard, Phinaeus is dead, the title is currently held by my army command, Lord Marshal Theatus Xavier, whom I have a modle for.

over the course of a battle, he could easily have kill 27 orks, not in one go obviously.

the world is governed by a council of Clerics who make all decisions and control the military completly, they are the equvalent of a planetary governor.

my fluff is quite hevily based on my favorite movie of all time "equlibrium" which is about a society ruled by the tetra grammaton, where law is eforced by highly trained Clerics who kill lots of people.
its nothing to do with colours, my colour scheme is white armour, dark green undergarments and red cloaks/crests etc.

command squad- the gy in the middle is the current Lord Marshall of the Tetra Guard (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/joelpitt1/DSCN1553.jpg)
Just the Lord Marshall-easily capable of killing 27 orks (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/joelpitt1/Thaetuspainted2.jpg)

25-05-2005, 22:29
thanks alot for the quality feedback, its appreciated.
It's what i'm here for. :D

Nice models! Is that skull on the standard freehand?

Anvils Hammer
25-05-2005, 23:35
I long for the day when i can do freehand like that.
alas, the skull is a skeleton warrior shield boss, I did paint it rather nicly though i think.
t does look like freehand, possible because the flash emphesised the blue background alot, making it all appear flatter.

25-05-2005, 23:45
I see it now, i just realised i have those skelly warrior shields too. :o