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11-04-2010, 20:32
After having 2 games earlier in the week pretty much ruined by gateway and the dreaded 13th spell, i was totally demoralised and pretty pissed off with the Beasts even though it was nothing to do with them.
Anyway my Warriors club mate Pete offered me a 3k none magic game which i jumped at the chance to play, no 1 spell game killers no nonsense just pure chaos on chaos crime!

The following is a report of what happened in our game, a test to our beloved chaos gods to show which of the chaos armies really was the combat masters!
This is my first real battle report so bare with me.

Army lists:

1 Chariot
1 Chariot
1 Chariot
1 Chariot

5x Ungor Raiders
5x Ungor Raiders
5x Ungor Raiders
5x Ungor Raiders

16x Bestigors
Musician, Standard, Champion, Manbane Standard

5x Minotaurs
Musician, Standard, Champion, Additional Hand Weapons

5x Centigors - rolled for stubborn
Champion, Standard, Musician


Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Gnarled Hide, Sword of Might

Wargor Battle Standard Bearer
Heavy Armour, Shield, Slug Skin, Warbanner

Additional Hand Weapon, Trollhide, Gouge-tusks,
Many Limbed Fiend

Brass Cleaver, Razorgor Chariot, Heavy Armour

Warriors of Chaos

16 Marauders
Champion, Standard, Musician, Shields, Light Armour, Mark of Khorne

15 Marauders
Champion, Standard, Musician, Flails, Mark of Khorne

5 Marauder horsemen
Champion, Musician, Shields, Mark of Slaanesh

20 Chaos Warriors
Champion, Standard, Musician, Additional Hand Weapon, Mark of Khorne

10 Chaos Knights
Champion, Standard, Musician, Warbanner, Mark of Slaanesh

4 Dragon Ogres
Great Weapons

1 Chaos Chariot
Mark of Khorne

1 Chaos Giant
Mark of Slaanesh

1 Hell Cannon

Chaos Lord
Additional Hand Weapon, Skinhidden Plate, Blood Curdling Roar, Mark of Khorne

Exalted BSB
Great Weapon, Banner of the gods, Mark of Khorne

Exalted Hero
Shield, Athersword, Stream of Corruption, Mark of Khorne

5 Chaos Warhounds

Beast Deployment

Warriors Deployment

11-04-2010, 20:33
Beast Deployment

Warriors Deployment

Beastmen Turn 1

Nothing exciting happens, the cloven hoofs all march forward, Jabber flies behind the hill.
2 units of Ungor Raiders both fail to turn up, rather frustrating as i was hoping to march block a few things.
Cygor hurls a rock at the Chaos Knight unit and misfires, pretty poor first turn but no real issues.

End of Beastmen turn 1

Chaos Warriors Turn 1

In the true chaos fasionall of his stuff advanced, no charges yet, on his right flank his Marauders reform out of my Chariots arc.
His shooting phase was aweful for the Beasts, the Hell Cannon aimed straight for my Block of Minotaurs and aimed true, the template landed straight on my Doombulls head causing 6!!! wounds and a minotaur.... i'm not going to lie my heart sank, 350pts of pure killing cow gone..just gone :'(
Nothing else happened in the chaos turn

Enf of Warriors Turn 1

Beastmen Turn 2

A better turn for the Beasts i think, charging time!

My 4 remaining Minotaurs charge his Marauder unit with Hero, easily in range.

My Centigors and Ghorgon declare a charge on his Lord and Warriors unit both in range.

One of my middle chariots declares a charge on his hounds who flee and escape leaving my chariot in a rather poor position, a bad move on my part.

My left flank chariot fails charge from on his Marauders, another mistake but i was hoping my ungor unit could pick a few of his Horsemen off.

In the remaining moves phase 1 of my ungor raider units arrives on my left flank next to his Marauder horsemen, the other ambushing unit fails to arrive again.
The Jabba flies behind his line to get a rear charge on something next turn and hopefully Aura his Knights.

No magic obviously but my Jabba Aured his Knights perfectly taking 2 of them down!
Shooting phase only manages to get me 2 dead marauders, i was hoping for 3 but never mind.
Cygor over shoots against his Knights killing nothing.

In combat the 4 Minotaurs slaughtered his Marauder and Hero unit, failing to pursue them though, 1D6 pursuit sucks!
The Ghorgon and Centigors kill a few Warriors but lose combat, i was banking on both passing stubborn leadership tests sadly the 1 surviving Centigor failed and fled, the Ghorgon Stays where he is though.

End of Beastmen Turn 2

Chaos Warriors Turn 2

Marauder horsemen charge through a unit of Ungor Raiders and overrun into my Cygor.
His Chaos Knights charge my chariot kill it and then overrun into my Beastlords unit.
His right flank Marauders Charge my Chariot beat it in combat but fail to run it down.
Giant and Dragon ogres advance. Warhounds and fleeing Marauder unit with Hero in rally.
In the shooting phase his hell cannon once again gives me a beating killing 5 Bestigors!
In the combat phase his Lord moves and BSB move over to attack the Ghorgon, failing miserably they only cause 2 wounds between them. In return the Ghorgon kills the BSB and put's 2 wounds on the Lord, Ghorgon passes his Stubborn LD test.

End of Warriors Turn 2

Beastmen turn 3

So far it was a pretty even game, he probably was still in the lead having killed that doombull early on.
Anyway onto charges. My left flank Ungor raiders charge his Marauder unit in the flank, Minotaurs charge his Warrior block in the flank.
The Jabberslythe charges his Knights in the rear and the middle chariot charges into his Knights flank in hopes of Saving my Beastlord and BSB.
My left hand Chariot rallies and my last Ambushing unit once again fails to turn up!

Jabba's Auro causes no wounds sadly.

Combat time, my left hand raiders fail miserably against his Marauders failing to do any wounds and recieving 4 in return and end up getting run down. The cygor continues failing me big time killing only 1 Marauder horsemen but takes no wound's back, Horsemen pass LD test and hold.

The most important part of this turn was the middle combat, my generals unit. Impact hits from the Chariot killed 1 Knight who then went on to kill 5 Bestigors including my champion in a challenge.
In return the Beastlord kills 3 Knights, the Jabba kills 1 and the Bestigor on the Chariot kills another, the Chaos Knights could take no more and flee, I pursue with all 3 units, Chariot, Bestigor and the Jabba which run the Knights down.

The Minotaurs got some a little revenge for the Doombull, they killed around 6 Chaos Warriors with Impact hits and normal attacks which wasn't too bad.
His Lord dropped the Ghorgon down to a single wound which had me smiling, only to relise his 4 attack champion got to hit me first. The champion caused a single wound killing the Ghorgon which would have killed his Lord. The Warrior block passes it's leadership test and holds.

End of Beastmen Turn 3

Chaos Warriors Turn 3

Starting to get real interesting now, with the loss of his Knights and his general it was looking good for the Beastmen but still pretty even at this stage.
He declared charges with his Giant on my Cygor, his Marauder unit with hero into my Minotaur flank.

He reforms his Dragon Ogres to get a better position, his chariot gets into position to charge the Minotaurs incase they survive.

He aims the the dreaded hell cannon at my Pumba Cart which has a Wargor on it but misses thankfully this time.

Combat phase was pretty cool, his Giant decided to take a bite out of my Cygor causing 3 wounds, the Marauders all missed, in return the Cygor killed the remaining 2 Marauder Horsemen and bitch slapped the Giant causing a single wound.

In the minotaur combat he moves his lord to be able to fight and Issues a challenge with him, the Minotaur Champion accepts but doesn't look too pleased about it, amazingly though the Chaos Lord only manages 2 wounds on the champion who in return smites the Lord down, had he lived on i think Doombull status was all but his after that :D
He kills 2 Minotaurs with all his other stuff, some pretty poor dice from him in that one, the remaining Minotaur kills 4 Warriors.
Unfortunately the Mino's lose the combat and get run down, the Chaos Warrior block pursues into my Pumbacart.

End of Chaos Warriors turn 3

Beastmen Turn 4

Oh how things can change, it was looking pretty nice for me last turn but now with the loss of the Minotaurs and the Dragon ogres in perfect position to Charge my generals unit in his next turn it was looking abit glum along with the Cygor which was about to die and my Pumba Chariot in combat with Chaos Warriors.

The only charges i had was to suicide a chariot into rear of the Dragon but it failed it's fear test which was actually better for me lol.
Reamaining moves saw the Ambushing unit fail again to show up and i moved my Jabba into Aura range of the Warriors block that was in combat with the Razorgor Chariot in the hopes of killing 1 or 2. He rolled a double 6 losing 4 Chaos Warriors, go Jabba go.

At this stage all i wanted to do was keep my general and BSB alive so i moved my Bestigors 5" forward and made the decision to sacrifice my middle chariot, i placed the chariot so that his Dragon ogres could only charge it and not my Bestigors unit and at an angle that would see him overrun away from my Bestigor unit, it worked perfectly.

In combat his giant thumped my Cygor with it's club finishing the Cygor off, My Wargor on the Razorgor chariot with brass cleaver mauled his few remaining Warriors breaking and running them down.

End of Beastmen Turn 4

Chaos Warriors Turn 4

At this stage the game was still so even, my opponent decided to take a risk here.
He declared the Dragon Ogres charge on my Chariot, Declared a charge on my Pumba Cart with his own Chaos Chariot and Charged my Bestgors and General with the Hell Cannon!!! I did not see this coming but there wasn't much i could do about it.

In combat the Dragon Ogres killed the Chariot, the Hell Cannon killed a few bestigors but then got Slaughtered, i caused just enough wounds to kill it, nice! the BSB mopped up the Dwarfs.
His Chaos Chariot destroyed the Razorgor Chariot and was forced to overrun due to frenzy, it finished up straight in front of my Bestigors, wasn't sure if they were in range though.

No pictures from the end of his turn 4 sorry

Beastmen Turn 5

Not much left to do now, only 1 charge declared which was the Bestigors into the flank of his Chariot which was just in Range.

Jabba flew inbetween Dragon Ogres and Hounds to hopefully Aura them, failed.

My Ambush raiders finally came on which was handy as it stopped him claiming a table quater, they killed 2 hounds.

On my right hand flank i had forgot about a unit of ungor raiders i had over there they were buried in the dead pile, they fired at his Marauder unit with hero in, didn't kill anything though.

Only one combat saw the Bestigors chop the Chaos Chariot up.

End of Beastmen turn 5

Chaos Warriors Turn 5

Not too much he could do here, his Marauders on his left flank charged my forgotten about Ungor raiders, killed them all.
He had a unit of Marauders on my left flank that i had forgotten about aswell which declared a charge on my remaining Chariot, i chose to flee into the Dragon ogres , only managed 1 wound on them.

End of Game!
Result: Draw! 60VP's difference

After Game thoughts.
Firstly, untill i got home and saw the photos we hadn't relised we missed the last turn not sure if it would have gone any different really though had we gone another turn.

Probably one of my favorite games of all time this one, it was back and forth with every turn, we both really enjoyed the game, the armies seemed perfectly matched for this type of matchup, though his Chaos Lord let him down big time in combat.
Minotaurs are just pure evil in combat, the ammount of attacks they pump out is rediculous, the Jabba was a star for me in this one, Cygor failed big time and the Ghorgon did pretty good.
For him the Hell Cannon was amazing, killing a Doombull, Minotaur and 5 Bestigors in 2 turns is pretty neat.

Really enjoyed the game so thanks to Pete for the game, miles better than god damn Gateway and 13th spell games.

Sorry if the report isn't great btw it is my first real report and Photobucket took alot of steam out of it.

11-04-2010, 20:38

very nice lol

12-04-2010, 04:18
sounds good, i agree that a good 'ol fassioned punch up is ALOt more fun than magic or shooting, although magic is fun in small dosses :).

and i think draws are the best result, since it means that it was a a close game :D

Entreri Bloodletter
12-04-2010, 06:07
Sounds like it was a real thriller, and too bad about the doombull, I've yet to see what they can do in CC

12-04-2010, 06:46
cool report, a bit unlucky with ambush but at least they managed to contest a table quarter in the end, @ 30 pts groups of 5 ungor raiders really are the star of beastmen core - who would of thunk it!

Cygor seemed a bit unlucky to , especially if you compare it to the hellcannon which was the other 'stone thrower'.

Nice to see all 3 of the biggies tested on the field!

12-04-2010, 19:47
It was a great game to play. I look forward to battling those Beasts again... next time with my Brets tho me thinks!!!

12-04-2010, 20:27
I like the jabberslythe model!!
Where'd you get it and is it possible to post a closeup pic?

12-04-2010, 20:33
It's from an American company called BloodMoon miniatures, cost about 26 i think delivered to the UK, if you email them they respond the same day and ship pretty quick too.

I'm no the best painter but here are my Ghorgon and Jabba



The Ghorgon model i have used would actually work better for the Beastmen special character Taurux, just paint it silver and it would be real nice for him i think.

12-04-2010, 20:58
All combat battles are always great, and even better when everything is painted.

I like the models are you are using for the monsters. Very fitting :)

17-04-2010, 09:38
agree on the monsters :) using a hordes titan was a good idea

nice rep too, and good looking army. Skipping magic makes for different games, and in chaos vs beasts (with their limited shooting) movement becomes the main thing (as it should be in fantasy)

17-04-2010, 10:28
I loved this battle report. It sounded like loads of fun.

I think this is yet more proof that magic is currently broken at the moment.Games should be just as much fun with magic sadly they just aren't because of ridiculous spells we all know which spells I mean.

Think I will follow your lead and play some games with no magic for a while.

19-04-2010, 03:48
5 minos + doombull = look out sir?

I think so, am i right?

Good report though, this game played perfectly to both armies strengths which was good to see.

19-04-2010, 14:25
nice battle and nice report!!

one quick thing, the mino's charged the warriors flank, right? so the warriors would never be able to overrun into you pumbachariot. Just a thought

19-04-2010, 21:59
I had a champion in the unit, i thought i had read somewhere that he doesn't count for the 5 models required for a look out sir roll.

At the end of the combat both units of Warriors were equal in unit strength, rather than go through the book to see which of us got to choose the direction the minotaurs run we rolled off for it and they ended up running from the other unit instead.

19-04-2010, 22:48
I had a champion in the unit, i thought i had read somewhere that he doesn't count for the 5 models required for a look out sir roll.

At the end of the combat both units of Warriors were equal in unit strength, rather than go through the book to see which of us got to choose the direction the minotaurs run we rolled off for it and they ended up running from the other unit instead.

This is correct, the unit champ is not considered RnF for the Look Out Sir! roll. As well as the stone thrower template always hits the model under the center hole at double strength.

Fabulous report too! I like seeing Warriors throw down with the mangy goat/cow people. :evilgrin: