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12-04-2010, 07:50
Exalted Hero (General), MoN, Daemonic Steed, Diabolic Splendor

Sorcerer, MoT, Disc, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Bloodcurdling roar

Exalted Hero, MoK, Chaos Steed, BSB, Doom Totem

Chaos Knight (5), MoN, Musician/Std., Banner of Rage,

Chaos Knight (5), MoT, Musician/Std., Blasted Std.

Chaos Knight (5), MoK, Musician/Std.

Marauder Horsemen (5) 3 units with musicians

Marauder Horsemen (5), MoK, flails

Giant, Hellcannon, and unit of warhounds (5)

It's 2249 in points. I am trying to get across the board fast. It seems that WoC infantry just isn't competive anymore. Some of the firepower in the shooting phase makes me think it's 40k. I used to bring blocks of warriors and chosen, but they just got mowed down. I realize it has no magic defense, but I like the bloodcurdling roar to take out other heavy cav., and a sorcerer is cheaper than a Ex. Hero. The one unit of MoK M. horsemen is just a cruise missle. I always find something I want to blow up in someone's list just to keep the tactics important. I would like some pros and cons thanks.

12-04-2010, 15:07
I agree about WoC Infantry, its just too slow. if you opponent moves toward you you'll get there turn 3, if not turn 4. I haven't played since the new rule book came out but I used to play huge marauder blocks, and I probably still could but I want to try a fast mounted army too.

I like the list. I never thought of giving the blasted standard + MOT = 4+ ward in shooting 6+ in cc.

Also I like the idea of the hellcannon working along with the doom totem. It makes units panic before you get into contact with the lines. That's also a smart idea. If you can you should give those unmarked marauder horsemen units slannesh and flails.

Also I had a question. With frenzy, do the mounts also get an extra attack?

Agnar the Howler
12-04-2010, 15:33
I'm tempted to say drop the warhounds in favour of MoS on the Giant, but you'd have to scrape up another 9 points afterwards to afford it. You could alternatively drop them and give the remaining marauder horsemen flails.

I just don't see the use in having 1 unit of warhounds other than acting as a barrier between the Khorne Cavalry and potential baiters, although it is a little weak if your opponent decides to get rid of them quickly. Usually WoC lists have a few units of hounds so that the enemy has to waste most of their shooting on them, but at 2250pts, I can see where someone could see the potential of being able to bait your knights and would designate a small part of their shooting towards killing the dogs early on.

Buuuut others might disagree with me here, so it's best if you wait for more experienced opinions.

I agree with giving the Horsemen MoS too if you can find the points.

13-04-2010, 03:07
Thanks for the posts. As for the question on the MoK for the mounts, yes the mounts also get the frenzy bonus. I like the idea of dropping the dogs and adding MoS to the M. Horsemen. I can't believe I missed that. If I had the points I would give them flails, but I'm pretty maxed out unless I drop something all together.

The Giant is usually everyone's number one target with shooting. I take him to soak up shots. I personally think he is to random to be any good, but I would rather spend less points for a Giant pin cushion and keep my Knights in tact. I don't know why people fear the Giant other than being a rank negating terror causer lol.

Agnar the Howler
13-04-2010, 03:37
Well, it depends on what you want the horsemen doing. If you think they'll be fine unmarked, invest in flails, if you think they'll need the MoS, then invest in that. If you drop the MoK on that 4th unit down to MoS, then two units get flails and MoS, whilst the remaining one gets either/or.

It's up to you whether you want to keep MoK though, as it would hit pretty hard, but with only the 1 unit of warhounds avaliable, a knights unit with MoK, exalted hero with MoK and MHorsies with it too, you can't escape being baited unless your MoK unit hides behind a regular unit, which would also mean he probably won't get the charge off before the first unit does.

13-04-2010, 04:01
I used the M. Horsemen to set up the Knights charges and baby-sit the frenzy units. The one unit of MoK Horsemen is a one trick pony... pun intended lol. They are used to go kill something immediately and if I lose them so what. They are meant to die, but hopefully die well like any true Khorne follower.

The Ex. Hero that is MoK will be with the Knights. So I will only be baby-sitting 2 frenzy units, the MoK Knights and the MoN Knights with the frenzy banner.

13-04-2010, 08:14
Im liking the list still. I assume with the doom totem you keep it in the center to maximize line of sight of enemies to it. -2 ld panic tests.. even if your enemy has ld 10 they have a much higher chance to fail if its 8. If its 8 reduced to 6.. even nastier.