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The purpose of this post and the next few is to add a 40k element to human history, especially the foul gift of chaos.


Mary Mallon Aka Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon seemed a healthy woman when a health inspector knocked on her door in 1907, yet she was the cause of several typhoid outbreaks. Since Mary was the first "healthy carrier" of typhoid fever in the United States, she did not understand how someone not sick could spread disease - so she tried to fight back.

After a trial and then a short run from health officials, Mary was recaptured and forced to live in relative seclusion upon North Brother Island. Who was Mary Mallon and how did she spread typhoid fever?

In March 1907, Soper found Mallon working as a cook in the home of Walter Bowen and his family. To get samples from Mallon, he approached her at her place of work. Having a strange man come up to you, to accuse you (who seems completely healthy) of spreading disease and of killing people and then be asked for some of your blood and excrement, well, it does seem it would make just about anybody skeptical.

"I had my first talk with Mary in the kitchen of this house. . . . I was as diplomatic as possible, but I had to say I suspected her of making people sick and that I wanted specimens of her urine, feces and blood. It did not take Mary long to react to this suggestion. She seized a carving fork and advanced in my direction. I passed rapidly down the long narrow hall, through the tall iron gate, . . . and so to the sidewalk. I felt rather lucky to escape."

This violent reaction from Mallon did not stop Soper. Soper tracked Mallon to her home. He tried to approach her again, but this time, he brought an assistant (Dr. Bert Raymond Hoobler) for support. Again, Mallon became enraged, made clear they were unwelcome and shouted expletives at them as they made a hurried departure.

Realizing it was going to take more persuasiveness than he was able to offer, Soper handed his research and hypothesis over to Hermann Biggs at the New York City Health Department. Biggs agreed with Soper's hypothesis. Biggs sent Dr. S. Josephine Baker to talk to Mallon.

Mallon, who was now extremely suspicious of these health officials, refused to listen to Baker, Baker returned with the aid of five police officers and an ambulance. Mallon was prepared this time. Baker describes the scene:

"Mary was on the lookout and peered out, a long kitchen fork in her hand like a rapier. As she lunged at me with the fork, I stepped back, recoiled on the policeman and so confused matters that, by the time we got through the door, Mary had disappeared. 'Disappear' is too matter-of-fact a word; she had completely vanished"

Baker and the police searched the house. The servants claimed ignorance as to Mallon's whereabouts. Eventually, footprints were spotted leading from the house to a chair placed next to a fence. Over the fence was a neighbor's property.

They spent five hours searching both properties, until, finally, they found "a tiny scrap of blue calico caught in the door of the areaway closet under the high outside stairway leading to the front door." Since the closet was covered by a dozen ash cans, it had escaped searching thus far (meaning that another servant must have helped Mallon hide).

Baker describes the emergence of Mallon from the closet:
She came out fighting and swearing, both of which she could do with appalling efficiency and vigor. I made another effort to talk to her sensibly and asked her again to let me have the specimens, but it was of no use. By that time she was convinced that the law was wantonly persecuting her, when she had done nothing wrong. She knew she had never had typhoid fever; she was maniacal in her integrity. There was nothing I could do but take her with us. The policemen lifted her into the ambulance and I literally sat on her all the way to the hospital; it was like being in a cage with an angry lion."

Mallon was taken to the Willard Parker Hospital in New York. There, samples were taken and examined in a laboratory. Typhoid bacilli were found in her stool. The health department then transferred Mallon to an isolated cottage (part of the Riverside Hospital) on North Brother Island (in the East River near the Bronx).

Mary Mallon was in a way a champion of Nurgle. In the past Nurgle had managed to cause chaos on a massive level. The Black-plague is noted as one of his most infamous endeavors. Lords conducting Nurgles wishes came to understand that to destroy mankind one must do it quietly. The human spirit is strong and an outright full confrontation would be costly. Therefore a more subtle way should be implemented. Mary was imbued with an immunity to Typhoid fever. She would be a test subject for a much greater purpose. To conduct an operation of such covert nature Mary would need logistic support. The servants were coerce by agents of the grandfather, they would protect her, lie for her and when the time comes become infected with her gift. What Soper misinterpreted as swearing and cursing was actually the vominous chanting of a Nurgle spell.

It was published that she was sent to a cottage, isolated from the population. The truth was very much different. Soper was disturbed by her rhythmic foul chanting when she confronted him. He continued to have troubling dreams and nightmares of chaotic images and faces of plagued madness. Soper sought many medicines to silence his daemonic thoughts but nothing worked. In a plight of faith he consulted a priest. Turning to God was his last resort. He approached the priest, covering his face with bandages as his face and hands had broken out in pox. The priest listened to Soper for many hours, as the tale went on and on the priest became more uneasy, agitated and very perturbed. He blessed Soper and told him to wait for a few days, he would contact him. Soper spent the next few nights in a frenzy of spasmodic fever. His body was rejecting any kind of food. Sopers ribs became apparent and his skin a flaky white. His body was sore from infection, boils and sores mottled his animated corpse.

7 days later the Priest paid Soper a visit, in the evening. The priest was accompanied by an unusual retinue of servants. The priest wore his robe, but the others were cast in bizarre attire and carrying a collection of weapons and tools of exorcism. The priest asked Soper where Mary was and Soper revealed her location. The priest told Soper that he had to come, he had to be with them during the confrontation with Mary. One of the priests servants doused Soper with a pungent liquid, he told the diseased Soper that it would easy his sores for the travel.

The group had reached Maryís cottage late at night, the retinue approached the cottage with caution. The cottage was in disarray and a foul smell tainted the night air. The priest and his men surrounded the building and began to chant words not of human tongue. An ominous groan permeated from the cottage. What emerged was a thing not of this earth. An amorphous mass writhing and lashing lunged towards the priest. A distended cancerous growth flailed out and crushed one of the servants. The mania continued, The priest had drawn a firearm of sorts along with his men. Their brandished weapons spewed a holy muzzle-flash as bullets punctured the bloated mass of the daemonhost. Once the battle was over the survivors doused the shapeless thing in a liquid much like that on Soper. The daemon-corpse was ignited in a violent flame and itís taint on this world purged. By now Soperís Apotheosis to the Grandfathers path was almost complete. In the last part of Soperís sane mind he realized why he was covered in this fowl smelling liquid.

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This is fiction and thus I'm going to move it to stories and art.

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You say fiction...I say the truth! :)

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It may be fiction, but I like it, rather like lovecraft.
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Part 2 has been done.
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