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12-04-2010, 18:25
I know there is a dwarf thread dedicated to dwarves in general, but it is not specific and VERY dull to trawl through if you are looking for a particular part of dwarves tactics, as I was earlier.

This is supposed to be quite general deployment and early game tactics, but if anyone has anything about how to position certain units then I would be just as grateful.

12-04-2010, 18:53
Castle... this is the main thing you need to know.

When I first started to play dwarfs I lost a lot and it came down to me not castling and staying together.

As dwarfs you can't really out deploy your opponent, and once things are placed you'll have no time to rearrange your battleline before they crash into you. Sooo....

-have a battle formation worked out BEFORE the battle
-use terrain to your advantage, looking for the best place to castle thinking about LOS and protecting your flanks
-stay together, you want all your main blocks to have the lord's LD and BSB reroll

Anything past this really depends on the dwarf army build and the opponent.

13-04-2010, 18:27
Deploy in a line diagonally in one corner of the board - that way your flanks are anchored and you can sit there and shoot.

13-04-2010, 19:36
Thanks, here we come 1 dimensional playing style!

13-04-2010, 19:44
Thanks, here we come 1 dimensional playing style!

It's just really how dwarfs are...

You can easily try playing them different ways but it's a question of playing to the strengths and weaknesses of an army.

I wouldn't suggest just playing a gunine (that would be 1 dimensional) but a combat line supported by war machines that force the opponent to you certainly makes for a much better game (and I wouldn't call that 1 dimensional).

13-04-2010, 21:49
Take a unit of 25 Slayers, and rank them one deep on the edge of your deployment zone. Stick everyone else behind that.


Flash Felix
13-04-2010, 22:32
I wouldn't suggest just playing a gunine (that would be 1 dimensional) but a combat line supported by war machines that force the opponent to you certainly makes for a much better game (and I wouldn't call that 1 dimensional).

Listen to this bloke, he knows what he's talking about.

Gunlines are not only somewhat boring for all concerned, but also brittle. If the enemy reaches you with several intact units, it's pretty much all over. A balanced army, with at least three decent sized combat units (minimum 20+ each) means that you have the ability to fight once the enemy reaches your lines. It's pretty much a given that you'll need to take war machines and a unit or two of missile troops, but that's the way that the book has been written; GW and the gaming community have decreed that Dwarves can't have fast cavalry, heavy cavalry, skirmishers, magic or monsters. So you have to work within these limitations, which leaves you blocks of ranked infantry, missile units and war machines. There are a few other options, like gyrocopters, Anvils and rangers, but they will only ever complement the other three.

In terms of deployment, covering your flanks as a dwarf is critical. You don't have the mobile units to take the fight to the enemy's flanks, nor to counter any sudden threats. And given that your units will normally be charged, you can't afford to lose your rank bonus and give the enemy +1 for a flank charge. So look to terrain and a board edge to anchor one or both flanks.

A second option is to expose a flank, but placing Slayers or Hammerers there. Even if they lose, their Unbreakable or Stubborn nature means that they should hold. This can be used to draw an enemy in, as some enemies won't attack Dwarf units at all, and must be gifted such an attack. Provided your unit holds (and Stubborn Ld9 with a BSB reroll means the Hammerers should), you can flank charge the attackers in subsequent turns.

A third option is to cover open flanks with fire, particularly Organ Guns supported by Thunderers (at short range) or Quarrellers (at longer ranges, or if points are hard to come by). Anything less than a block of infantry will find it hard to take the Organ Gun's fire, so many cavalry, skirmisher or elite infantry unit will steer clear. Be aware that an enemy can swamp your shooters with too many targets; and Organ Gun could kill a unit of Dark Riders, but if there are two with a unit of Harpies, it will be too much to deal with.

Regarding your blocks, ideally they should be within charge range of each other, to allow them to support one other once (if) combat starts. However, against some enemies, such as Wood Elves, who can't win a combat to the front, this may mean you don't get into battle at all; your opponent knows you'll simply hold the charge, then flank, so they won't charge at all. And against others, such as Black Guard, Executioners, Chosen and large Saurus units, it may be that they'll blow through your trusty Dwarfs anyway. A lot of more recent books can beat Dwarf infantry fairly easily in a straight fight, so sometimes the only thing to do is sit back and shoot them.

I find that I don't do a lot of moving, but that's because my main opponents are Warriors of Chaos (lots of Knights and Chosen) and Skaven (lots of PCBs and a Plague Furnace). They have multiple units that will smash my Longbeards and Hammerers around. So I have to wait until my war machines have evened things up. But I can and still do charge. You don't have to let the enemy do all the moving. What you will need to do is keep everything close, because once the game starts, you'll be hard-pressed to get any mutual support if you're scattered across the board.

101st Vostroyan
13-04-2010, 23:16
THis is all good advice and I agree, being a Dwarf player and all...

Head over to Bugman's Brewery for more Dwarf info. Its a pretty good forum dedicated to stunties.:D