View Full Version : Necron Lord Wargear question

Dr. Cheesesteak
13-04-2010, 22:20
New to 40k tabletop and just had a quick question about Necrons: Where/How do i get the additional Wargear for Lords besides their defaulted Res Orbs, Warscythe, Staff of Light that come w/ the models? I.e. Disruption Field, Phase Shifter, Veil of Darkness, etc? I haven't seen any Necron bitz... Are these just presumed to be there?


13-04-2010, 22:22
Convert them. Or assume them to be there. There's never been bitz or models for anything but the Warscythe, Staff of Light, or Res Orb.

13-04-2010, 22:36
Yep convert them on. I'd suggest grabbing some odds and end from the empire wizard plastic kit if you really want to go to town with an archic look either that or just for go through your bits box and load up on cool looking stuff.

13-04-2010, 22:39
These should be fairly easy to convert:
Disruption Field. Place a small disk on his waist, paint it slightly different than the rest of your paint scheme. Paint on a Necron sigil. Heck, if you have a pair of clippers, most sprues come with a raised circle on an edge, just clip it off, prime it, paint it, glue it.
Phase Shifter: Take the end of a gauss rifle, paint it, glue it to his back, or cut it down if he has a cloak. Keep the green rod, but ink it a different color, say blue.
Veil of Darkness: If he already has a cloak, just paint all kinds of necron sigils on it, if not, there are some plain SM cloak bits that would fit pretty well.
Note that not anyone I know, myself included, is a stickler for most wargear items like this (ie: non-weapon items). They can be assumed, and you should'nt have any trouble with an opponent, even at a tourney.