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15-04-2010, 12:56
Can CCS commander order it's own squad?

commander of the marines
15-04-2010, 13:09
YES they can, it's rather nasty: turn 1 two suicide squads with 4 meltas jump out of vendettas: bam land raider, bam dreadnought and a marine or 6 dies due the explosions... killed around 400-450 points by sacrificing 180 points both the vendettas survived and turboboosted away to pound the enemy starting in turn 3....

15-04-2010, 13:13
[/QUOTE]Q. If a Company Command Squad issues an
order to itself, can it issue a further order that
A. Not unless you roll Inspired Tactics. A squad
that has enacted upon an order cannot act further
during that Shooting phase unless you rolled
Inspired Tactics, in which case the Officer would
be able to immediately issue one more order for
free. Note though that the Command Squad itself
would not be able to issue this ‘free’ order to
itself as it will have already shot or ran during
that Shooting phase and couldn’t do so again.[QUOTE]

I suggest you visit the GW FAQ and Errata section and download the FAQ's. Also we do have a rules forum for rules qustions the mods like it if a post is placed in the correct place.

15-04-2010, 13:18
1) The rules section exist for a reason

2) It is very clear in the codex, pages 29 and 30

3) Be careful doing so, as the company command squad has to issue orders first, and can issue two ( or more) orders. If it orders itself to do something with it's first order, can of them cause them to undertake an action that means it can issue no further orders.