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15-04-2010, 18:26
Hi all,

Sorry this is pretty short notice as the list has to be handed in tomorrow but any and all feedback will be appreciated. I'll still check this out after I hand in the list but I'd prefer it to be list of possible shortcomings rather than what I should change.

I've basically been given a ready-made army to play with, with an allowance to change the list slightly such as dropping the two steam tanks that were previously in the list. Unfortunately this also means I don't really have a clue how to use so many small units of knights so again, tactics will be appreciated as well.

Karl Franz - Ghal Maraz, bwarhorse - 401
Ludwig Schwarzhelm - 220
Wizard - Lv2, rod of power, power stone, warhorse - 160
Wizard - Lv2, 2 dispel scrolls, warhorse - 160
8 Knights - Command, warbanner - 249
5 Knights - Musician - 123
5 Knights - Musician - 123
5 Knights - Musician - 123
5 Knights - Musician - 123
5 Knights - Musician - 123
Great Cannon -100
Great Cannon -100
5 Pistoliers - Champion with repeater pistol, musician - 114
6 Outriders - Champion with hochland long rifle, musician - 155
Helblaster - 110
Helstorm - 115

Total 2499

16-04-2010, 04:17
I worry that this army isn't packing enough hit in it. Empire knights are cool and all but one well placed Spirit of the Forge or Infernal Gateway getting through KF's MR and that big unit is gutted. I've tried to put a few similar lists together with meh results. Post some battle reports for this.

Replace the Hellblaster with another Hellstorm. They might not be spending too much time coming for you with you so eager to come to them and that machine only has 24".

16-04-2010, 06:49
That's my biggest worry as well. I've had a couple of practise games with lists similar to this and you might be right. The only suggestions I've had so far are "get two steam tanks" but I'd rather not at this stage.

Any suggestions for where to get another 4pts to upgrade helblaster to another helstorm?

08-05-2010, 14:59
Well, I ended up using this list but with a couple of amendments.

I changed the power stone for a ring of volans and added in a steam tank with the removal of the hleblaster and a couple of units of knights. I also dropped the outrider champ completely for another outrider.

The final result of the tounament that I took part in was 6th place

I ended up winning the Best tyro trophy.

First game as a solid win against Lizardmen
Second was a minor loss against Tomb Kings
Third was a massacre against Hordes of Chaos
Fourth was a minor loss against Dark Elves
Lastly, I suffered another minor loss against Daemons of Chaos

Still not too bad overall, I might do battle reports later