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16-02-2006, 11:27
While a Liche Priest's incantations are automatically cast, the power level he sets up with the dice roll is drastically important to your chances of dispelling it (particularly as there's the potential for so many of the bloody things to be flung about in any given magic phase).

In the description of Incantations, it says these are not magic dice, and cannot be filched, etc. But can 4's/5's/6's be removed by the Slann (or High Elf, but not my army) Drain Magic spell?

16-02-2006, 11:35
im pretty sure it specifically sais in the tk book that those kinda things dont effect incantaions.

16-02-2006, 12:00
I don't see why they shouldn't be affected. The "can't be filched" is probably to avoid rules problems.
The TK don't have a pool of dice and so you avoid problems of which TK character got his dice stolen.
("I want to steal you Tomb Prince's single dice, so he can't move his Chariot unit into my flank.")

AFAIK, there was even a FAQ on this very issue, when it was determined that the incantation was cast, even if it ended up cast at a power level of 0. Check the Chronicles...

16-02-2006, 13:01
Score. Thanks a bunch!

After last weekend's humiliation, might have to take a Slann next time...

16-02-2006, 16:53
I wouldnt be too hasty getting that Slann out as Drain magic DOES NOT affect incantations.

P34 Tomb Kings book
"Items which modify the power level of spell rolls do not affect incantations (such as the High Elf spell Drain magic, or the magic item amulet of purifying flame)"

16-02-2006, 17:01
Well, that's wonderfully muddied by the Q&A that states:

Q: Incantations vs Drain Magic. Can an incantation be cast at a power level of 0 or lower? If so, is it automatically dispelled by the popponent if he wishes to, or is a D6 roll still necessary?

A: An incantation is always cast, regardless of its power level. The opponent must still spend one of his Dispel dice to dispel the incantation. However, the result will automatically be higher than 0, and the incantation will be dispelled.

Yay for clarifications...

16-02-2006, 17:02
You misread it, the book says: Items which modify the power level of spells DO affect incantations).

16-02-2006, 18:15
Ooops pretty big misread lol! Oh well it seems they do indeed reduce the power