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16-04-2010, 02:12
So I only just recently pulled my old chaos army out of storage and dusted it off, I went and picked up the new book, and arranged myself a game against a dwarf army. So I put together a list based purely off instinct and no experience with the army. I haven't played against the current incarnation of the army book either, it doesn't seem very popular where I live. Either way, this is what I've come up with:

Exalted Hero - Mark of Nurgle , Shield, Barded Steed, Chaos Rune Sword - 201

10 Chaos Knights - Command, Mark of Nurgle, The Blasted Standard - 520

20 Marauders - Command, Light Armour, Shields - 140

20 Marauders - Command, Light Armour, Flails - 140

20 Warriors of Chaos - Command, Mark of Nurgle, Banner of Rage - 415

7 Chaos Hounds - 42

7 Chaos Hounds - 42

Total - 1500

Again, this army will be going against Dwarfs. I don't know what he uses normally, so I figured I'd be pretty safe with the MoN in case of heavy shooting, and since its Dwarfs, magic will be tough to get off at 1500 even if he doesn't have a rune priest. I'm using the hounds in much the same way I do in my Beastmen army; to screen for shooting and charges, and to herd the frenzied unit.

This isn't meant to be terribly competitive but I also dont want to be walked over, so.... opinions from some more experienced WoC generals would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

16-04-2010, 10:22
Split your knights into two units of five. More flexibility, better target saturation, easier to move.
The most effective way to field Warriors of Chaos is in a 6x2 formation. Rank bonus is much too expensive and even if only five or six warriors reach the dwarf's deployment zone, they will wreck havoc. I guess they are equipped with shields? Add halberds, they will help you to get through your opponents thick armour.
Split the Chaos Hounds into three groups of five. They will die / panic either way if the dwarf player focusses his fire on them and you get more flexibility and deployment options.
Concerning your general - especially against dwarfs I would go for the Etherblade. No armour saves is harsh for their characters.
With dropping eight warriors you should have enough points left over to up the marauder units to at least 25 and give them the mark of Slaanesh (or Nurgle, but that is a bit too expensive in my opinion). They will get shot at and they are inferior in combat to basic dwarf warriors. You want to bring as much numbers over to your opponents side as possible.