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Drake Dun
16-02-2006, 12:06
I am trying to design 1000 pt. and 2000 pt. armies, and the problem I keep running into is that my list is full of units that are extremely vulnerable to magic, but the only way I can get real magic defense is to spend too many points.

The vulnerable units I have in mind are waywatchers, glade riders, warhawk riders, scouts, etc., but even glade guard and dryads make pretty good magic targets... basically the whole list is vulnerable to magical attacks.

The way I see it, I can do one of two things.

The first is to take a Spellweaver with the Wand of the Wych Elm, plus a Branchwraith with a Cluster of Radiants upgraded to a level 1 mage. This gives me 6 dispell dice and lets me reroll all dispell attempts. That is definitely serious magic defense, but my problem is the Spellweaver. I cannot give her a lore that seems good.

I am in Japan so we are not playing with the revised lists, meaning, the lores of Beast and Life are both pretty crappy. The Lore of Athel loren has tree singing which kicks butt, and one or two spells which are kind of nice, but all with really bad range and not nearly powerful enough to justify the cost. I think it is much better for low level wizards who can just focus on tree singing. So she doesn't do much but dispel, meanwhile taking up a Lord slot that could be filled with something really mean.

The other option as I see it is to just DROP all the really vulnerable units. As it happens I am not too wild about a couple of them anyway, so dropping the other two or three would be bearable. That would leave my list with glade guard, dryads, eternal guard, wild riders, wardancers, treekin, and tree men. Enough room for some diversity I guess, but kind of disappointing.

Any thoughts?

16-02-2006, 20:14
You could take a mage (with or without the lvl2 upgrade) with two scrolls and a Branchwraith with the Cluster of Radiants. That'd give you five dispel dice and two scrolls, which is a pretty solid magic defence (especially if you aggressively hunt enemy mages). Their casting abilities aren't wasted, either, as you can always default to the nearly always handy Treesinging and throw dice at that.

16-02-2006, 21:03
Acctualy weekness to magic is a myth ... all the best units in our ( sadly i dont have $ to collect it right now ;( ) army have MR1 - just use wild riders ( thay can be great if used propertly ) and wardancers - don't take many Glade ridders and so on and you will be allright - if you want i can recomend you very good 1500 roster - i had pulled of many vicotrys with it in friendly games and it's not usual shootying style but instead it aims at CC :eek:

16-02-2006, 23:20
You're thinking about this all wrong - you're talking about mano-a-mano magic confrontation, which is
a waste of points,
a waste of hero slots, and
easy to be circumvented.

Firstly, get smart with your damage assessment.
Is it really that important that you dispel all his spells?
I generally ignore buff spells - if you're doing your job right, they're not much to worry about. Plus, it saves dice for stuff that actually directly affects your troops.
Wood Elves have another magical defence that many armies do not - namely their ridiculous maneouvrability.
Target denial is one of the most effective magic defenses WE have. Use tree-singing. Use Immune to Psychology units as shields for other units. Don't be afraid to end your movement a bit short so you wind up out of the mage's possible fire arcs - WE are only really vulnerable to direct-damage missiles as they overcome one of the main advantages - being difficult to hit.
Ok, so not all spells require LOS, but those that don't generally have either high casting values or prohibitively short ranges. You can account for those during set-up and deployment.
Whatever you do, try not to leave a unit where it is visible to more than one mage. The fewer mages can see it, the fewer spells can be cast at it, the longer it survives. It also encourages the opponent to be greedy - rather than using 3 dice to try and hit 1 unit and leave his last dice, he'll use two to attack each. Far easier to dispel, further denting his mage's effectiveness.
When in doubt, try and make the visible unit either wardancers or wild riders. The extra Dispel dice does wonders. Provided they don't get irresistable force, obviously.
With the above in mind, my "don't leave home without it" mage setup in 2000pts is a Lvl 2 Spellsinger with Calaingor's Stave and a Dispel Scroll, and a lvl 2 mage with the Staff of Sorcery. It's only let me down once.

Hope this helps.

Drake Dun
17-02-2006, 03:42
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Taken to heart. What do people think about a scouting sniper noble? Have you reliably taken out mages this way?


17-02-2006, 07:48
Simple answer, no. :eek:
The problem I've found with Sniper nobles (e.g. Hunter's Talon & Pageant of Shrikes) is twofold.
1) you need line of sight to the mage. If you can see the mage, the mage can see you - if you don't kill him, you're toast.
(Against your bog standard T3/no armour/hero-level mage, you have a 15% chance of killing him in one round of shooting if you are within range of both attacks).
2) sniper nobles are fragile and require careful use. It's all to easy for your opponent to deny him LOS or, far worse, frustrate you into making a mistake with his movement that winds up getting him killed.

You're better off getting a) another mage to counter the magic offensive or b) take a noble tooled up to improve his unit and mage-hunt with the unit.

Gabacho Mk.II
17-02-2006, 15:29
Would help to know what armies you mainly go up against.

[in order to formulate a strategy, etc.]