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16-04-2010, 06:46
I have a game coming up against High Elves with my Wood Elves, so I was hoping to get some tips on how to whoop some elitist High Elf butt! The fact of the matter is that I have NEVER been able to beat them. It is quite a sad state of affairs, but I've lost 7 times now, and I'm gettin' sick and tired of it :D!

What tricks do you guys have for taking out these silvery ASF ********?

What I know- shoot the Swordmasters... and that's about it.

Truth is, it's the White Lions and Dragon Princes that give me the most trouble, as the former is able to catch me in the woods, and the latter is fast, ASF, and deadly to boot.

Any help?

16-04-2010, 10:24
I'm surprised that you're having problem with dragon princes. In my point of view(I play High Elves), Bow of Loren with Arcane Bodkin is a deadly combination against them. Or use Treeman. Ancient treeman with netling might be even better.

I heard that tree-singing(or other spell about forest) could deal S5 hit to models near forest. You could spam it against white lions.

16-04-2010, 11:11
Yeah- the reason why I have issues is because they take the banner of Elyrion and wind up with fire-resistant black knights. Except better. It allows them to drive my troops out of the woods, and gives the HE a huge advantage.

That, plus the two dragons he usually fields (one for his lord and one for a Dragonmage) kind of kill me every time.

Spiney Norman
16-04-2010, 12:00
No offense, but everyone is going to have issues fighting two dragons in the same army...

Dragon Princes are fairly easily dealt with, as above a Highborn (pref an alter) with arcane bodkins and Bow of Loren is the easiest way, waywatchers are a good backup plan, as they can march block to slow them down and buy time to get those killing blow arrows off.

For the Dragon Mage, the Hail of Doom arrow ought to do some damage, maybe not kill it entirely, but it will certainly help.

For the Star Dragon, there is no easy way to take it down, gang up on it with your CC troops maybe? If you opt to take a treeman ancient with Netlings you could probably tie it up in combat for the entire game, but he'd have to be very foolish to get his dragon into combat with your treeman. Maybe that alter with the amber pendent and a great weapon would do at least some damage.

16-04-2010, 17:15
The dragon mage isn't too tough. You can snipe him out with a sniper hero or kill him with an altar noble.

The Dragon Princes will die to Waywatcher spam(I like to field two units of 10 to eliminate my friends Chaos Knights).

For the Star Dragon I would just recommend taking a character on a great eagle or a dragon with annoyance of netlings, with a character killer load out. Depends on what your opponent usually take's for his lord(wether or not you'll take armor of the fey or merciw's locus).

Ender Shadowkin
16-04-2010, 17:25
The ASF trick is the amber pendant on a noble with a GW. All HE in contact with that model will go last. You can place him in a unit of wardancers, and when he charges you can postion him however you like so that you get the right models in base contact.

In general ,HE do not like to get shot. So the HoD is really good. Treeman and Treekin hold up decently as well. Just watch out for White Lions. You should just not engauge them.

A treeman ancient with the AoN will make a nice mess of his star dragon

If he is chasing you around the woods . . .Take the ancient, another treeman, and a mage with the stave just to cast tree sining on them (over and over). Pull out all the plugs vs double drragon lists! A couple tree singings at S5 will really hurt them. He wont have much magic defense just with the dragon mage. He still cant really charge you if you stay 2" back from his LOS and if he goes in there after you .. . he will be stuck for awhile.

16-04-2010, 20:14
Is he making a list just to face you?

Because some armies seem to p~@& all over double dragons, whereas woodies will struggle.

17-04-2010, 03:00
I've read (not seen) that a dragon mage can often find standing to even gladeguard fire pretty difficult and at least the mage often dies to a volley or two although this does leave a huge scaly lizard moping around.